Hedging Your Bets

Right before things got crazy related to our recent move, I read a blog post that intrigued me. It was called How to Prove Christianity False in Five Minutes and was written by “Gary.”  He started his post thusly:

I believe that traditional Christianity can be proven false in five minutes by knocking out the three pillars of the Christian Faith (belief system):

  1.  The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus
  2.  The Accuracy of Old Testament Prophecy
  3.  The Witness of the Holy Spirit

He then clearly listed his perspective on each point. But it wasn’t so much his clear and concise explanations that got my attention, it was more Gary’s response to “Andrew,” who had left the following comment (condensed):

You are viewing death purely from a human standing. Jesus is God the Creator and only took the role of a human being in order to pay the price for sin. This He did out of pure love, a love that for most of us is sadly illusive.

True Christians live to love and serve others following the actions of Jesus when He became a man. Sadly there are millions who muddy the water with false faith and erroneous lifestyles under the banner of Christianity.

If am wrong and you are right nothing changes, but if I am right then the afterlife is going to be a lamentable experience.

And how sad that you all seem to think that death (as the world knows it) is all there is… What a waste…

In his reply,  Gary asks Andrew if he’s studied other “exclusivist” beliefs so he can be 100% certain he’s made the right choice (I think most of us know the answer), and further points out that for most Christians, it’s really a matter of HOPE they have put their faith in the “correct” god. He goes on to say that ALL religions are simply human invention based on ancient superstitions.

He then challenges Andrew (or any other believer) that if they want to prove him wrong, they will need to do more than frighten him with threats of eternal damnation.


Of course I agree with Gary, but I was particularly struck by this part of Andrew’s comment: True Christians live to love and serve others following the actions of Jesus. 

Ahhh yes. “True Christians live to love” while at the same time threatening non-believers with images of fire and brimstone IF they don’t turn their lives over to Jesus. Perhaps if someone has leanings towards “becoming a Christian,” these dire warnings might have some influence, but for those who have clearly and repeatedly expressed their non-belief in not only Christianity, but every other “god-based religion,” such admonitions become extremely tiresome.

However, in Christendom, it’s all a matter of “hedging your bets.” They would rather believe in the stories presented in a VERY OLD book than to make a “wrong” choice by simply enjoying the unconditional life that was given to them at birth.


Plight of the Porta-Potties

” … everyone on this earth has to go to the bathroom.”

Somewhere in the southern California city of Anaheim is a dusty encampment that’s home to hundreds of men, women and children. They live in tents and other makeshift shelters and do what they can to survive.

Recently, an important part of their simple living was taken from them when the city confiscated three porta-potties and locked them up in a storage facility. Now, these homeless individuals have nowhere to relieve themselves except in the bushes, or in buckets, or in the cramped privacy of their own tents. (Read more about their plight here.)

There is an old proverb, used by believers and nonbelievers alike, that goes like this: “There but for the grace of God go I.” 

The truth behind this statement is obviously being ignored by those who live in comfortable homes with plenty of food on the table … and one or more (indoor) bathrooms.

What adds to the insensitivity of this scenario is the porta-potties were purchased with donations and set up by local activist groups. In addition, money was raised to have them pumped and cleaned.

Yet “the city” in its all-knowing wisdom removed them because the installers had no permit! As one city official commented, “The toilets pose a health and safety concern and were placed … without permission.” (I couldn’t help but wonder about the “health concerns” that will result when people must relieve themselves in nearby streams and river beds.)

As the homeless advocate pointed out: “Sickness and disease will spread among homeless men, women, and children that cannot wash their hands. This is a group of people that is being left to die due to their government’s depraved indifference.” (emphasis added)

I apologize if this posting has offended your sensitivities. However, if you can come up with a way to avoid the natural process described in the opening quote, you may be in line for a Nobel Prize.

Reblog: Four Days of Fire

Graphic images that demonstrate not only beauty, but what can happen to that beauty when someone decides to “have a little fun.” They are also a vivid example of how climate change is affecting our surroundings.

a small person

A friend of mine from the Seattle area came to visit the morning of September 2nd, 2017. We’d never met in person, but both enjoy hiking and traveling and Porsches, so when the smoke from nearby wildfires cleared out of the gorge, we made plans and hoped for clear sky.

Against all odds, we got it. The mountains were faded a little by the haze, but at least the sky was blue and the air smelled fresh. All the grass in town was brown for weeks, as we only got 0.05 inches of rain since June 17th. But there was still a lot of green around, especially in the shaded crevices on the Oregon side full of moss, ferns, and flowers.

Another friend from Washougal drove out and the three of us met one of my brothers at Oneonta Gorge, near Multnomah Falls. With the water so low, it was…

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Reblog: Infallible vs. Mystic

Well worth reading. Even … or perhaps, especially … the comments.

Ends and Beginnings

straight not narrow“The wisdom of the ancients has been lost on these ego-driven, self-righteous, inerrant, infallible, literalistic religionists. The mystics of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism present a theology of compassion, sacrifice, voluntary poverty, and intelligence.” – LarryPaulBrown

Infallible – incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.

Mystic – a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

There are certain verses in the Bible that many Christians have interrupted as God’s (and I guess Jesus to because you know the 3 in 1 thing) position that homosexuality is a sin.

Romans 1:26-27 “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were…

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