“Subjectively Believes”

I just read an article that talked about the defense strategy that Trump’s team of lawyers would use if he were criminally charged.

Although the article itself is related to a suit being filed against CNN, the “defense” being offered is relevant to any charges that might be filed against Trump. In fact, it …

signals a strategy that is likely to be a central defense should he ever face criminal charges related to his role in attempts to cling to power despite losing his 2020 reelection bid.

What was particularly eye-catching were the words the legal team used in their email to CNN:

CNN’s portrayal of Trump was inaccurate because Trump “subjectively believes” there was election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. (My emphasis)

The article goes on to say that one of the strategies available to Trump’s lawyers would be …

to argue that he genuinely believed there was election fraud and didn’t have the intent to commit a criminal act.

“Subjectively Believes” … ???

Now think about those two words. Can you imagine situations in your own life when this combination of words might come in really handy?


Just as a refresher — from Dictionary.com:


Generally speaking, subjective is used to describe something that exists in the mind of a person or that pertains to viewpoints of an individual person.

Sometimes, subjective means about the same thing as personal. Everyone’s experience of an event is subjective, because each person’s circumstances and background are unique, leading to different interpretations.

Objective most commonly means not influenced by an individual’s personal viewpoint—unbiased (or at least attempting to be unbiased). It’s often used to describe things like observations, decisions, or reports that are based on an unbiased analysis.

Something that’s truly objective has nothing to do with a person’s own feelings or views—it just deals with facts. When someone says “Objectively speaking,” they’re indicating that they’re going to give an unbiased assessment—not one based on their personal preferences.

If …

In response to an EXCELLENT post recently written by the “Ohio Realist” at OnTheFenceVoters.com, Keith, who is another regular blogger, wrote a comment that I felt needed wider exposure.

Keith has been both a Republican and a Democrat … and is now an Independent because (as he shares on his “About” page), he was “disillusioned by the extreme points of view of both parties.” He now describes himself as a “moderate left thinker.”

In many instances, I have found his political views are quite similar to my own.

In any event, the following is not his entire response to the referenced post but it is the portion that most impressed me. Perhaps you will identify with his words as well.


Quite simply, if addressing climate change more dramatically is a concern, do not vote for a Republican. If civil and women’s rights are an issue, do not vote for a Republican. If doing something about health care costs and access is an issue, do not vote for a Republican. If job creation and retraining are issues, do not vote for Republican (note jobs created under the same number of Democrat White Houses as Republican ones since 1922 have been twice the numbers as under GOP ones). If integrity matters do not vote for a Republican as the party is aligned against its truth tellers and support the white paint can carrying whitewashers telling us things did not happen and the former president did not lose an election he lost.

Democrats are not perfect. Never have been. But, we must vote for people who are at least talking about issues and not contrived and exaggerated ones.

I Agree. Do You?

Written by Steve Schmidt for Substack.com.

President Biden should seize the moment and announce that he will be a one-term President.  

In an instant, he would transform the political moment, create a profound opportunity to instigate a long overdue debate about the future of the United States, cripple the energy of the extremist cause and position himself to become a great President. The abandonment of politics, in favor of statecraft, straight talk and a message aimed at separating a growling and extremely diverse majority from a belligerent minority that is corrupt, maliced and politically ascendant is urgently needed.

A single Presidential term has given the United States ample evidence about the power of a President to lead, surprise and transform America. From James Polk and Chester Arthur to George H.W. Bush and Lyndon Johnson, a single term has been the catalyst for significant moments of decision and leadership that have greatly benefitted America. 

What America craves is an example of selflessness and character. The vast majority of Americans are like a skeptical survivor of a desert crossing where each oasis turned into a mirage that made the suffering and thirst worse. America wants to see an act of leadership from a President like that wanderer wants a sip of water. 

The overwhelming probability is that Biden would lose the nomination in a manner that would strip him of credit for his substantial accomplishments, while burdening him with brutal and exaggerated blame for his mistakes. 

Should President Biden survive the nomination fight, he would look at the state of the campaigns of Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush’s with deep envy after their survival against Kennedy, Reagan and Buchanan. His position would be far weaker than theirs, and his overall strength profoundly more anemic than Lyndon Johnson in 1968. 

The consequences of a politically neutered President will be his defeat in a general election rematch against the core of an extremist MAGA insurgency and ongoing conspiracy that has made its disdain for elections crystal clear. There is no hyperbole involved when thinking about 2024 as a “final” election, depending upon the outcome.

The Biden White House is filled with experienced and able people who have long records of success and accomplishment. There are no political naïfs among them. 

There is a shoddy and lazy catalyst for the cementing of most conventional wisdom. It speaks to the stripping away of complexity and nuance necessary to get a grasp on what is happening. Almost all political media coverage asserts that outcomes are determined by the last major event that occurred. The Hillary Clinton campaign is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Conventional wisdom proclaims that, but for James Comey, she would have won. Therefore, because of what Comey did, Trump won. Most often, the outcome is determined by the first big thing that happens. It’s how life works. It means the outcome was driven by Chipotle as much as Comey, but this concept is obliterated by the national attention span of six seconds. 

For whatever reason, the White House team of talented players couldn’t find its rhythm when it came to politics. Bruce Springsteen has talked about this type of magic alchemy as the key to love and all great rock and roll bands. He has expressed it as “ 1+1 = 3.” The Boss says that’s when the magic happens. The simple fact is that there has been an absence of magic at a time when it is sorely needed. 

The option left is to change the rules and play a new game. Retiring from a gruelling business – politics – will help America, by helping Biden become a President the country craves with all indications pointing towards him being both successful and happy at it. 

President Biden can save his Presidency and reset the awful 2022 election dynamic with an act of selflessness, decency and patriotism. He can quit politics and announce that he will not seek a second term. Right now. 

President Biden has the agency to decide how his Presidency will end. 

A Reblog That Isn’t A Reblog

I recently came across a blog post that deeply impressed me and, for all intents and purposes, I planned to do a “reblog.” However, the post title is VERY long and to my thinking, really doesn’t do justice to the contents. So I decided to provide some snippets (along with a link to the post itself) and let you decide if you want to read more.

The writer starts out with this, which immediately intrigued me:

I’m not a leftist as you would define it. Why? Because you have no idea what a “leftist” is. So, I’m going to educate you.

And educate you he does!

Although he touches on several issues, he easily moves the reader from one to the next. Examples of things he covers:

  • He discusses the terms “Leftist” and “Rightist” and where they came from. (Great history lesson!)
  • He talks a bit about the five years that he lived in Canada and some of the differences between their government and that of the U.S.
  • He counters the belief that the U.S. is a “Christian” nation with some history and examples to support this “wrong thinking.”
  • He addresses the current gun controversy and relates it to our history as a British colony.
  • And finally, he compares our healthcare system with Canada and explains why the U.S. will probably never adopt Universal Healthcare. 

I admit that much of what he wrote is a reinforcement of the democratic ideals that many of us already hold. Nevertheless, I found he did share some facts and information that I hadn’t considered for a long time. Maybe you will have the same experience.

In any event … here is the link. I look forward to reading your thoughts and reactions.

(BTW, just as an FYI, the title is “Why Don’t Leftists Realize America is Too Different to Adopt the Nordic Model?”)

P.S. I encourage you to read his entertaining “About Me” page while you’re there. 😊