I really don’t have time to be writing posts as our move is approaching very fast — but I simply CANNOT understand how anyone can support the current Tweeter Of The United States!

Instead of tweeting personal attacks on his phone, accusing the news media of “Fake News,” golfing every weekend, and/or holding ego-boosting rallies, he should be running this country! And this goes much further than signing documents, meeting with various dignitaries (at his golf courses, no less), and having phone conversations with individuals from other countries. OR … sitting at a table while his lackeys go around the room feeding his ego.

I am totally and completely amazed that people allow this clown to continue his circus. I know our ruling party has its drawbacks, but this is beyond comprehension!

Yes, I’ve heard there could be skullduggery below the surface, i.e., “promoting” Pence (which in itself is a disaster), but if this is the case, I have to ask … how much longer must we put up with this whining, self-absorbed, lying “leader”?


Name Your Sources, Trump

Letter to the Editor published in today’s local newspaper:

President Trump said that all information put out by the press should have a named source attached to it. Why doesn’t he show the way by naming the sources of his “information?”

  • Who counted the votes for him and told him that he won the popular vote in November?
  • Who told him that most undocumented Mexicans were “bad hombres?”
  • Where does he get his information about Muslims?
  • Who told him that torturing suspects is ethical and really works?

When asked why he incorrectly claimed that his Electoral College victory was the largest in modern history, he simply said “Someone told me.”

I think sources are important and, if Trump thinks so too, he should show us how it’s done.

Baptism By Fire

Does ANYONE think our Fearless Orange Leader will follow these suggestions?

Trump is Off to a Rough Start — Here’s What Can Make His Job Easier

Love the opening line:

Donald Trump campaigned for the presidency as a billionaire businessman who would bring private-sector expertise to Washington. But as he quickly discovered, it is much harder running the federal government than a family enterprise.

P.S. Will you be watching (or did you watch) tRump’s address to joint session of Congress? Thoughts?

Trump’s Theme Song


Over the period since the Orange Monster (“affectionately” known as tRump) has been actively strutting his stuff as PEOTUS, how many have noticed how often he sings his “I know something you don’t know” ditty?

He sang it all during the selection of his cabinet members. He chants it regularly related to his tax returns. He hums it whenever he’s asked about his business empire. He croons it when questioned about his relationship with Vladimir Putin. He sings it (loudly) whenever anyone questions him about his actual plans for the country.

And most recently, he really belts it out when questions arise about his indiscretions with a select group of Russian women.

I do hope he picks a new theme song after his inauguration … but somehow, I don’t think he has any others in his repertoire.