Living in the World of “The Apprentice”

“You’re Fired!”

And one more bites the dust.

The most recent “apprentice candidate” to be sent packing is Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State. He joins several other “candidates” who didn’t meet the boot-licking requirements of “The Boss.”

While not every person who has left the White House under tRumpsky’s reign has heard the infamous words, “You’re Fired!” several saw the writing on the wall and beat him to the punch. Others left with little fanfare, albeit in many cases under no small amount of pressure from he who sits in the plush leather chair.

Here is a list of the “has-beens”:

  • Sally Yates
  • Michael Flynn
  • Preet Bharara
  • Katie Walsh
  • James Comey
  • Andrew McCabe
  • Christopher Wray
  • Michael Dubke
  • Anthony Scaramucci
  • Hope Hicks
  • Walter Schaub
  • David Apol
  • Sean Spicer
  • Michael Short
  • Derek Harvey
  • Reince Priebus
  • Elaine Duke
  • George Sifakis
  • Steve Bannon

Some of these individuals have been replaced while others have not. But hey … it’s all about “small government,” is it not?

I’m sure many of you join me as I experience such comfort in knowing our government is being run by someone with such excellent judgment. Someone with such a keen sense of discernment that he knows (sometimes within a matter of days) whether a person will sufficiently kiss his ____.

And the show goes on.

P.S. This list is subject to change!

29 thoughts on “Living in the World of “The Apprentice”

  1. Tillerson got fired by tweet. He was not even given a heads up phone call. The funny thing is he made a statement blaming Russia for the nerve agent attack in the UK, and the next morning he is gone. He called the boss a “fucking moron” and got away with it. But saying a bad thing about Russia and tRump won’t stand for that. Now that the guy who was head of the CIA is moving to head up the state department, the lady they want for the head of the CIA ran one of the torture prisons and helped destroy evidence at the CIA. We really have to take back the government and stop this runaway train wreck that is happening in front of us. While we have a country left to protect. Hugs

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    • @ Jim. Then we would have Mike holier than thou Pence to deal with. He would try to make the USA a theocracy with the fundies slobbering beside him. The best solution is that the Mueller investigation gets both Trump and Pence. Yes that may make Ryan president but Ryan has little support and wont be able to do much. I wish there was a way that once it is determined that the election was significantly interfered with we could either have a new election or the appointment of the real winner , Hillary. Hugs

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      • Scottie, I’m not so sure about that last line of yours. Yes, she might be considered the “real winner” because of the popular vote, but I’m not so sure I want her in the WH either. Obviously thousands of times better than tRumpsky, but ….

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        • Agreed Nan. But I doubt we could have a new election and it wouldn’t be considered legitimate by many. While I disagree with Hillary on policy, she is closer to my positions than Paul Ryan is by far. It simply is the best of a bad situation I think. Hugs

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        • Yes we need someone without a tainted past…fresh blood and intelligence, dignity, honesty and a REAL desire to do what’s best for all the people in our country, not just the select few.

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  2. I can imagine myself having made, but not yet realized, a wrong choice. If the elected president had awarded my loyality with any government post the day he took office – or a month or so thereafter-, I might have accepted it. But an offer to-day??? I think I would feign (recent) heart palpitations, shortness of breath, migraine – if only to avoid being kicked out unexpectedly, and without any consideration to boot, like Tillerson and so many other officials before.

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    • At this point in the game, anyone that accepts an invitation from tRumpsky to fill a cabinet position is either (1) ignorant as hell, (2) totally seduced by fame, or (3) simply brain dead.

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    • Ahh, apologies Nan. I was in a hurry during a very quick lunch break — didn’t read everything, including the full title of the post. My brain-fart. πŸ€ͺ You were already alluding to his TV acting career. Then again, I guess our nation does have some former actors in the White House, huh? LOL What utterly BAFFLES me about the voters who put these actors in the Oval Office is their obsession, fascination with “actors” while completely ignoring the candidate’s CV and track-record!!! 😨

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      • Professor … haven’t you figured it out by now? From the voters’ perspective, it’s all about me-me-me. Make ME happy … put ME back to work … help ME pay my bills … etc., etc. and I’ll ignore everything else that is or might be unpleasant or unsavory about you.

        This is why it’s so damn scary this guy will sail past all the stuff that’s been going on and actually get re-elected in 2020. *shudder*

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        • LOL… I do agree with you Nan, in part. Yes, it is conventional human nature to be most concerned about #1: self. Egocentricity is found in various ways and levels among Homo sapiens. 50,000 – 120,000 years of human evolution demonstrate our crude primate genetics are still deeply embedded, huh? πŸ˜‰

          But here’s my contention with voter ignorance, naivety, or party manipulation, whatever is appropriate. If you are flying on a 14-hr transcontinental flight, wouldn’t you want a piloting crew with many years experience, logged hours of flight, and a 110% reliable aircraft so that your chances of arriving at your destination (in 4-8 years time after a President’s tenor) as safely as possible!? Smart passengers and airlines don’t go get dump-truck drivers to fly Boeing 777’s or Airbus A321’s! Am I right!!!!????

          How can so many voters be THAT STUPID???? 😨πŸ€ͺ

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          • Oh I totally agree with your thinking! I just feel the “average” tRumpsky voter isn’t the least bit concerned with experience or (obviously) intelligence or ability to do the job. They’re much more interested in someone who goes along with their outlook on life (abortion, guns, prayer in schools, white supremacy, etc.) — and the bigly smart guy with the orange face and “fluffy” hairdo fits the bill.

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            • Your right Nan. Sadly you are right. 😦

              With that same rationale I could vote-in Rush Limbaugh or the duo of Al Giordano and Steven Nardizzi (Wounded Warrior Project) into office because HEY…

              They seem/sound like tough guys that won’t take shit from anyone. (clicks safety off of his AR-15 and unloads a full clip into the clouds yelling GOD, GUNS, and GUTS!!!!) πŸ€ͺ

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        • For that to happen, we can thank the ignorant, racist, religious nuts and braindead people out there and I’m afraid there are many. Do you ever people watch and wonder just how many of these people voted for Trump. It’s scary!

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  3. Who would have thought that a farce of a man would become a farce of a president, who would run a farce of a WH?

    On the bright side another House seat may have fallen from R control. The wave is still crashing upon the shore. I hope this wave gets us a House that will have no qualms about an impeachment.

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