Fly In My Tea

I came across the following on Quora and couldn’t resist sharing. It’s entitled:

Bush, Obama, and Trump each find a fly in their cups of tea. What do they do?

Bush: Excuse me ma’am, there seems to be a fly in my tea. Now while I’m guessing it’s great tea, I will not be able to enjoy it as there is a fly in it. I would be much obliged if you would remove it.

Obama: Uh, hello, young sir. I don’t mean to bother you, but there (haha) there seems to be a fly in my tea. Now it’s not your fault, hundreds of Americans work hard day in day out at jobs like this, as a matter of fact, I think it’s people like you who are the backbone of America, you keep us going. But I hope you don’t mind that I ask for another cup. God bless you and God bless the waiters of America.

Trump: Look Melania, there’s a fly in my tea, can you believe that?



*calls press conference *

“ Today, there was a fly in my tea. Obviously this is another ploy by the Democrats to try and sabotage my regime and its attempt to make America great again. My table was also probably bugged by the FBI hoping I’d slip up and they’d have another excuse to restart their witch hunt.

I heard Bush and Obama also had flies in their tea. Obviously their flies weren’t as big as mine, my fly was obviously the biggest fly. They obviously saved the best fly for me.

So you know what? we’re gonna build a wall around that establishment and we’re gonna make the owner pay for it, so no one has to drink their horrible tea or see their horrible shop ever again.

And you know what else? I might start producing tea as well, the biggest tea company in the America, it’s gonna be hyuuuuge, the best tea ever, we’re gonna have the best hot water, and tea leaves from China, of course. It’ll be great, it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever seen. Thank you all for coming”

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

18 thoughts on “Fly In My Tea

  1. mm beat me to it. I was going to say Trumpelstiltskin could not find a fly in his pants, let alone in a cup of tea. Tea! Trump don’t drink no stinking tea! Tea is for wusses. He would divorce Melania if she ever served him a cup of tea. it’s unAmerican.

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  2. 😄 That is spot on Nan. Totally tRump’s self-absorbed, megalomaniac personality and solution to everything! Make a slandering news/PR spectacle about it.

    Did you catch his idiotic Tweet yesterday when he told Chiefs fans—after winning the Super Bowl—that they “represented the Great State of Kansas so very well“? Yes, our very own POTUS doesn’t even know basic elementary geography of his own country!!!

    He seriously thought the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL were based in Kansas somewhere!!! 🤣🤣🤣 This is INSANELY stupid!!! Then the utter moron goes on to also demonstrate his non-existent IQ by saying they represented well “the entire USA“!!! WTF!? So the losing San Francisco 49ers, also in the USA, did NOT represent our nation well? Or did he think the 49ers were a foreign, alien-immigrant team? 🙄 No matter, what is glaringly factual is that our Leader doesn’t even know that the Kansas City Chiefs are based in KC, Missouri and play inside Arrowhead Stadium on the eastern side of the border between Missouri and Kansas… umm, yes… believe it or not, IN MISSOURI you astonishingly imbecile of a human being and FAKE President!!! (facepalm) 😖

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    • From the article: And yes, someone in the White House should have looked at the tweet before it posted so that mistake could have been caught.

      How can anyone catch his tweets when most of them are done from his own PERSONAL (unsecured) phone?

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      • I am 99.99% confident that hyper Tweet-freak Rump drives our Secret Service, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, and Special Forces Ops madly insane NEVER KNOWING with 100% certainty if our Commander-in-Chief will not compromise national secrets, security, or covert ops. Hell, he often tweets random shit at 3am – 4am EDT!!! For these last 4-years I am baffled that those agencies have allowed the imbecile to keep tweeting, let alone have a Twitter account—or ANY social-media account!!! 😖

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          • Indeed. I am often amazed beyond comprehension as to WHY American voters and their political organizations/rallies think and behave as if this nation is NOT a Constitutional democracy, but an Authoritarian-ruled nation with several oligarchies (nobility?)!!! I have started to believe many (most?) Americans must be horribly educated—thru primary & secondary grades, or higher—in state and federal government and history!!! And at LEAST a few key Landmark Decisions by our Supreme Court and their meanings/impacts! This utterly baffles me Nan.

            But then again, our educational systems across the country have migrated away from (fair, broad) public education and increasingly toward private and charter education—primarily because too many high-class (white) Americans don’t want to pay their taxes for public programs/systems—and perhaps there are still hard leanings for racial-economic segregation?—all of which can/will takes us BACK to the many problems during the Civil Rights Movement of the damn 1950’s and 60’s!!! 😡

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            • “You represented the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA so very well.”

              How did they represent the entire USA and to whom?

              American “football” is a fairly local form of sports native to one country, and even though there are some sort of teams in many countries, it is not an Olympic sport, nor a major international sport by any method of evaluation. There are, in fact, no international championships at all. Most people around the globe have hardly even heard of it and even fewer have any clue as to the rules. The team so praised did not compete with any other nation in those games, so they really did not represent their country very much in sports at all, how ever good they are at what they do.

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            • Exactly rautakyy! I promise you that every single time this Orange-colored, self-identified Mob-boss of the USA opens his mouth or Tweets, he MORE THAN adequately shows his genuine, unapologetic ignorance and sheer dim-wittedness. He has very little or no common sense whatsoever… AND I’M BEING KIND here! 🙄

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  3. Every time he opens his mouth it’s garbage out, garbage out.
    No one corrects him, because it would be “orrector out, corrector out” and ‘you’ll never work in this town again, buddy”…
    Also no one corrects him, because he’s a narcissist and they are never wrong. ev-er.

    and the third reason: it may just be that they let him spew and mess about and make an ass of himself because it’s the only joy they get out of the entire proceeding. (Should we tell him? “Nahhh. Let him dig the effing hole a little deeper, maybe this time he’ll fall in.” )

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