An Inside Look

A description of the individual who is currently leading the U.S. by someone who once served as his butler:

The stories you hear are true. He is a bigot big time, if he knew I was gay he would have fired me. He was terrified of getting aids from gay people and he had only a few people he would let handle his food. He was a total racist. He doesn’t see colored people as real humans.

He is all about his needs, wants and pleasures. He is very much a spoiled child who never got told no. No one was allowed to tell him he was wrong. No matter what he said, he was always correct. He is a narcissist egomaniac. He is dumb.

What is most disturbing about this description is the number of people who can’t (or refuse to) see him for what he is.  Instead, they cheer him on at his rallies as he denigrates and belittles immigrants, women, blacks, the handicapped, the press, and especially anyone who has disagreed with him.

I can’t help but ask … is this truly the type of person we want leading the United States?

The next presidential election is still a couple of years away. BUT … we can elect people in November who will stand up to Trump’s bigotry and hopefully, we’ll be able to regain some dignity and respect in the eyes of the world.


Does Melania Care?

As most U.S. readers know, there has been major hullabaloo related to the jacket Melania wore as she boarded the plane on her way to visit one of the immigration centers. Most people are totally “up-in-arms” and severely condemn her for the jacket message.

If you are one of these people, I’d like to present an alternate theory. Most of you will discard it immediately; however, I’m requesting you take at least a few moments to give it some thought.

I contend that Melania may very well have been sending a message to her husband with that jacket. Think about it. He’s the one who seems to have absolutely NO concern for what he’s doing to these families.

She, on the other hand, expressed her personal feelings in a recent CNN interview by saying she “hates to see children separated from their families.”

Further, CNN reported the following:

Just before President Trump told reporters he would reverse course and seek to keep the families together in detention, a White House official said that “from the start Mrs. Trump has been encouraging the president to do all he can to keep families together.”

PLUS … she made a personal (without introductory fanfare) trip to the affected area. True, she didn’t really see the “down and dirty” part of the situation, but considering her status, that’s not surprising. Plus, the point is … she made the trip, which is more than tRumpsky has done.

So, my question is … could she not have been mimicking HIM through the jacket message? Could she not have been saying “YES! I really do care! Which is why I’m making this trip.”

Let’s take it a step further. There is little doubt in my mind that she is extremely unhappy with her husband about the Stormy Daniels (and others) situation. Since it isn’t something she would ever discuss in public (unless she planned to divorce him … highly unlikely), could this not be a way for her to “get back at him” publicly?

Considering she was severely condemned for her actions, there’s no doubt it was an extremely poor decision on her part to use the jacket for the purposes I’ve suggested. Nevertheless, is it not worth considering?

Further, to me, the fact that she made the trip at all just doesn’t coalesce with the jacket message.

Humdinger Indeed!

You simply MUST visit this link (if you haven’t already).

Background: tRumpsky held a “humdinger” of a press conference at the G7 meeting (before he hurried off to his BIGLY meeting with Kim Jong-un). A reporter went through the official White House transcript and pulled out some of the more memorable lines.

We are soooo fortunate to have such a well-spoken leader representing the U.S.

Don’t Mess With Me! I’m the King!

This article confirms what I’ve been saying all along. Trump is running things as a CEO (Chief Executive Officer), not as a President. And certainly not as the PRESIDENT of the (entire) UNITED STATES!

Trump Goes It Alone

FYI –The CEO is the highest ranking executive (in a company) whose responsibilities include high-level strategy, major corporate decisions, and overall operations. (In some organizations, the CEO is called the “president.”)

The CEO is largely responsible for the success or failure of an organization, and because of the inherent pressure involved with the position, it takes a very strong person to do the job well (which Trump is … just ask him).

The bulk of a CEO’s daily interaction often occurs with only a handful of people — who are expected to give honest and open feedback. However, as many individuals are reluctant to counter a CEO’s actions/decisions, this is often not the case. (Sound familiar?)