A Guessing Game

Many of us hope (and maybe even do a bit of “praying” 😈) that the U.S. will be  led by someone sane, coherent, and mentally capable after the November election.

While not everyone is all that excited about the presumptive Democratic candidate, most are aware this nation simply will not survive another four years under the current regime.

Now, having said this, I’d like to put forth a bit of a guessing game.

Let’s say something happens to Trump before the November elections and he is unable to continue as president either now OR in the future. Based on the constitution, we know that Vice-President Pence will automatically step into the role of POTUS.

It’s more than apparent the Republican party has been counting on Trump continuing to lead the country for at least (!!) another four years. But now that dream has been thwarted. Trump is out. So what’s next?

It’s pretty much a ‘given’ that Pence would immediately throw his hat into the ring in hopes of switching his fill-in role into something more permanent. However, it’s also a given that he wouldn’t be the only one.

So who else do you think would jump into the fray? And among those individuals, who do you think might have the best chance of becoming the Republican nominee?

Now remember, at this writing, there are only five months until the November elections, which means opportunities to campaign would be limited. And based on the logistics involved, it would seem doubtful any debate(s) would be held. There could possibly be some campaign rallies, but again, time is a factor.

So, considering the chances for the potential Republican candidate to promote him/herself are limited, what is your best guess of who might end up competing against Pence?

And to take it a step further, in the final election, how well do you think this individual would fare against the Democratic contender?

P.S. Please! Don’t get too serious about all this! Just play along because, after all, it’s just a guessing game. 😋

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

19 thoughts on “A Guessing Game

    • I think that impeachment vote would come back to haunt him. However, he doesn’t seem to take laying down very well so you could be right that he’d try again. As to his chances of winning? Nahhh.

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  1. Hello Nan. Ah it would be open season in the cult of tRump for the top step. Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and that ilk will sprain ankles trying to get to the microphones first. At the same time the old standard carriers such as David said, Romney and his clown car will try and fail to surge to the front. Pence and his evangelical followers will proclaim that the lord has spoken and now is the time for the theocracy to begin and so anyone that doesn’t stand behind Pe … Oh wait the lords chosen Sec of State Pompeo is is claiming to be the chosen son. He claims that God spoke to him personally , much before he spoke to those others. That is why he never ran for office in Kansas like he was begged to by the Republican big wigs, despite all those saying he would lose. Oh yes, Moscow Mitch would feel compelled to step in and save his money, I mean his country from any social programs to help out the lower incomes from being forced to work in dangerous conditions at slave labor wages, as the wealthy demand.

    Sorry Nan, I can not think of anyone other than Tulsi Gabbard who would be interested. Hugs
    😀😁😃😄😋😋 Hugs

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    • Yeah … I agree he would most likely make a stab at it, but you’re probably correct. He did himself in with the Repuke party with his impeachment vote.


  2. “…this nation simply will not survive another four years under the current regime.” What do you mean by that?

    Trump has promised to “Make America great again.” I think what he means is to lead the US back to the position of sole superpower it achieved when the Soviet Union fell. His actions against the UN and it’s many different branches have been purposefully directed towards that goal. His attacks on the policies of China and Chinese companies have been to that end, though not alone, because they have also been self promotory, but never the less. These actions may indeed give the US a handle from wich to squeeze the rest of the world, but they may also result in the very opposite end results of the US becoming isolated from the global arena and trade. Trump hardly cares, or even understands, what he has set in motion. He is a typical businessman and a typical politician, in that he only sees the short term benefits to himself.

    I for one hope nothing happens to Trump, because so many of the other Republican leaders seem to come from the religious camp, that openly claims, that the end of the world is a good thing. A person who so even hints (like Mr. Pence) should not be allowed nowhere near the doomsday devices US built during the Cold War, nor should they hold power where descisions about counter measures against global warming are decided.

    The problem of the US “surviving” as it once was, the leading engine of economic growth and the size of the US “middle class” as a part of that self feeding machinery are not dependant solely on the choises the US government does. China is a bigger nation (by quite a large margin) and technologically at the same level as the US of today, if not surpassed it on many fields, India comes right behind it and will surpass even China in the number of people very soon. Eurpean Union, even without Britain (and perhaps more so, because conservative Britain in the memory of a lost empire was a burden for the rest of Europe to go forward, now the European Union leadership is only divided between France and Germany as the leaders of south and north blocks) is a bigger economic contender. The position US achieved, was based on economic growth only possible of the massive debt the European colonial powers had made during WWI and WWII. That vast debt made it possible for the US to have all sorts of ideological experiments and exponential growth of military power. Today however, that debt has been spent and the military, though expensive, is mostly totally outdated, because of corporative capitalistic policies, wich have not produced better and more reliable weapon systems, rather very expensive junk depleting the US national funds, so that the US is the only western nation that can not afford universal healthcare. The ideologies and values of individualism and capitalism fancied in the US, that are typical in economies that are in growth spans and have created a terrible gap between the rich and the poor, wich at the very moment manifest in violent demonstrations and even looting. The problem is not going to be solved soon, as the public outrage against injustices are seen as racial issues, when in reality the concept of race is arbitrary racism and the real reason behind the violence is a sensation of powerty by commercialist ideals resulting in desperation.

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  3. rautakyy, I continue to be amazed at how much you know about the U.S., its government, and its manipulators — yet you live hundreds of miles away. In fact, I doubt very much the average U.S. citizen has even a clue about some of the things you address.

    The thought of Pence stepping in (even temporarily) should something happen to Trump is gut-wrenching. Although it’s doubtful he would actually become POTUS in a nationwide election, many were also convinced that Trump would never win. 😱

    In any case, I do appreciate your thoughts. Like I said, you tend to hit the bulls-eye more often than not.

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    • Thanks. Hundreds of miles might not be enough. Both literally and in the global world. Finland where I live is not within hundreds of miles, rather thousands of miles from the USA, but your nation has – for certain geopolitical and historical reasons – much more influence in this world, than the c. 300 million citizens you have would indicate in a democratic world. It is necessary for the rest of us to know what is happening there, because your economy has a direct impact on all the rest of us and your politicians do still hold the doomsday devices, that could be used to end all life on earth – end of story. What ever possessed them to build such weapons and not to demolish them when they had the chance when Soviet Union fell (if it had indeed been the threat and the reason why they were built) is beyond me, even though I have tried to figure it out for decades.

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  4. I believe Romney when he says he wouldn’t make another run for the presidency. He likely wouldn’t win it anyway, but any other Republican name scares me and many others too much. The party needs an overhaul. Hopefully, that will begin in November.


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