How Safe Are You?


Unfortunately, I had to make a second trip to the hospital this past week — a reoccurrence (sort of) of the problem I dealt with back in June. This time there were signs of infection so the recoup time has been a bit longer. Nevertheless, the old body is slowly bouncing back and I should be back to full-tilt very soon.

Of course then I will –once AGAIN!– have to deal with the financial pains. 😖

Anyway, the message of this post is not about me, but rather something I wonder how many others have thought about.

As has been covered ad nauseum in the news, as well as on the internet, many refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated against COVID-19. OK. I’m not going to rehash the pros and cons … or offer my input on the degree of stupidity involved.

Rather, I’d like to comment on something that I don’t think many have considered. I know I didn’t.

It’s been pointed out that many healthcare providers –including hospital workers– have been on the “Anti” bandwagon. Yes, they’re required to wear masks during their working hours, but as a hospital inpatient, how does one know if the people who are tending to your needs have taken that extra precautionary step and been vaccinated? In other words, are you truly safe as they push needles, take readings, help you down the hallway to the “loo,” etc? 

I’m fully vaccinated and I do have trust in the viability of this action. However, in a hospital situation with “Anti” folks looking after you — and where one’s overall health is/may be compromised — do the chances of a breakthrough infection increase? Certainly, the hospital environment is believed to be comparatively “risk free,” but considering it is the people who are tending to your needs, how safe are you … really?

Science and Christian Faith


Just came across this article written by an individual who was educated at a conservative seminary, trained as a minister, and served as a pastor

To get an idea why I found the article worth sharing, here is one of the author’s leading statements:

From Darwin to COVID the church has been wrong. 

Wow! That statement … coming from a believer? Will wonders never cease!

Here is what he says towards the end of the article: 

There is nothing to fear from scientific data and proper research. There is something to fear from the fearful and ignorant. Anyone who is not willing to question their own belief structure, or anyone that remains in their own echo chamber, is dangerous. That is why there is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It is expressing the fear of people who claim to have none.

If you are a person who recognizes the dangers of COVID-19 and its variants — and finds it mind-boggling that Christians refuse vaccines (!) — I think you will find this article very refreshing. 

Take a gander …

Evangelicals, science and the vaccine:
Refusal is built on deep-seated fear

Image by Jeyaratnam Caniceus from Pixabay

COVID … and Family


Had a text conversation with my daughter last night. A segment of our conversation turned to COVID and vaccines. Since most of you know my position on this matter, I thought you might find HER take on things interesting. (We don’t agree.)

Following are some snippets of our conversation in which she shares some information about my grandkids. I’ve changed their names “to protect the innocent”:


How are you guys? You’ve averted Covid I take it? “Fran” (a granddaughter who lives in Arkansas) has it right now and she’s ridiculously miserable! “Nancy” (a granddaughter who lives in Colorado) got it but it wasn’t too bad for her. None of the rest of us (5 others) have gotten it.


We’re fine … we are being VERY careful. Both of us are vaccinated. Were Fran and Nancy being careful?


As careful as anybody else. All the kids wear masks but “Brad” (grandson who lives in CA) is the only one that’s gotten vaccinated. I don’t want my girls (four in total) to because I don’t wanna mess up their ability to have children and the vaccine is just being given to people and we are the guinea pigs. They are adults however and they can make their own decision but at this point they all decided not to get the vaccine.

I know several people that swore they had it in late 2019 and early 2020. But funny story if they had it, they got it again in late 2020 and early 2021. But I have many friends that have gotten the vaccine and still get the virus, and are still very very sick. They haven’t ended up in the hospital but they are miserable. You wouldn’t expect any of them to end up in the hospital however because they are young and in very good shape.

We could debate that all day so we’ll just let it rest.



I think the “politics” of my daughter and family is pretty obvious (except perhaps my grandson 🤞).

In any event, I’m seriously hoping the granddaughter who lives in Arkansas doesn’t get any worse as it is one of the states that is running out of (or already has) ICU beds … !

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Higher Power?

“We answer to a higher power.”

This is the defense that church leaders offer as California Governor Gavin Newsom (once again) puts restrictions on indoor church services because of the pernicious increase in COVID-19 cases.

Yup. As discussed in one of my earlier posts, the churches are once again complaining that they should be exempt from any and all limitations related to their services.

As most of my readers know, I’m adamantly against any “special privileges” by Christians.

And yes, believers, I’m well aware that the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …”

The BIG difference is NO ONE is PROHIBITING the free exercise thereof. The powers-that-be are simply ruling that you don’t do your “free exercise” within the confines of a church building. And this ruling is backed by medical and health professionals that know far more about what’s best for Christians (and heathens alike) than any church leader.

But let’s go back to the first line of this post: “We answer to a higher power.”

No doubt this references the Christian God which no one (outside of bible fables) has ever seen or heard — contrary to the claims of believers who are certain they heard God “speak” to them during occasional moments of prayer. Or on those occasions when they desperately wanted their god to move on their behalf and “he” answered.

However, lucid and rational-thinking individuals –the ones who endorse the old saying seeing is believing– tend to utter “hogwash!” to these celestial claims.

The ONLY “higher power” that has been proven to exist are those neurons and protons that exist within one’s physical brain.

In other words, complaining pastors, it’s all in your head!

The hard truth is these church leaders are fearful of losing their source of income … and they will use whatever tactics/excuses/reasons they can come up with to justify their need.

It’s just too bad that those who are in other lines of work cannot use the same excuse to vindicate their (very real) needs during this pandemic.

Here is a question that continues to gnaw at me and no pastor who complains about “religious rights” has been able to answer: Why has this “higher power” allowed so many to die from a virus that, supposedly, “He” could have prevented?

References: (Notice the request for donations at the end of the article.)