Getting Through the Hard Times

Many people are looking for something, needing value or meaning to get them through the hard times.

One of my blogging friends made this statement in a recent post and as I read it, I thought about the truth behind the words. All of us need “something” to get us through the hard times.

For many (as the writer pointed out in his post), religion answers this need. In fact, turning to “God” for support (a fruitless effort, IMO) is pretty much a “given” for countless individuals.

But then I wondered … what about those who do NOT “believe?”

Getting through difficult times isn’t easy for anyone. Nearly all of us need something or someone to “hang onto” — especially when it’s a catastrophic or life-changing event. Certainly, friends and families help, but oftentimes, they simply aren’t enough. Or, as is sometimes the case, they are part of the ones that believe “God” is the answer and you get bombarded with a plethora of scripture and/or prayers.

What then?

Please understand I’m not talking about the usual “minor tragedies” that happen in each of our lives. Certainly these events can throw us for a loop, but most of us find our way through without too many cuts and bruises. No, I’m asking about the major events … death of a loved one (breadwinner, child, parent, etc.), major catastrophe (think: Paradise, CA) that wipes out your home and belongings, a life-changing injury that takes away your ability to support yourself and/or your family, etc., etc.

As a non-believer/atheist, how would you get through times like these? You know that “thoughts and prayers” are useless, so what are the actual steps you would take when facing a serious tragedy? Where would you find the strength to move forward?

Since your response could one day help another non-believer, I hope you’ll give some serious thought to your answer. ❤