Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I started this blog a long time ago (in 2008, to be exact). Blogging was popular then, but not to the extent it is today. I had no idea what I was going to write about, but liked the idea of sharing my thoughts on topics of the day.

My first postings were prompted by the 2008 election campaign. I had a strong dislike for Sarah Palin  (still do) and had similar feelings toward McCain, so it just seemed natural to point out their failings. As time went on, I wrote a bit about various social and political issues that I felt strongly about (I abhor Republican policies that relate to women’s rights, war at any cost, and religious issues). Occasionally, I would comment on news articles that interested me (still do).

For the last year or so, most of my postings have been related to my distaste for the teachings of Christianity. As the “sticky” post on the first page of my blog indicates, I left the faith several years ago … and have not regretted it for one minute.

I’m now a strong advocate of religious freedom and feel that no one has the right to force their beliefs (whether through intimidation, fear, or laws) on others. In fact, it scares the “sh__” out of me when I read things about the Christian Domination movement (Christians have a God-given right to rule all earthly institutions).

On a more personal level, I’m retired from the corporate world, but stay busy with this blog, along with a bit of creative writing now and again.  Also, since my first book: Things I Never Learned in Sunday School: Facts about the Christian faith that will surprise and astound you has been pleasantly successful, I’ve been doing some research and reading for a possible second book.

I currently live in So. Oregon in an area that has a “Banana Belt” type climate. In my past life, I lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have three grown kids, a special guy, and a little mutt (a rescue Miniature Schnauzer) named Lilly. 

A couple of quotes that pretty well sum up my outlook on life:  “To know is more than to believe,” “Dare to question the unquestionable,” and “Truth is so often, well … not true.”

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  1. Hi. I agree with you totally about Sarah Palin. Though I am not American, my sister is and she is voting for McCain. Yes, I know. She lives in Plano, TX and says that Sen.Obama does not have experience. Ironic, eh? Maybe I can convince her against it. But she was a Clinton backer during the primaries. Cheers!

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  2. Nan, I just blew through your book like a Bangkok hooker at a Shriner’s convention!
    That was fantastic! I love your writing style on this one. Very enjoyable flow to the text.
    I of course have a question. Ahem.

    Given Rome’s fondness for the Jewish religion at the time of Paul, wouldn’t it be a simpler explanation for his behavior if he was lying about being a Jew and was actually just a Roman con-man who was very familiar with their religion? Think, “L. Ron Hubbard.”

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  3. Oooooo, I LOVE comments/compliments like this about my book! Gives me warm, tingly feelings. 😉 Oh, and THANK YOU for the glowing review on Amazon.

    Your comment about Paul is, well, interesting. I never came across anything like this in my research, but that’s not to say it isn’t possible. Different perspective, to be sure.

    As for LRH … actually, I would rather not think about him. (BTW, I’ve often wondered how anyone could take him seriously since he established his career by writing sci-fi and fantasy.)

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  4. You’re very welcome on the review. It truly is a wonderful book. I bought it last night because I’d been putting off like a jerk. You know? Just letting life get in the way. So anyway I downloaded it at work last night and couldn’t put it down.

    The idea about Paul didn’t occur to me until I was reading that part of your book. I got to thinking, what is easier to believe; A Jew ditches everything he was raised with and creates a new take on the Messiah? Or a Roman Bulls*&t artist created the thing?

    I’m… kinda… leaning… towards the second one.

    Also, You mentioned Gilgamesh and it reminded me of a post I created a while back. I was hoping you would take a read and tell me what you think.


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    • I suppose your assessment of Paul is possible, but for me, it’s a stretch. Of course, IMO, the entire bible stretches the imagination so what else is new? But let’s say your analysis is correct — that he was a Roman BS artist. Why would the Jewish people put any credibility in what he said? They pretty much hated the Romans. And what would have been his end goal? To start his own religion? Oh my! That’s what he did, isn’t it? Sheesh, you might be right! 😉

      Read your post on Gilgamesh. I don’t quite see it the way you do. I’d have to do some research before making any claims one way or the other.

      Also read your posting on “Lucifer.” Was intrigued until I got to the end paragraphs (where you start out saying “The truth is …”). Then you lose me.

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  5. Wow! Forgot all about that one. I had to go back and read it again. That was a good one.:) Sorry you didn’t like the end but many people don’t like the end of my stories. Hrumph.

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  6. Nan,
    I found you and your blog via Nathan at FindingTruth. I’ve read and enjoyed your posts for some time now and I’ll be placing an order for you book. Looking forward to giving it a good read!

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  7. Good Morning Nan,

    Been browsing through your blog this morning, dropping a few “likes” here and there. Actually, I like everything I’ve seen so far.

    As an 81 year old, lifelong atheist, I have not shared your experience of escaping from all the religious BS, but I’m always happy to run across someone who has “seen the light”, so to speak.

    Keep up the good work, I plan to revisit our blog now and then for more good stuff.

    Cheers, Clint (my real name)

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    • Welcome Clint! I’ve very pleased that you dropped by … and thank you for all the “likes.” 🙂 Would love for you to also offer your input … I’m always up for a good discussion.

      You are “following” my blog now, aren’t you? That way you won’t miss anything new. I don’t generally post on a regular basis so it might be the easiest way to keep up with new stuff. 😉

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  8. well, you lived in SF bay area, therefore you must be a very interesting person… I was there 2 months ago!!! 🙂 glad to have come across your blog, my very best and friendly thoughts from Toulouse, France, “old Europe”… 🙂
    * * *
    P.S. I’ve always been “allergic” to “smartie sarah palin”, who used to wave to putin from her patio…(btw, NO capitals!!!) 😉

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  9. Looking for new posts from you. Remember me, I’m taking you to….aw where the hell is it? Somewhere in Canada? I am a Christian fundamentalist escapee/survivior. We probably would have a lot to chat about going to Canada.

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    • I’ve been letting others do the work. 😉 Especially when it comes to the political scene. It’s so totally absurd … what more can I add? This is not to say it’s off the table. tRump provides so much fodder, it’s difficult to resist at times.

      I’m semi-working on a post that I think many of my readers (mostly escapees/survivors like you) will identify with, but so far the “spirit” hasn’t moved me.

      Cape Breton Island is at the eastern end of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Beautiful area based on pictures, but a bit too cold for me.

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  10. Hey Nan

    You know me. I was just curious: You liked one of my replies on the blog Club Schadenfreude, the one on the article about essays, God, and mass shootings. I was a little puzzled by this, what did you like about it?

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  11. Thanks, GF! Very strange … not sure what’s going on.

    Just tried another link and it didn’t work either. Hopefully it’s just a temporary glitch.


      • WHOOPIE! Thank you! Of course I will be very interested in your take on it. 😁

        BTW, I contacted Amazon yesterday and they said it was definitely a glitch on their end and they were working diligently to fix it. It seems they were successful.


        • Nan, I started reading it while I was getting my car serviced (it’s a good thing I have a Kindle app on my phone because I ended up waiting 2 hours because they were having trouble trying to do a software update). Anyway I could hardly put it down. Very well researched, well organized and very, very well written. No convoluted arguments, no descending into philosophical gobbledy gook. Just well reasoned, with a lot of research to back it all up. And wonderful descriptions of how much of the Christian mythology was lifted almost unchanged from other sources.

          The links at Amazon are working now because I bought a paper copy of the book as well to make it easier to pass around to people.

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        • I bought a paper copy … to pass around to people!!! Oh my goodness, GF! You are my my hero of the day! ❤❤❤

          Also, thank you soooo much for the wonderful feedback! I’d love-love-love it if you would consider adding it to my “Review page” on Amazon. 😊

          Have a GREAT day!


        • Glad you reminded me. I went and did a review just now and it should be up in a few days. For some reason Amazon always seems to take a long, long time with some of my reviews.

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