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Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden

“We’ve never backed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history—until now. This year we are compelled to do so. We do not do this lightly.”

I have nothing to add … except read the article.

Thanks to Gary @Escaping Christian Fundamentalism for bringing this to my attention.

The Bane of Personal Freedom

In today’s local paper there was an article about a rally that took place earlier this week related to COVID-19. Attending the rally, along with county leaders, was a Republican State Senator who announced that the purpose of the rally was “to get common minds together that are invested in freedom and liberty, people that are tired of being pushed around, people that feel disenfranchised.” He went on to say that individuals (in the county) feel they are not being heard and want it to be known that they support the local commissioners for “standing up to” our state’s governor.

Sidenote: Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown, has issued mandates related to wearing masks, business restrictions, and outdoor crowd sizes.

One of those “local commissioners” then underscored the Senator’s remarks by telling the gathering that they do not have plans to enforce the mandates of the governor because “personal freedom” was more important. He also pointed out that our county “has done a very good job of preventing the spread [so we] don’t feel like going out and enforcing this thing on people that are already doing a good job.”

He then pointed out that not a single person in the county had ever gotten the virus at a restaurant or bar. (I’m not sure how he knows this. Inside sources, I suppose.)

Sidenote: Our county population is approximately 112,000. The case count is currently at 172 with 2 deaths. Perhaps it’s just me, but it certainly seems those distasteful mandates put into place by our governor are playing a huge role in this comparatively low count. (Actually, the count was lower and holding steady before the restaurants and bars were allowed to open.)

I know there are many reading this who agree with the sentiments expressed by these individuals. However, being in the “high risk” group, my partner and I find it exceedingly difficult to put “personal freedom” ahead of our health … and perhaps our lives.

At the same time, we’re no different than many others. We don’t like all the restrictions either. In fact, we’ve had to discontinue many activities that we enjoy in our attempts to stay healthy. Nevertheless … there’s just something about staying alive that holds a strong appeal.

What so many fail to accept is that sacrifice is sometimes necessary for the good of all.

Lebanon, America, and Politics

I just read an article by Thomas L. Friedman, who is an opinion columnist for the New York Times … and I felt it was vitally important to share what he had to say.

He began by recounting the recent explosion in Lebanon and then remarked how so many of the people immediately asked, not so much about what happened, but who did it. And more importantly, what political advantage did they gain from the event.

He then went on to point out how these questions demonstrate several similarities between the United States, Lebanon, and other Middle East countries. Of course our natural reaction is, “What similarities! The U.S. isn’t anything like the Middle East!”

I’ll let Friedman answer …

The United States is becoming like Lebanon and other Middle East countries in two respects. First, our political differences are becoming so deep that our two parties now resemble religious sects in a zero-sum contest for power. They call theirs “Shiites and Sunnis and Maronites” or “Israelis and Palestinians.” We call ours “Democrats and Republicans,” but ours now behave just like rival tribes who believe they must rule or die.

Everything is now politics — even the climate, even energy, even face masks in a pandemic.

And when everything becomes politics — and power — a society (and certainly a democracy) eventually dies.

There is no center, there are only sides; there’s no truth, there are only versions; there are no facts, there’s only a contest of wills. 

Friedman goes on to compare Trump with Bibi Netanyahu in Israel, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, Viktor Orban in Hungary, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey and Vladimir Putin in Russia and points out how these leaders:

… deliberately try to undermine the guardians of facts and the common good. Their message to their people is: “Don’t believe the courts, the independent civil servants or the fake news generators — only trust me, my words and my decisions.” It’s a jungle out there. My critics are killers (which is what Trump called his press corps on Friday), and only I can protect our tribe from theirs. 

There’s much more, including how Trump has met his match in Mother Nature and  COVID-19. No matter how hard he’s tried to discredit and deflect the pandemic by making it about politics, he has utterly failed.

I urge — yea, implore — you to read the article if for no other reason than to see how extremely important it is that we change the leadership in this country on November 3rd.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Ending Shelter-In-Place

I want to share an idea I had related to opening businesses, allowing people to return to work, and yet still keeping everyone safe from COVID-19. While I highly doubt I’m the only one who has thought of this since few ideas are “original,” I’m curious to know what my blog readers think.

Before you share your opinions, please know that I’m well aware there are those who would strongly resist my idea since they believe it would infringe on their “freedom.” But putting that aside, do you think such a plan would work? And would YOU be willing to follow it?

The most important requirement of this plan would be that EVERYONE … I mean, EVERYONE … would have to participate.

Ending the shelter in place

Until mass testing becomes available to identify who is or is not infected — or until a vaccine is available — we would ALL wear protective face masks.


People could return to work, we could all go places, do things, and return to
semi-normal living. BUT we would have to wear a mask to protect both ourselves and others.

And these would not be “homemade” coverings. They would have to be masks that truly protect both parties — perhaps a type of N-95 mask that has been (quickly) designed by some innovative (i.e., money-oriented) company to be more comfortable for long periods of wear yet performs comparatively.

There would undoubtedly be resistance to such a requirement, so mask-wearing would need to be a government-mandated requirement, which means law enforcement may need to be involved.

As this action would allow people to return to work, all business establishments would be required to post messages to remind employees to thoroughly wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer throughout the day.

I know. I know. The idea is probably pretty far-fetched, but absent mass testing or a vaccine, we are all at risk each and every time we come in contact with the public.

Moreover, many people are suffering greatly from the “shelter-in-place” restrictions. Not only from loss of income, but from the emotional toll as well.

As many of you know, Trump is currently pushing (threatening?) to open everything up by May 1st. I don’t think I need to expand on the dangers of this action until some type of safety restrictions are in place.

Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay