How Secure Is Our National Security?

Following is a comment I made that was prompted by a post related to tRumpsky’s selection of John Bolton as his new National Security Adviser.

I can’t help but wonder … are the “deplorables” so enthralled with their elected leader that they truly think he can do no wrong? Do they actually believe bringing on the war-monger Bolton is a “good thing”? And that we’ll just go in and “whup” No. Korea’s ass if Kimmy-baby tries to give us any more BS? And while we’re at it, we’ll just show Russia and Iran who’s boss as well?

If they truly support this perspective, have any of them considered that American just might not come out unscathed? Or are they so enthralled with the idea of MAGA that they’ve lost sight of everything else?

These are not rhetorical questions. I seriously question the mindset of those who are so enamored with the current POTUS (and Faux News) that they sincerely believe America is going to be the “winner” if we take a militaristic view towards other countries.

P.S. Even though tRumpsky leans towards a more pacifist view regarding Russia, Bolton has long been a Russia Hawk. It will be interesting (for lack of a better word) to see how things play out once the two of them sit down and discuss the situation face-to-face.


30 thoughts on “How Secure Is Our National Security?

  1. Robert also has a post up about this same topic, Nan. As I’ve expressed there, the word ‘war’ has been mentioned in every article I’ve read about Bolton. This is not a sane (or safe!) move.

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  2. Their attitude reflects two-dimensional thinking. It’s simply an us-versus-them mentality. No thought of the consequences of aggression and war are contemplated beforehand. It is an incredibly dangerous attitude empowered by tremendous military might. I cannot stress the danger here too strongly.

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    • @ Tildeb. Plus all the other countries which will pick sides, provide support or with hold it. Other countries will be trying to do what is best for themselves, so yes we very well may have more than one problem country if we do a war thing. Hugs

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          • I remember what it was like as a young man in the Army when the Chernobyl accident in 1986 happened. I was in the direct plume path, yet I couldn’t take the iodine due to allergies. I seen the huge amount of food and soil in Germany and other countries that had to be dumped and processed. It was a disaster in food as plants and animals took in the radiation. Funny I had put those memories aside until now. Hugs

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  3. Ok Nan. Think I am caught up again. That is a serious read. If even a limited amount of nukes can do that kind of damage, use of any nuke by any one should be unthinkable. I don’t care how much someone insults or belittles a country / leader , killing the planet / human race as a retort is not a viable option in my view.
    I was going to mention on Breitbart the young deplorables are going nuts about tRump’s tweet on the budget. Even Ann Coulter is against him and saying he will be impeached. They don’t like he mentioned DACA but did not get his wall funding. Hugs

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    • This is what is particularly scary: Robock says most people, including high-ranking defense officials, are unaware that a nuclear war occurring halfway around the world from the U.S. could seriously harm the homeland, by altering the climate.

      And if the “high-ranking defense officials” are unaware, where does that put tRumpsky?

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  4. …###Robock says most people, including high-ranking defense officials, are unaware that a nuclear war occurring halfway around the world from the U.S. could seriously harm the homeland, by altering the climate…###

    In an explanation of oxymorons, I read “military intelligence” as the title of a book with empty pages. Evidently, it was eant as a joke. Thus, with due respect to Mr Robock, I think there is a word missing in his statement:
    —some— high-ranking defense oficials are unaware of…..

    I am convinced that the great majority at the military top (of ANY armed force) is fully aware of the high cards that the president is throwing on the table, but that they – not surprisingly – lack solidarity, so no one is willing to risk his own career…

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    • I think you may be correct. I knew many honest smart military people. However we are / were trained from boot camp / basic to follow orders and then think second. Yes after the My Lai the rules were changed to include “lawful orders”. But who in the moment at that time has the ability to process and decided if the order is lawful or not. Only the higher officers can do that. If they fail us the entire military is lost. If they fail us the country is lost. The president doesn’t unleash the military, the highest elite of the officers do. I hope they are thinking hard these day. Hugs

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    • Yes, the US military is fully aware of climate change as far as security responses to it goes (the inevitable Totten Glacier loss equals 1 meter in sea level rise, which is a major concern behind the multi-billion dollar project undertaken by the US Navy of raising the dock levels in Norfolk and San Diego), but I suspect few are aware of the scope and long lasting climate change impact of nuclear weapons raising dust levels into the stratosphere.

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    • Right! Let the planet go to hell, but oh my! Don’t risk your career by pointing out the REAL dangers.

      Always, always, always … money and pride take precedence (even if there may not be a world to enjoy either).

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  5. …they sincerely believe America is going to be the “winner” if we take a militaristic view towards other countries.

    You mean sort of like we’ve “won” in Korea, Laotian Civil War, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and all other wars or conflicts since WW2? 🤔😨

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    • People of the USA are woefully ignorant of their own military history. I remember as a kid I spent a summer in Canada with relatives of my adoptive parents. Those relatives delighted in telling me about how many times the new USA had lost to the British / Canadians. The took me to parks where memorials of battles had happened I didn’t know of that we lost. The told me about The Battle of the Plains of Abraham and then showed me the places. They really wanted it to stick with me. It was the first I learned of the british burning down the white house. I think history has lessons we all need to learn, or we are really in for a harder lesson. Hugs

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      • Something lighthearted for you, Scotty … or gallows humor, as it were 👀

        I remember learning about Queenston Heights in school, but I was born a moose-hop south of the St Lawrence and we had an awesome teacher.. half Canadian 😋

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        • It’s the ‘we’ part that is so interesting when it comes to the ‘we’ that kicked American ass: British soldiers, les Canadiens, and the Iroquois along with other allied First nations, but significantly many ex-pat Americans we call ‘Loyalists’. I often think without the common enemy and competitor – the damned Yankees who actually believed in manifest destiny – Canada would never have come into being or long survived its internal differences.

          The First Nations troops were without doubt the best fighters and very well trained and equipped for the terrain and quite wily tacticians… having fought each other for a millennia. The defeat of the American who held Fort Erie near Niagara Falls was particularly entertaining: the same group of warriors and regular British troops cleverly marched between a small set of hills they knew could be seen from the fort – and be counted – while continuing to have the troops past the space circle back to the end of the column presenting the image of a much larger force arriving to set siege. They then demanded the surrender of the fort, which was willingly given because these forts were always undergoing a change of ownership through diplomatic negotiations… but its commander was embarrassed to find that they had surrendered to a force the American garrison and relief force vastly outnumbered.

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    • Portraying a posture of or even being an arrogant bully (as a nation via leadership) and pompous ass on the international stage is one of the quickest ways to get your ass WHOOPED, crippled, or destroyed beyond reasonable repair, especially in an age of nuclear and chemical warfare.

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        • The reality is Scottie that most traditional American allies recognise the Trump is an aberration that will pass and does not represent the values of your country.

          We just hope that he does not do too much damage in the interim.

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  6. Bolton scares me even more than Trump.

    So sad that Trump is forcing out the few sane voices in his administration, Cohn, McMaster and Tillerson all gone. Just Kelly and Mattis left.

    We thought we caught a break when Flynn and Bannon left but sadly it looks like the the crazies are in the ascendant.

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  7. All I can say is this, if anyone has been seriously considering attacking the continental US, now is the time to strike.

    We have no leadership. It’a actually worse than that, we have a fucking MORON in the WH!

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