Humdinger Indeed!

You simply MUST visit this link (if you haven’t already).

Background: tRumpsky held a “humdinger” of a press conference at the G7 meeting (before he hurried off to his BIGLY meeting with Kim Jong-un). A reporter went through the official White House transcript and pulled out some of the more memorable lines.

We are soooo fortunate to have such a well-spoken leader representing the U.S.


Don’t Mess With Me! I’m the King!

This article confirms what I’ve been saying all along. Trump is running things as a CEO (Chief Executive Officer), not as a President. And certainly not as the PRESIDENT of the (entire) UNITED STATES!

Trump Goes It Alone

FYI –The CEO is the highest ranking executive (in a company) whose responsibilities include high-level strategy, major corporate decisions, and overall operations. (In some organizations, the CEO is called the “president.”)

The CEO is largely responsible for the success or failure of an organization, and because of the inherent pressure involved with the position, it takes a very strong person to do the job well (which Trump is … just ask him).

The bulk of a CEO’s daily interaction often occurs with only a handful of people — who are expected to give honest and open feedback. However, as many individuals are reluctant to counter a CEO’s actions/decisions, this is often not the case. (Sound familiar?)

How Secure Is Our National Security?

Following is a comment I made that was prompted by a post related to tRumpsky’s selection of John Bolton as his new National Security Adviser.

I can’t help but wonder … are the “deplorables” so enthralled with their elected leader that they truly think he can do no wrong? Do they actually believe bringing on the war-monger Bolton is a “good thing”? And that we’ll just go in and “whup” No. Korea’s ass if Kimmy-baby tries to give us any more BS? And while we’re at it, we’ll just show Russia and Iran who’s boss as well?

If they truly support this perspective, have any of them considered that American just might not come out unscathed? Or are they so enthralled with the idea of MAGA that they’ve lost sight of everything else?

These are not rhetorical questions. I seriously question the mindset of those who are so enamored with the current POTUS (and Faux News) that they sincerely believe America is going to be the “winner” if we take a militaristic view towards other countries.

P.S. Even though tRumpsky leans towards a more pacifist view regarding Russia, Bolton has long been a Russia Hawk. It will be interesting (for lack of a better word) to see how things play out once the two of them sit down and discuss the situation face-to-face.