Let’s Think About This


In a recent column, Steve Schmidt pointed out some of President Biden’s accomplishments:

  • He defeated Donald Trump.
  • He restored sanity and stability to the Oval Office.
  • He has shown skilled leadership during the Russian war in Ukraine.
  • His legislation has been “one of the 10 most significant domestic policy achievement of the last 80 years.”

He then went on to say …

[S]ome have declared that it is unthinkable that there could be any Democrat who could conceivably win a national election aside from President Biden, or that the choices are limited to the extremely capable Governor of California Gavin Newsom, the Secretary of Transportation and Fox News tormenter Pete Buttigieg or the Vice President Kamala Harris.

This latter entry really stirred my thinking. Are Democrats so bound by “tradition” that they will automatically re-elect Biden should he run again? And what if he doesn’t throw his hat in the ring? Does the only “natural” choice become Vice-President Kamala Harris? Or does Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California, have a running chance? And while I feel his prospects are remote, as Steve suggests, Pete Buttigieg could even add his name to the list again.

I guess what I’m wondering is why must we only choose from the folks “the media” suggests?

In my opinion, what I think we really need is a comparatively unknown DEMOCRAT to emerge from the shadows, step into the limelight, and thoroughly rattle the establishment. (Similar to what took place a few years back on the other side of the fence — but of course in this case, someone with morals and ethics and experience.)

Naturally, the question then becomes … who IS this person? Is there anyone … ANYONE … within the Democratic Party who has the ability to truly shake things up as the “former guy” was able to do within the Republican party?

I would like to think so. But at this point, I’m not sure who it would be. Do YOU have any ideas?

The Race to the Finish

Just read an article on the Christian Science Monitor about why so many Republicans are running for president. The various reasons were interesting, but for me the 5th one really stood out …

Some, or even many, must know deep down they’re a super long-shot for the nomination. So what they’re really doing is auditioning for running mate or a show on Fox News or both. Others are boosting their public profile – and their speaking fees and book advances. Still others are in it just for the ego boost.

Did you get this? ” … auditioning for … a show on Fox News …”? (No further comment necessary)

Ya’ know, I watched the Republican debate the other evening. Not because I plan on voting for any of the nitwits, but because I wanted to see who might lead this country if the Democrats lose (which, I hate to say it, is a real possibility). It was depressing. And scary.

Even more frightening is the overwhelming interest some people are showing towards “Mr. Apprentice” himself. (Background music:  🎶 Money, Money, Money 🎶) Scores have said he doesn’t have a chance, but … what if? Oh my Thor! I think I’d have to move!

(Unfortunately, I’d have to go by myself because my “other half,” who formerly had nothing good to say about the man, is actually agreeing with him on some issues. Egad!)

It’s really not so much that the repugs are economically conservative (this can actually be a good thing) … it’s their bent on social issues that really concerns me. Gawd forbid they could actually turn around the hard-fought gay marriage and/or abortion laws!

And, as long as I’m talking politics (which I generally only do at election time), several of the candidates brought up the 10th Amendment. I’ve always wondered about that one, which states in part, “that the federal government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the Constitution. All remaining powers are reserved for the states or the people.” Does anyone else see the hornet’s nest of problems this amendment creates? For example, someone visits Colorado and purchases a bit of marijuana to enjoy (where it’s legal). But when he gets ready to return home to say, Wyoming, he forgets to dispose of his supply. If he’s caught in that state, he would face criminal charges for possession!

Overall, I have only this to say: the world of politics is like getting on a merry-go-round that never stops!merry-go-round