Living in the World of “The Apprentice”

“You’re Fired!”

And one more bites the dust.

The most recent “apprentice candidate” to be sent packing is Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State. He joins several other “candidates” who didn’t meet the boot-licking requirements of “The Boss.”

While not every person who has left the White House under tRumpsky’s reign has heard the infamous words, “You’re Fired!” several saw the writing on the wall and beat him to the punch. Others left with little fanfare, albeit in many cases under no small amount of pressure from he who sits in the plush leather chair.

Here is a list of the “has-beens”:

  • Sally Yates
  • Michael Flynn
  • Preet Bharara
  • Katie Walsh
  • James Comey
  • Andrew McCabe
  • Christopher Wray
  • Michael Dubke
  • Anthony Scaramucci
  • Hope Hicks
  • Walter Schaub
  • David Apol
  • Sean Spicer
  • Michael Short
  • Derek Harvey
  • Reince Priebus
  • Elaine Duke
  • George Sifakis
  • Steve Bannon

Some of these individuals have been replaced while others have not. But hey … it’s all about “small government,” is it not?

I’m sure many of you join me as I experience such comfort in knowing our government is being run by someone with such excellent judgment. Someone with such a keen sense of discernment that he knows (sometimes within a matter of days) whether a person will sufficiently kiss his ____.

And the show goes on.

P.S. This list is subject to change!

Reblog: I guess we should all learn to speak Russian

The title says it all.

Ends and Beginnings

“…I did not have communications with the Russians.”- Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearings 

I got to be honest, this Trump, Trump associates, Trump cabinet picks, Putin, Russian thing is beginning to make me a little nervous. First there were questions about Trumps one-time campaign chair Paul Manafort. And then Trump’s former campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page. And then Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn. And now we have a Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who the Kremlin awarded the country’s Order of Friendship in 2012. And a Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, who has invested over a billion dollars in the Bank of Cyprus, and served as its vice-chairman. A bank owned by a knownally of Russian President Putin and one that has “reportedly” bailed out our President several times but we won’t and can’t know that because, wait…

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The Real Risk

An except from a recent post on the blog, written by Sean Patrick Hughes:

There have been and always will be inappropriate men who inappropriately seek power. There’s even been a few elected to lead our country. There will always be outside powers looking to interfere in our wellbeing as a nation. There’s even been a few who have. But what has made us great, what has delivered 55 peaceful transfers of power and 2 percent per capita growth for 240 years, is the institutions and mechanisms that respond to them. The great risk of our times, is that perhaps now, they can’t or won’t.

We’re about to inaugurate a man who has held no position of government in his life; a man who can scarcely point to a single aspect of service in seventy years; a man who capitalized on an ugly message of exclusion to mobilize a frustrated base of voters. But he’s not the real risk. It’s the Americans standing next to him and the institutions charged to check him that scare me the most.

We’re no doubt in for a very different experience. And perhaps the only person who could drive the needed change is someone like Donald J. Trump. But I’ll ask the question to his supporters, when am I allowed to be concerned? What does he say and what does he do that alarms you? Because you’ve shrugged off quite a bit already. And when the people who supported a man’s rise to power can’t be counted on to eventually tell him he’s gone too far, we’re left with the institutions to do it. When I think of those institutions today, it gives me grave concern. Who in Trump’s inner circle blows the whistle? Who on his cabinet resigns over principle? What Republican stands for no more in Congress. Who in the press will we believe? Who are today’s Elliot Richardson and Archibald Cox?

Our most serious problem probably isn’t Donald J. Trump. It’s that the answers to those questions feels like the same ones throughout history that failed to check the truly dangerous leaders that hurt so many. And that’s new in America.