A Message for Trump Supporters

As a general rule, the person who serves as President of the United States is held in high esteem by its populace. While this does not mean all citizens agree with this individual’s actions or decisions, there is overall respect for the office.

However, when Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States, all this changed.

As many of us watched this man ride down the escalator at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015, little did we know what was in store for us when he announced his candidacy. From his first campaign speech and rally to the present, we have witnessed a man who has regularly and consistently insulted, offended, mocked, dishonored, and slandered people who disagree with him.

And you, Trump Supporter, have encouraged and abetted these actions. You may deny this accusation but you have supported (and even cheered him on) as he …

  • Mocked a crippled man
  • Disrespected women
  • Encouraged violence against non-supporters at rallies
  • Demeaned African-Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, and other minority groups
  • Referred to several nations as “shit-hole” countries
  • Defended white nationalists
  • Defamed a prisoner of war (after his death!)
  • Supported a politician accused of sexual misconduct
  • Slandered members of the media
  • Labeled his opponents as “bad people” (or even criminals)

And he continues to this day to attack and humiliate any and all individuals who disagree with him.

So my question to you is this: When you support and/or defend Trump’s actions…


Does it give you personal satisfaction to applaud and cheer and wave your MAGA sign for a man who is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, and misogynist?

Giving you the benefit of doubt, you may not even be aware that Trump has succeeded in gaining your support because he …

  1. Appealed to you emotionally through fear and humiliation
  2. Created an enemy that threatens you
  3. Emphasized the weakness and incompetence of others

And then he reinforced it all by making a promise to you (through generalities and few details) that he was going to Make America Great Again.

And you believed him.

But now it’s time to face the truth.

Nothing that Donald J. Trump has done thus far has generated a strong and unified nation that other countries admire and respect. Instead, he has created animosity, hostility, and even hatred among its people by emphasizing and playing on our anxieties, fears, and prejudices.

No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, as citizens of the United States of America, we cannot continue on this destructive path. There is simply too much at stake.

So the question becomes — what are you willing to do to bring our nation together?

66 thoughts on “A Message for Trump Supporters

  1. Trump supporters (ie. white evangelical Christians) aren’t interested in what is right, or what is good for the country. They’re not interested in facts. They’re not interested in human decency. And they’re certainly not interested in morality. They are deeply, deeply horrible people. I even think think they take pleasure in the sheer hypocrisy of their present existence. They are the worst example of human beings, which is why Trump a pure degenerate in every regard, is attractive to them.

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    • Might add, Branyan is a Trump supporter. *He* is the type of degenerate personality you’re trying to appeal to here. It’s a useless task. People of such degraded, corrupted, diseased nature’s are beyond help.

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    • Spot-on, John. This is why many anti-Trump folks are wasting their time and effort in futile attempts to convince Trump supporters that they should abandon him. That’s not going to happen for the reasons you cited, and it isn’t necessary either. Trump’s hardcore base is only 1/3 of the electorate. He can’t win with just their votes, and that was readily apparent in last year’s midterms. The Trump opposition should instead focus on exposing his depravity to centrist and moderate voters, and the Democrats should definitely focus on motivating their own base to vote. Those two avenues are the pathway to Trump’s exit from the White House.

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      • Just a note here … I didn’t write this post to “convince Trump supporters that they should abandon him.” (I think) I’m smart enough to know that’s not going to happen.

        What I was (perhaps foolishly) hoping for is these people would look at themselves. That’s why I asked the question: What Does This Say About You? I suppose many of them don’t care … and some are even proud to carry the same descriptive titles as Trump. But surely there are some that would prefer not to be seen in that same light. But then again … the ones that show up at the rallies are most likely pretty hard-core and could care less what anyone else thinks of them.

        Nevertheless … the U.S. is part of the global scene and it’s pretty embarrassing to know we are losing all respect due to the inane actions of our leader. The following is a description of the office of POTUS that I almost included:

        In contemporary times, the president is looked upon as one of the world’s most powerful political figures as the leader of the only remaining global superpower. Obviously, this doesn’t describe the current president.

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  2. November 2016 I posted “Dear Trump Voter” and all I got was crickets. I’m not sure they really care about what we think or why. This is a problem because I’m relatively sure they think. It’s chilling to live in such a climate where a men like Bush and Trump can engender such loyalty and willingness to participate in a culture seemingly devoid of empathy or concern for our shared interests, health and welfare.

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  3. Not defending his actions, but my husband is a good, intelligent, thoughtful man. and yet he admires this bag o’ crap, firmly. He is also an atheist. We don’t discuss any of this, I think it could get ugly very fast.

    However. When Trump became President suddenly the Klan (who loves him), the racists, the bigots, the gun wavers, the skin heads, all started coming out of the woodwork. It’s terrifying to see.

    We have maintained a fragile and sometimes trembling peace with ourselves for 60 years, treading lightly where people of color, people of different faiths and sexual persuasions are concerned, and now this person has overturned all of that. He has pep rallies weekly that remind me of Hitler and his rallies in the 30s. He is a travesty.

    I remember seeing Senator Joseph McCarthy on TV when I was a child, and his ranting reminds me strongly of Trump’s speeches. There is no coherence, no structure, no sense to most of them, and then the next day he turns around and says he never said that.

    Im a registered Republican, have been for 55 years. I rarely vote straight ticket on anything, and so far I’ve voted Democratic in almost all the major elections. I was thinking of switching my affliliation during the midterms, but then decided I would rather be seen as a republican who votes democratic. A little silly gesture, perhaps, but it pleases me in some strange way.

    ::leaves the podium, picks up her soap box, and staggers off the stage::

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    • I too have been a registered Republican and never voted a straight tick but that all changed with Ronald Regan. From that moment on it’s been a fight for the rights of working people and I believe that includes most of the population. I’m now a proponent of a government for the people.

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      • If in your heart (and not because someone told you to feel that way) you believe that abortion is wrong, that’s not evil, no more than eating meat is, except in the eyes of a dedicated non-meat eater. Abortion is a personal choice, and no one has any business condemning either side.

        It also depends on the reasons, too. A woman who is clearly going to give birth to a badly damaged fetus and wishes not to put herself or her family–or the child–through that kind of struggle, I say, your choice is your choice, and no shame or blame. What would be wrong in that instance is forcing a woman with healthy children to give birth to a child that will possibly die very soon, or spend the next 15 or 20 years in a near vegetative state.
        Where I draw the line is when a birth could be ‘inconvenient” to a career, or a lifestyle, or just because a woman feels she doesn’t want a child. Introduce her to birth control.

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        • Puleeeeze!! NO abortion discussion. I’ve posted before on the topic and may again in the future but it is not the subject of this post.



  4. I think that no amount of talking will convince Trump’s remaining base that he is destroying this nation. As Robert said, it shouldn’t matter, for they are only 1/3 of the eligible voters in the nation. However, voter apathy and voter disenfranchisement play a huge roll, and it is those, I think, that we must make our priority in the coming 19 months. If every eligible voter votes, Trump won’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell next year. Good post, Nan … I just wish more of Trump’s supporters saw our work and listened with an open mind, but they don’t.

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    • And they won’t! They would cut off their noses to spite their faces, to revive an old saying. All they really care about id having power, even when they don’t. The Trumpmeister has them believing they do, and that is good enough for them.

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      • True, and in addition, he panders to their fears … fears that in large part he created in their minds. And then there’s the religious element … I will be re-blogging one of Gronda’s posts about this later today that was, I think, the most disturbing thing I have read in a long time.

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  5. Two facts that disturb me:
    (1) a third of eligible voters support him. That’s actually a huge block, and in first past the vote systems (or electoral college systems) that will often be enough to gain a simple majority.
    (2) a third of eligible voters support him. It’s almost unthinkable that so many people see any value in what Trump stands for. It seems that many of his supporters know he’s a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, and misogynist, and yet are still willing to support him. Why?

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      • I think there’s a lot of truth in that thought — especially when you have someone like Trump telling them every chance he gets how BAD the ‘other side’ is. The power of repetition is VERY strong.

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        • I think all that discontent with the democrats was already there and Trump saw it snd tappes into it. And the same party has not held the White House for more than two terms since Truman won in 1948 with the exception of Bush in 1988.


    • Barry, your question in #2 is exactly why I wrote this post. I can’t help but wonder how some of them live with themselves. But then again, it’s been proven time and time again that there are some pretty “ugly” people in this world.

      It’s just unfortunate we got stuck with one of the worst as our nation’s leader …

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  6. History will remember Trump as the opportunist who recognized civilization on the verge of collapse is open to manipulation of fear and denial. Trump is ignorant, not stupid. His followers aren’t inclined to know the difference.

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  7. So the question becomes — what are you [Trump supporter] willing to do to bring our nation together?

    I am not a tRump supporter (not even close!) so I can’t even put my brain into their mentality or ANY of their values for or principles in life. I’m sure I never could — it is too alien for me, in some/many ways not even realistic.

    I have some close extended family — which is huge; Mom was one of 13 siblings — that I am 98.9% sure are tRump supporters and here is the commonality between all of them:

    1) rural living in small or tiny towns outside of Austin, TX, i.e. white Conservative kuntry folk.

    2) religious, mostly dedicated Baptists, Pentecostals, or Church of Christ, and

    3) the oldest generation (aunts & uncles) did not obtain high school diplomas — many of them did not even finish 9th grade. My generation of them (cousins, 2nd cousins, etc) only have high school diplomas from these small or tiny kuntry towns. Several of them live on properties of 5-30 acres or more, all of them having rural livestock occupations, or blue-collar occupations of small contracting businesses. Another thing to note on my very rural family members…

    All of them, during family reunions or funerals or gatherings for large events with a large crowd are NOT very socially inclined with a diverse demographic of people/strangers — they will ALWAYS with no question stick to “their kind” and not venture out to mingle with strangers. This speaks volumes about their world, their tiny bubble of a world to be precise.

    Therefore, this part of my family truly do not understand (have no clue?) about sophisticated, conniving, propaganda-saturated federal or state politics. Civic duties based upon taught(?) and learned(?) history, sciences, and U.S. and state government and how, at all levels, it is suppose to operate… gives them deer-in-headlight eyes and makes them yawn. For them, life-priorities are immediate family (maybe), job/income and avoiding all taxes, and church/God and what the preacher tells them about life, politics, and this Devil’s world.

    Those are tRump’s supporters — at least in my familial parts of Texas — and the typical average Republican loyalist that I know. 😒😖

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    • Do you agree the the general opinion of the other regularcommenters on this blog that they are horrible people who should be hated? Nan seems to agree.


      • Wait! Wait! Wait! I NEVER said they were “horrible people!!” I do think many of them are bigoted. And I agree with the Professor that some seem to live in their own little worlds and either don’t care or don’t understand the world of politics. But NEVER would I say they should be hated!! And I don’t get the impression that other commenters think this either.

        Good grief!

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        • Exact words used by John Zandt above. Serveral people agreed with him. Spot on said Robert.
          You commented and did not push back or disagree.

          Silence means consent.

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        • No, silence does not mean consent. Sometimes silence means I don’t agree but don’t wish to start an argument/discussion on the matter.

          You are correct in that I overlooked John’s comment. Nevertheless, expressing opinions is pretty much the nature of most blogs. That’s what the “comment” section is for. BTW, if you don’t like what someone says, why not address that person directly instead of making off-handed remarks?

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      • Hi OG. If I may, I’d like to address your question and Nan’s replies to it down at the end of this thread. Let me consider it a bit then draft it please. At that time I’ll submit it. 🙂

        Also, as I often do (Nan will certainly vouch for this 😆) it won’t be a simple 10-20 word response. Hahahaha! But given the topic, the way it polarizes people, even turns them into ruthless animals, I think it a VERY serious yet excellent question. And I do not take it lightly. Hence, it deserves careful, well-rounded, thoughtful consideration and composition. Thanks for your patience with this OG. 🙂

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      • Do you agree the the general opinion of the other regular commenters on this blog that they are horrible people who should be hated?


        I hope you’ll understand that my answer to your fair and excellent question directed to me — not necessarily its implications about other commentors here — might not be a simple yes or no answer. This is why it won’t: With a background in Psych/A&D inpatient and outpatient rehab, counseling, assessing, aftercare, etc, I do have an in-depth understanding of patterns in human behavior and interaction. This graciously affords me a decent-to-good amount of patience with a very WIDE RANGE of diverse personalities, family backgrounds, socioeconomic factors, education-levels, life-experiences, and several others too, and all those contributing variables and their effects upon individuals, families, or small groups.

        When I consider all those influences, “hate” is NOT a word or behavior I would employ toward tRump supporters EVEN THOUGH I am human and I (just like other humans) can be pushed and pushed to respond with anger, rage, and regrettable predatory animal behaviors or Fight-or-Flight behaviors. In my five decades of life-experience, the animal behavior 9-times out of 10 has always been very regrettable or disastrous for me. Fortunately today, it is quite difficult to push me to a wolverine or badger-like defensive or aggressive behavior or words. But I do have a line/limit. That’s likely in my DNA just like everyone else’s.

        So for me, NO… they do not need or require to be “hated.” However, when I encounter tRump supporters and they wish to engage me in some civil dialogue/debate, I am usually able to point out several reasons, flaws, discrepancies, and causes — based upon my above Psych & Social profile data if they divulge it, and divulge honestly — for them to seriously reconsider. The big disadvantage to this process is that it is time-intensive, an old school method of human interaction that demands truly getting to know the person over a period of time and circumstances. Sadly, this is the reality of a hyper-tech, hyper-speed, hyper-consumer rather than patient evaluator society in America. We have become quite disconnected from each other in our communities and cities day-to-day, with face-to-face quality interactions of AT LEAST 30-mins! These are the consequences of a high-tech reliant and consumer-driven, workaholic artificially or virtually connected society. And there are no signs of this slowing down, much less reversing.

        Regarding most of Nan’s commentors here and Nan included, I know most of them fairly well. Some I even privately email every so often. Nan’s replies to you do align with her history since I’ve known her. They are not sociopaths. 😉 😛 Well, maybe 1 or 2 are. HAH!!! Totally kidding. But things can get heated on occasion depending on the contenders. I can’t “hate” my extended family members, but I have no reservations in tense or electrified dialogues/debates with them either. The same goes for any stranger out there including tRump supporters. My typical approach to people “different” than me is to get to know them and their backgrounds first or early.

        Nevertheless, I do realize that just like drivers on congested roads and highways (angry rude drivers) and internet social-media users/commentors… they often act different or completely different on the roads in their cars (detached from human organic contact) or on the internet and social-media than they do in person face-to-face. Hence, typically more volatile or hostile in or on “virtual” platforms.

        Hope that answers your question OG while also explaining my considered answers. 🙂


  8. While this does not mean all citizens agree with this individual’s actions or decisions, there is overall respect for the office.

    The problem is that Trump himself has no respect for the office.

    I don’t think anything will turn hard-core Trumpanzees against Trump except repeated, unmistakable damage to their own interests — loss of their health care, loss of their jobs in a way that’s clearly due to his tariffs, that sort of thing. harm or disrespect to people who aren’t them isn’t going to impress them.

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  9. My question is this: How long will you allow Mr. Trump to live rent-free within your head?

    Life becomes infinitely more wonderful once you remove the negative influences peddled by social media and chase after more fulfilling pursuits.

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    • Ahhh, thank you EWM! You just proved my point. Trump supporters DO read posts that I direct to them.

      However, word to the wise. While I’m letting this comment go through because it’s rather “clever,” as a general rule, I do not tolerate smart-ass remarks — on either side of the fence.

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  10. I suppose this could be construed as spam, but it is completely on topic. There is no desire for money, just a burden for our nation. This is my first post like this, so I’ll watch to see if this is offensive or not and adjust accordingly: http://2020Vision2020Election.org .. a free book (not sold anywhere) is available for viewing that is right up the ally of most people’s beliefs about the wannabe dictator.


    • I took a look at your site and since you seem to be in step with my personal perspectives on the current administration, I’m approving your comment. Please stop back by and let us know your progress.

      P.S. Using at least a first name would be beneficial to your cause. Even a pseudonym would work.

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      • Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it. Since I’m “stepping” out potentially into VERY deep waters.. I’m very slow on my name.. but I’m getting a lot closer. I know pseudonym is a potential, but don’t want to mislead at all. I thought transparency about why I’m not ready may prove out stronger in the long run. But like everything, this is more of an art, not a science. Thank you.


    • Hello Thaddeus! Thank you for stopping by and offering your thoughts … which I think many (most?) of my readers will agree with!


  11. Trump really wasn’t elected to unify the nation or even to make it great. He was put in power to hurt people. Trump supporters know very well how awful he is. That’s what they wanted from him all along.


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