Who’s Right?


Earlier today, in response to a post on Steve’s blog, Arnold (a Christian and occasional contributor to this blog), included the following statement within one of his comments:

 To me there are infinite interpretations to the bible, unique to each person.

I responded thus:

Arnold, IF the Christian god exists and is the behind-the-scenes author of the bible … wouldn’t it seem sensible/logical/natural that there would NOT be “infinite interpretations, unique to each person”??? Even the bible says that God is not the author of confusion, yet that’s exactly what we see today within the God-worshipping religions.

And I ask that question of ANY believer …

The plethora of denominations indicates to me that either God mumbles — or perhaps believers prefer to “hear” what makes them feel the most comfortable.

Physical indications of the latter are plentiful and can be seen in the number of churches within any given location. In fact, one could easily say there is “a church on every corner.” Granted, some of them share the same core beliefs, but I would venture to say only 10% (or less) in any area are “duplications.”

When presented with this perspective, Christians will generally respond that it’s much ado about nothing because all of them believe in Jesus’ saving power. But do they? It seems to me if that were the case, there would be no need for the very wide variety of biblical interpretations, worship styles, and even requirements among various denominations.

Moreover, since there is this (rather obvious) lack of agreement about the bible’s contents and meanings, along come untold numbers of “apologists” to explain, interpret, and decipher (and make beaucoup bucks via books and videos) what the bible really means.

Bottom line … considering all the many facets that enter into one’s belief related to the Christian religion, how can anyone answer the question of  “Who’s right?”

Memorial Day and January 6th

Robert Reich wrote a “Memorial Day” post that I thought was quite good. He brought (once again) to the forefront the ridiculous claims of Trump as related to his 2020 election loss, and pointed out the fact that several who participated in the January 6th uprising have been found guilty of seditious acts against the United States.

But even more than what Robert wrote, I found the comment made by one of the people who follow his column (LeMoine Surlamont) even more moving … and I include it here.

There is no question that Donald Trump is guilty of seditious conspiracy. It has been clear since the events we all watched real time on January 6, 2021. The fact that Trump isn’t already behind bars speaks volumes to the cowardice of our elected officials, from Joe Biden, to Merrick Garland his appointee, to pretty much every member of congress. They fear the backlash, political and otherwise, should Trump be punished for his crimes. And if he is punished, it will be at Mar-A-Lago in a felt ankle bracelet that will tinkle, should he wander off the back side of his golf course. As a Veteran, I have never felt more ashamed of this country than I am this Memorial Day.

There’s much I could say about what this person wrote, but I would rather let each reader react in their own way to his words.

Have You “Drunk” Much Lately?

cocktailsWhether you’re a casual/social drinker or someone who likes to “tie one on” every so often, you most likely have a favorite alcoholic beverage.

Personally, my drinking days are pretty much over (with the exception of Wine🍷!). I do, however, still enjoy a Gold Margarita🍸 every so often — and on occasion, I will order some sort of  Vodka concoction or a Rum and coke. And of course I never turn down a glass of Champagne!

However, there are apparently multitudes of folks who are still wholeheartedly imbibing on a regular basis … and this article talks about some of the long-time and current drinks these folks favor.

One thing I’ve found rather interesting is the huge VARIETY of mixed drinks that are now available. In my younger days, such concoctions were unheard of! And I’m also somewhat amazed by the scores of pre-mixed drinks that are available in cans and bottles on store shelves.

Of course, BEER is still one of the big sellers … but even many of the old favorites in that quarter have been replaced and/or updated.

While I’m very aware that some of my readers are “tee-totalers” for personal and/or health reasons — for the rest of you, as they say in the local pubs  … “What’s Your Pleasure?”

If  you are unable to access the linked article (due to a damned paywall!), try here.

For Unknown Reasons


How many times have you read news articles about car accidents that included the words … “for unknown reasons” such and such happened? While it’s not uncommon for news reports to include this phrase when reporting such accidents, I’ve noticed that it’s being used more and more frequently.

For example, this morning I read about another (!) fatal head-on crash. In this instance, the driver of a northbound vehicle drifted into the southbound lane “for unknown reasons and struck a vehicle traveling south. (Both occupants of the southbound vehicle –in their 70’s– were killed.) The accident apparently happened around noon.

We all know that people occasionally fall asleep at the wheel (especially after drinking), but these are generally accidents that happen at night or in the wee hours of the morning. However, when these “unknown reasons” accidents happen during the daylight hours, one can’t help but wonder if the actual cause was because one of the drivers was TEXTING (or reading a text).

Of course there are other reasons for inattention at the wheel, but IMO, the ubiquitous use of cellphones simply cannot be ignored.

What are your thoughts on this? Am I way off-base? Or do you agree that lack of attention related to cellphone usage is a prime reason for many of the vehicle accidents that happen in today’s world?

P.S. Some manufactures are now including text/voice features in newer models. Is this a potential solution? Or not.

Abortion vs. Vasectomy

Recently on Scottie’s blog, he included a news article related to a So. Carolina anti-abortion bill that had been approved and was due to be signed by the Governor. However, before the measure had passed, a bipartisan group of five women lawmakers in the state Senate banded together to try and stop the bill. (Is anyone surprised that they were not successful?)

From my perspective, however, it was not so much what happened to the bill itself as it was the social media remarks that Scottie shared at the end of his post. I’ve included them here — minus the individuals’ names — because I found them so spot-on.

If you’re a man, who isn’t a physician, you likely know diddly about women’s reproductive system. Women have ALWAYS carried the total responsibility of contraception, pregnancy and all that goes with it, yet it is primarily men making these arbitrary laws governing what women can and cannot do with our bodies, while they accept zero responsibility for the circumstance. All I have to say is, straight men better pray to their Jesus that women never rule because when it happens vasectomy, at the request of the woman, will become LAW. SNIP, SNIP mother Fuckers. Sorry.


If they are going to pass laws prohibiting abortion, I have no problems with a law that requires vasectomy for all men over the age of 16. You can reverse it only upon proof of marriage, and a signed statement from your wife that you are ready and able to raise children. You will have to prove you have the income or assets to provide for your children, and the mental stability etc just like people have to prove for adoption.


Men never understand how difficult and dangerous contraceptive medications are for women. The pills are difficult to manage and are not 100% effective. They also pose risks of breast and uterine cancer and the devices pose risks of infection, sterilization and tubal pregnancy. Women’s choices for contraception all carry significant risks, including invasive surgical procedures. For men a vasectomy is a fast, in office procedure, with minimal risk and usually reversible. But, men don’t want to be bothered or have their potency jeopardized, it’s preferable to let women take 100% of the risk.


As the old saying goes, if men could get pregnant the law would make abortions free and available on every street corner.