Lining His Pockets With MORE Gold

I have nothing to add …

Trump and Company Are Stealing America Blind



12 thoughts on “Lining His Pockets With MORE Gold

  1. Would this be the right time to say:

    “Voting Americans… drop your pants and all undergarments, bend over, grab your ankles, and prepare for a royal awakening with NO LUBRICATION!!!! Dumb-asses.”

    Nan, is it fair for us to say “Told you so.” 😖

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    • 😢 Like we hear night after night, week after week from all late night comedian shows, both cable and major networks… “What can POSSIBLY happen that tops yesterday/last week?” This pile of manure just gets bigger and bigger. Pretty soon we will receive lunar and interstellar complaints of North America’s stinch. Pfffftt. Yeah, sure. Why not that too.

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  2. For Trump being president, we can thank religious nuts who are absolutely obsessed with gay rights and abortion.
    And we can thank the already rich who will never feel they have enough money and power.
    We can thank ignorant racist white people.
    We can thank stupid people who think Trump is gonna bring back coal (yeah right).
    We can thank stupid people who believe he cares for the average man and has the good of America in his itty bitty heart.
    We can thank stupid people who want education privatized so their little ones can be further indoctrinated in religiously backed schools.
    We can thank religious nuts again for degrading science and the environment while other more progressive countries zoom ahead of us.
    We can thank gun nuts for caring more about their thrill of owning all these guns than the lives of innocent people.
    We can thank the stupid people that have no appreciation for nature and the planet we live on.

    His supporters represent a sickness even beyond religion, although religion is tied to much of it in some way. All this paves the way for the corruption and deteriorating of our country. We are such a small group here and I do know some like minded people in my personal life, but I’m feeling very discouraged today. And his approval rate has gone up. Maybe we truly are in some sort of crazy simulation.

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    • At times I almost wish it were a simulation. Like … this CAN’T be real!

      I just wish every “supporter” would read the list included in this article. It’s not “attacking” him … it’s just pointing out facts and figures that can easily be verified.

      But of course, they’re not interested. They much prefer listening to his gushing rhetoric because it’s music to their ears. Everything else is “Fake News.”

      STOP! Please stop! I want to get off this merry-go-round!

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    • Oh my crap! It’s difficult to read this article without barfing.

      This — They liked Trump because he said he liked them, told them they were persecuted, and vowed to stand up for them. — pretty much sums things up. And the thing is … they still believe it/him in spite of the things he’s done. Probably because Faux News has told them “it’s all good.”

      Thanks for sharing. I think.


    • Because to do so would be to admit that they were wrong, that God wasn’t behind Trump’s election, and that their Holy Spirit radar might be on the fritz. That it was, after all, about something as temporal and banal as hating his Democratic rival.

      Some people would rather go down in flames along with everything and everyone else than admit “Whoops, might have been wrong about that!”

      It’s not a trait that is exclusive to religious people, but it does seem rather more pronounced in them. 😖 And the rest of us get to foot the bill.

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