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Ends and Beginnings

Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United States

I am the same height today that I was when I was 13 years old or at least I used to be. I like to say that I “peaked” in middle school. I was the tallest of all of my friends at six feet. My athletic skills in football, basketball and track were unstoppable. I wore a peach-fuzz mustache, and had thick, black hair down to my shoulders. I was a middle school stud. And girls, well let me tell you, they saw right through me. I might have been tall, dark and handsome but I was still just a 13-year-old with pimples on my face that picked his nose, scratched his ass and acted like I was 10 most of the time.

But when I went to the doctor last month and got on the scales (I am going to skip that part of the discussion) and had my…

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Time for Some Fun!

As we all know, tRumpsky puts his name on all his edifices. So IF he finally gets “his wall,” there’s little doubt he’ll want a plaque (engraved in gold, no doubt) placed in a highly visible location that will, obviously, be called the:


Now let’s get crazy and come up with some phrases he could use for a sub-title. For example:

  • A monument to honor a Really Smart Person
  • Honoring a Great Moral Leader
  • Dedicated to a man with Great Instincts

The floor is open. Share your ideas!

Border Security is More Than a Wall

There’s been soooo much “crap” surrounding “tRumpskey’s Wall” that I hesitated writing a post on the subject. However, after reading an article in the local paper, I wanted to bring attention to the REAL needs related to border security. The article lead pretty much says it all:

Border authorities are struggling with outdated facilities ill-equipped to handle the growing increase in family migrants, resulting in immigrants being released onto the streets every day. The immigration court system is so clogged that some wait years for their cases to be resolved, and lacks funding to pay for basic things like in-person translators. An increase in sick children arriving at the border is putting a strain on medical resources.

But the Washington debate has focused almost exclusively on the $5 billion in wall spending that President Donald Trump wants.

The article also points out that … contracting, designing and building new wall systems complete with updated technology could take years (and, I would add, mucho dinero).

Details, schmetails! So long as tRumpsky’s name goes down in the presidential history books that he built a Magnificent Wall on the Mexico border … well, that’s what REALLY matters, right?

Further, the article points out: The debate overlooks major bottlenecks in the immigration system as more families and children traveling alone turn themselves in to authorities to seek asylum, instead of trying to elude capture as almost everyone did just a few years ago.

Read that first part again. “Families and children traveling alone” — not those nasty, dangerous immigrants that tRumpsky claims are bringing in drugs and contraband to corrupt U.S. citizens. Rather, the agency is “overwhelmed” in dealing with all the children and families coming across the border.

Officials say they are stopping about 2,000 people a day and it’s having a tremendous impact on the immigration system.

But a WALL we must have! Because, well, we must keep our promises, right? No matter the cost — financial or humanitarian. (Need I add that intelligent people know a wall is NOT going to stop immigration.)

At this writing, tRumpsky is still yammering about declaring a “National Emergency” to get the funds he wants. It’s amazing what spoiled children will do to get their way.

And I just came across this in another article …

In his battle with Congress over border wall funding, President Trump has leaned heavily on Twitter to rally support among his followers.

So far, the strategy seems to be working. That doesn’t bode well for a quick resolution to the standoff.

(Check out the graph that illustrates reactions to his border tweets.)

Note: Added emphasis in article excerpts is mine.

The Wall and The Terrorists

You’ve heard of the “10 Terrorists” that have entered the U.S. via the Mexican border, right? (How could you not? tRumpsky has told us about them numerous times!)

Well, come to find out, this declaration is not entirely accurate. (Surprise-Surprise!)

As with everything that enters the brain of tRumpsky and then exits through his mouth, there’s more –much more– to the story.

Trump’s 10 ‘Terrorists’: The evolution of a statistic

Although most of us will agree our current POTUS is handicapped when it comes to telling the truth, it’s still somewhat amazing to discover just how much he twists and bends the facts.

Sidenote: One of the things this reporter points out is while tRrumpsky is not planning to put up a wall at the Canadian border, it is actually the … “home to “Canada-based violent extremists inspired by terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaida and their affiliates and adherents.” 

(Need I point out the reasons why Mexico is the primary focus?)

P.S. Something I found especially intriguing in this article is the role VP Pence has played in tRumpsky’s “wall” comments.