Reblog: Welcome to the USA

I just recently came across this blog through the WP Reader. I’ve enjoyed several of his posts as he’s quite a writer. I’m sharing this particular post because it so clearly points out the wiles and deception of the infamous NRA.

Richmond Road

I arrived on the western shores of California this morning for a very brief visit. Upon checking into the hotel I was handed the letter above, in a sealed, and personally addressed envelope. I was not travelling alone. But no one else was handed one. I am special.

And I am thrilled.

Not only am I being offered membership to this honourable sporting organisation (a five-year membership for only $100 – normally $140!!!!) but the opening line confirms that my citizenship (for which I had not yet got around to applying) has come through and I can now join FIVE MILLION NRA MEMBERS in the fight against ‘hundreds of gun-hating politicians, judges, radical billionaires and freedom-hating media elites. We have them outnumbered!

But wait …… there’s more! If I join today I get not only the gun bag (accessories, i.e. guns not included) but Your choice of an NRA magazine

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3 thoughts on “Reblog: Welcome to the USA

  1. Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a little known gun club came into being – the National Rifle Association. Its purpose was to improve marksmanship after military research had discovered that Civil War soldiers had trouble hitting the broad side of a barn much less enemy soldiers at range. For the next century or so, the NRA performed this function routinely in addition to facilitating the sporting activities associated with gun ownership, and it became quite popular. It even supported common sense gun control laws on many occasions.

    Then, during the expansion of conservative activism in the 1970s, NRA leaders decided they were too big for their own britches and steered the organization into the seedy world of politics. Its whole demeanor changed rather abruptly, and the NRA became increasing radical in its advocacy citing fictionalized interpretations of the 2nd Amendment as a meme to reflect the anti-government sentiment espoused by far-right libertarians.

    Today, the NRA’s radicalization has reached the point of treasonous insanity. And, if criminal allegations of it accepting money from Russian interests in order to elect Donald Trump are true, then the NRA must be seen as allied with Vladimir Putin in his plan to undermine and ultimately destroy American democracy. See:

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