Leaving Christianity – Oh What A Relief It Is!

Oh What A Relief It Is!Although I left Christianity over 20 years ago, it took a long while for me to erase the doctrines that had been embedded within my consciousness for 15+ years. It was not an easy road.

As Stephen Van Eck wrote on the Deism.com website: “Once sucked into the parallel universe of Christianity, [a person] is too intimidated by threats and rationalizations to attempt escape. Even thinking along alternative lines will induce severe feelings of guilt.”
Writing my book helped tremendously because of all the research and reading I did. Learning how and why certain doctrines of the Christian faith (e.g., final judgment, burning fires of hell, Satan and his demons, the end-times) were introduced into the faith was extremely liberating … and removed a ton of guilt and fear.

I also found out some things about the Bible. As many others, I had been taught the Bible was “God’s Word” (even though the interpretation of what “He” said varies considerably among denominations). Through my studies, I discovered that much of what is in the bible is the result of stories, epics, myths, legends, proverbs, etc. that were passed by word of mouth from one generation to another. This is particularly true of the Hebrew Bible, but intrinsically typical of the New Testament scriptures as well. Can you imagine the burden that was lifted when I found out I wasn’t genetically inclined to sin and thus in need of someone to save me from being human??!?

Contrary to what one might think, the many discoveries I made did not turn me into an atheist. However, I definitely do not believe in a supernatural being who lives somewhere “up there,” who can be manipulated by prayer, or who has a “will.” Rather, my image of “God” is far more encompassing and has nothing to do with religious belief. In fact, I’m extremely reluctant to even use the word “god” because of all its connotations.

In any case, I find my life so much more fulfilling now. Truly, what a relief it has been!


Quick Lesson for Some of My Blog Followers

First, I want to say I appreciate every single one of you that has clicked the “Follow” button on my blog. And if you decide to also click the “Like” button after you’ve read a post, that’s even better! It’s exciting to know that what I write appeals to such a wide variety of readers. 🙂

But part of the pleasure in being a blogger are the “conversations” that follow a blog posting. In fact, “comments” are the lifeblood of blogs.

I realize that if you visit right after a post is published, the comment section is most likely blank. Only if you make a note to yourself to visit again at a later time will you know if anyone has offered an opinion on a topic. And in our busy lives, who wants to have to remember to do this?

However, there is a better way. Simply sign up for email notifications. Here’s how:

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Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll join the Family of Nan’s Notebook.

The Political Conundrum

Even though I think most of us feel pretty certain about where we stand politically, sometimes it’s good to review the actual principles behind our beliefs. We may discover we’re not as “full-blooded” as we think we are.

On Robert Vella’s blog, The Secular Jurist, he recently posted the following definitions for Progressives and Liberals. I’m using it here because I like the simple way he laid out the two perspectives. I’ve followed up his definitions with some information related to Conservative beliefs.

Generally speaking, these are the demographic and issue-based distinctions between liberals and progressives in a modern context (subjective interpretations by the author):

Liberals tend to have higher incomes and education than progressives.

By and large, liberals are more ethnically and culturally diverse than progressives.

Progressives are typically more religious than liberals.

Progressives are more numerous, and are distributed more evenly throughout the nation.  Liberals are mostly clustered in a smaller number of urban/suburban communities.

Liberals are more concerned over a wider range of issues including human rights, civil rights, sexual equality, healthcare, public education, social services, immigration reform, poverty, international peace, environmentalism, the separation of church and state, domestic violence and gun control, voting rights, prison reform, constitutional protections for individuals, and the eminence of the Fourth Estate.

Progressives are more oriented towards economic issues, and see income inequality as the greatest threat to the nation.  They support collective bargaining, workers’ rights, labor empowerment, progressive taxation, small business entrepreneurship, and domestic production.  They oppose industrial monopolies, corporate consolidation, deregulation, money in politics, globalization, outsourcing, off-shoring, and the omnipotence of big banks and multinational interests.


I discovered this ideology is a bit more difficult to pin down, but in general conservatives are opposed to rapid changes. They like keeping traditions in society and support the notion of faith. Some conservatives would also like to return to the way things were at an earlier time in our history.

Wikipedia lists the following as being some of the things conservatives support:

  • Individual responsibility, strong family values, and community organizations
  • Capitalism, laissez-faire, and pro-growth or supply-side economics
  • Reduced government spending
  • Lower taxes on everyone
  • A strong military and strong national defense
  • The 2nd Amendment
  • The death penalty for certain cases
  • Educational Choice, e.g. a voucher system
  • Legal immigration, while opposing illegal immigration
  • Oppose government run health care
  • Oppose abortion in all or most cases

Which of these would you say defines you? Or perhaps it’s a combination of more than one. Politics can be a complicated issue, as shown by numerous discussions and arguments (and name-calling) among those who are staunch believers (or at least they think they are) in their particular political orientation.

I welcome input on this topic, but please try to maintain reasoned discussions (and follow blog rules).

Who Cares? Not This Guy!

I’m just going to put this out there …

Related to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that our caring Congress is declining to fund in their (wealthy-favored) tax plan, Sen. Orrin Hatch, Republican from Utah, said this:

I have a rough time wanting to spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won’t help themselves, won’t lift a finger and expect the federal government to do everything.

In reality, most of those who benefit from this program work two jobs to make ends meet, attend night classes to improve their skills, and do whatever else they can to keep their families fed and healthy.

In one state alone, discontinuing this program means about 60,000 children will be losing their insurance early next year because their families do not qualify for Medicaid and are unable to afford private coverage.

But hey … Orrin and his buddies’ pockets will be full and that’s all that really matters, right?

Men and Women and Sex

Regarding the recent plethora of news reports surrounding sexual misconduct, I just wanted to put this out there. Let me be clear. I’m speaking from my own personal viewpoint as a woman. You have full rights to agree or disagree.

I feel strongly that ANY kind of sexual advancement made towards a woman without either verbal or physical encouragement is WRONG.

As to whether the man who performed such acts is famous or infamous, whether it happened two years ago or twenty … it should NOT be overlooked and pushed under the rug.

There are innumerable reasons why women keep silent about such incidents and using “elapsed time” should NEVER be a “defense” for the perpetrator.

Innocent until proven guilty is a fine standard to live by. But in the case of sexual misconduct against a woman, IMO, the scales are tipped on the woman’s side. Yes, there are women who may “tease” men and lead them on in various flirty ways, but if the woman discovers the man is not what she expected (rough, brutal, demanding, kinky, etc.), then her “NO” has no less meaning than if she had never done or said anything unseemly.

Further, any woman who continues to support a man accused of such acts, or looks the other way because she’s “related” in some way, is a traitor to her own sex.

Yum! Yum!

Ever wonder why our “illustrious” leader has such a rotund figure? Perhaps it has something to do with his waistband-busting meals.

According to a new book entitled Let Trump be Trump (a behind-the-scenes account of how he became President of the United States), it’s reported that campaign stops regularly included visits to McDonald’s, where the standing order was two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fishes and a chocolate milkshake (2,420 calories).

This fat-laden meal consisted of 112g of fat (172% of tRumpsky’s recommended daily allowance), along with 3,470 mg of salt (144% of his recommended daily intake).

Further, it’s reported that as tRumpsky traveled from campaign stop to campaign stop on Trump Force One, the kitchen had to be stocked with the “four major food groups” — McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke. Bountiful supplies of cookies and other snacks also needed to be readily available.

Based on recent images, it would seem his diet hasn’t changed much.

While many of us continue to hope for impeachment or some other termination-type activity to take place, perhaps we needn’t worry. Food and health are inseparable partners. Or, as the old saying goes, “You are what you eat.”

You can read more about the contents of the book in this article. (It also mentions his short-fused temper.)