Leaving Christianity – Oh What A Relief It Is!

Oh What A Relief It Is!Although I left Christianity over 20 years ago, it took a long while for me to erase the doctrines that had been embedded within my consciousness for 15+ years. It was not an easy road.

As Stephen Van Eck wrote on the Deism.com website: “Once sucked into the parallel universe of Christianity, [a person] is too intimidated by threats and rationalizations to attempt escape. Even thinking along alternative lines will induce severe feelings of guilt.”
Writing my book helped tremendously because of all the research and reading I did. Learning how and why certain doctrines of the Christian faith (e.g., final judgment, burning fires of hell, Satan and his demons, the end-times) were introduced into the faith was extremely liberating … and removed a ton of guilt and fear.

I also found out some things about the Bible. As many others, I had been taught the Bible was “God’s Word” (even though the interpretation of what “He” said varies considerably among denominations). Through my studies, I discovered that much of what is in the bible is the result of stories, epics, myths, legends, proverbs, etc. that were passed by word of mouth from one generation to another. This is particularly true of the Hebrew Bible, but intrinsically typical of the New Testament scriptures as well. Can you imagine the burden that was lifted when I found out I wasn’t genetically inclined to sin and thus in need of someone to save me from being human??!?

Contrary to what one might think, the many discoveries I made did not turn me into an atheist. However, I definitely do not believe in a supernatural being who lives somewhere “up there,” who can be manipulated by prayer, or who has a “will.” Rather, my image of “God” is far more encompassing and has nothing to do with religious belief. In fact, I’m extremely reluctant to even use the word “god” because of all its connotations.

In any case, I find my life so much more fulfilling now. Truly, what a relief it has been!


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Ends and Beginnings

Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United States

I am the same height today that I was when I was 13 years old or at least I used to be. I like to say that I “peaked” in middle school. I was the tallest of all of my friends at six feet. My athletic skills in football, basketball and track were unstoppable. I wore a peach-fuzz mustache, and had thick, black hair down to my shoulders. I was a middle school stud. And girls, well let me tell you, they saw right through me. I might have been tall, dark and handsome but I was still just a 13-year-old with pimples on my face that picked his nose, scratched his ass and acted like I was 10 most of the time.

But when I went to the doctor last month and got on the scales (I am going to skip that part of the discussion) and had my…

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Let Me Show You My …

I rarely (if ever) address the topic of S.E.X. on this blog. Not that I’m against the act of, but mostly because (at my age) it’s simply not a subject I spend much time thinking about (in contrast to many men 😈).

However, since the topic has made a big splash in recent news (Jeff Bezos and The Enquirer), it seemed like an appropriate time to take a detour. Plus, an article published by CNN related to the “reasons why men send explicit photos” caught my attention.

Why DO men send such photos? Especially since they are very often unsolicited. One of the reasons mentioned … and I tend to agree with … is that men are not good at judging the level of a woman’s interest in them. But even more pointed … most women aren’t at all interested in pictures of penises. 👎

(So what ARE women interested in? Generally speaking, women are more turned on by a man’s eyes … or his butt. 👍)

It seems part of the reason behind such displays is that men tend to feel a connection to their genitalia — and they perceive the person they are interested in sexually shares that interest. However, such images are often not nearly as pleasurable to the recipient than the man thinks they are.

And then there are men who do it for the shock value. They get a thrill out of the woman’s reaction. Oftentimes, there are also tones of hostility in their actions.

Occasionally, men share such pictures because they are seeking acceptance and intimacy. And sometimes it’s a sign of bragging and dominance-seeking.

The articles asks whether such action is “hard-wired” into some men. Perhaps. But according to one sex therapist, “Even if we think of this behavior as being adaptive in an evolutionary sense, this isn’t to say that it’s OK or excusable for men to send women photos that they don’t want to see.”

So guys, I guess the final word would be to keep it in your pants … at least until it’s ready for “action.”

Visions Unseen

I guess I’m hooked!

Responding to another of Susi’s Haiku challenges …
IWH Haiku Challenge #5 (Picture interpretation)


Clouds create visions
of memories incomplete
and dreams that fade


Winds intense and cold
swirl around my aching heart —
disturbing my soul

NOTE: I just discovered this type of Haiku is called Senryū and is a bit different than the traditional Japanese Haiku (which generally references nature/seasons). It’s still written in the traditional 5-7-5 syllables per line but focuses on human nature and/or emotions.

Haiku with Flair

Responding to Susi’s challenge …
IWH Haiku Challenge #4 (Picture interpretation)


The scream lies below
Trapped and halted in flight
Withering inside


Modesty unleashed
Seeking tendrils of love
Dark desires atoned


Find me in the night
Shimmering with cold desire
Reaching, touching time

Thanks to Jim for pointing me to this challenge.

Addendum: As I mentioned in a comment below, I looked again at the picture and saw an entirely different image! Not sure why I didn’t see “the baby” before …?? Obviously this means my haiku creations will seem a bit “strange.” All I can say at this point is pretend the picture isn’t there and just use your imagination.