Why Do You Believe?



23 thoughts on “DEAR BELIEVER

  1. Good morning Nan,

    “Do you ever wonder why…” and similar questions to Dear Believer” are nicely formulated but I doubt they will be answered as we aethists/agnostics would love to hear. I have asked most of those questions to my Catholic wife since 57 years, my (grand)children, relatives, friends, neighbours, strangers (during casual conversations on the street, in the train, at some meeting, wherever), and the answers have almost invariably been: .
    Believers believe firmly, precisely because they blindly believe their parents, and because any question is out of the question (pun intended).
    The very few different reactions I have noticed, were limited to something like “Well, I don’t know, let me think about it”, probably more out of politeness than of willingness to really think about it.

    If you cannot send me the written text of the video, could you perhaps suggest me how to get it? Thank you in advance, best wishes,


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  2. Good morning to you as well, Frederico!

    I agree. Few are willing to answer the questions posed in this video. It would mean being honest with themselves and well, it’s just easier to … believe.

    Sorry, no, I don’t have the written text. You might want to follow the link to the YouTube version and perhaps contact the original poster (Brandon Fibbs). It appears he has a Twitter account and there’s also a link to send him a message.

    Thanks for stopping by again.

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  3. Thank you for the tip, Nan. Will follow the link later on, as I cannot wait to react to your comment.

    My people explain me that it is NOT easy to believe, one must really WANT to do so. They say this with a surprising, candid, honesty, and then many of them go on, pitying my lack of belief – equal to being a lack of willingness. If they realized how I pity them for the apparent simplicity of their primitive views!
    Nonsense of course and, if it were not such a serious matter, I would laugh them in their face. My “conclusion” is that it characterizes the mindsets of all believers, that is entirely and almost watertightly moulded by their educators.

    Appreciate your prompt reply, greetings,


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  4. Yes! I totally agree that the mindsets of believers are molded by their educators. As the video indicates, where you are born, how you are raised, and what you are taught are the determining factors in a person’s outlook on religion.

    And even more to the point, each believer claims their religion is the correct one and all others are false.

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  5. Hiya Nan –
    This post and the video caught my attention. I have “pinged” this page in a post on Church Set Free:
    You ask great questions.
    I am curious as to the responses of those who – like me – “believe”. I would love to see a loving conversation. I would love to see love connect as only love can – hence the pingback.
    Thank you!!


    • Hello Paul. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

      I looked at your post and saw only one comment (from someone I’m familiar with). Hopefully others will offer their thoughts. I’ll try to remember to “check-in” over the next few days to see if anyone else has something to say.


      • Hi Nan – I was hoping for some more thoughts as well. If the comments boxes remain (almost) comment free, it will be “interesting”. And I wanted to leave a blank page at this point for that reason. An update (fresh post) is scheduled for Saturday morning with mine.

        And thank you for your warm welcome here!


  6. It’s amazing how people can view this, nod sagely in full agreement, smiling the whole while at the antics of the naive folks of other beliefs … yet get quite indignant when told it’s starring them, actually …

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  7. Mmmmm…yes. Very good video Nan! Thank you. ❤ I am going to share this too.

    Yes… consider for a moment… Imagine…

    Imagine a planet like that. Wow! Imagine several Earth species working together, caring for each other, sharing, being selfless 80%…90% of the time being a Superorganism. Oh wait!

    There are already 19 species on Earth that do that and have been for millions of years! Ants and bees are two.

    Humans only started ATTEMPTING to do it these last 40,000 years or so? And are FAR from perfecting it, especially as long as divisive elistist ideologies are allowed to thrive. 😦


  8. A very well made video, truly I wish I had similar editing skills. Nonetheless, the video presents an objection I must answer.

    Why do I believe?

    The video raises a number of issues peripheral to its main point — the 45,000 denominations fo Christianity, the geography of being raised in a faith (which equally applies to those raised as non-believers), etc, etc, etc. All of these details can be set aside in light of the elephant in room. I believe because I have good reasons to believe that Jesus is who He claimed to be. The evidence for this is astounding. The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ is astounding. Consider the four following historical facts that need an explanation;

    1) Jesus was buried
    2) Jesus’ tomb was soon found empty after the burial
    3) The followers of Jesus soon came to the belief that they actually had an experience with Jesus after His crucifixion
    4) The followers of Jesus came to the belief that Jesus is risen, despite their every predisposition not to

    History is not what possibly happened, history is what probably happened. The hypothesis that best explains these four facts is the most probable historical explanation for what happened in the past. Indeed, there is no hypothesis better than explaining these four facts than the Resurrection itself. I outlined this argument in slightly more length here;

    Better yet, watch this fantastic present for the historical evidence for the resurrection.


    • Sorry, SC. What is presented in this video is TRUTH — whether you want to admit it or not. People believe what they are taught … and what they are taught is what is accepted in their culture. Besides, many of the “faiths” presented in the video have been around many, many years before Yahweh and Yeshua were invented.

      Plus, any claims that it is “edited” can be applied to ANY video — even the ones you offer as evidence for your side of the issue. Personally, I see no reason why a person would need to edit this video since it’s not promoting any one perspective.


      • “Sorry, SC. What is presented in this video is TRUTH — whether you want to admit it or not.”

        That sounds like something my Muslim friend would write on his wall.

        “People believe what they are taught … and what they are taught is what is accepted in their culture.”

        You amazingly forget that this equally applies to the non-religious as well. Anyhoo, Christianity does not exist because it was “taught”, it exists because it conquered the Roman Empire through mass conversion despite suffering from mass persecution. Everybody wanted in.

        You go on to say that this video does not promote any one perspective — that’s false, since it amazingly obviously promotes non-religion.


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