I’m So Tired …

  • Tired of Trump and any and all news about him
  • Tired of reading about Marjorie Taylor Greene and her idiotic and perverted beliefs
  • Tired of The Pillow Guy
  • Tired of people defending Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions
  • Tired of WHITE law enforcement killing BLACK people
  • Tired of Antifa getting the blame for QAnon actions/activities
  • Tired of Faux News manipulating the facts to satisfy their audience
  • Tired of disagreements without compromise
  • Tired of people who refuse to wear a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Tired of churches claiming they are exempt from COVID-19 restrictions
  • Tired of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Tired of evangelists ripping off their congregations to satisfy their own biblically forbidden “worldly desires”
  • Tired of the evangelical community forcing their beliefs on others
  • Tired of individuals claiming false Second Amendment rights
  • Tired of closed-minded individuals
  • Tired of ignorance
  • Tired of … etc., etc., etc.

Are you tired also? Here’s your chance to kvetch!

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A Guessing Game

Many of us hope (and maybe even do a bit of “praying” 😈) that the U.S. will be  led by someone sane, coherent, and mentally capable after the November election.

While not everyone is all that excited about the presumptive Democratic candidate, most are aware this nation simply will not survive another four years under the current regime.

Now, having said this, I’d like to put forth a bit of a guessing game.

Let’s say something happens to Trump before the November elections and he is unable to continue as president either now OR in the future. Based on the constitution, we know that Vice-President Pence will automatically step into the role of POTUS.

It’s more than apparent the Republican party has been counting on Trump continuing to lead the country for at least (!!) another four years. But now that dream has been thwarted. Trump is out. So what’s next?

It’s pretty much a ‘given’ that Pence would immediately throw his hat into the ring in hopes of switching his fill-in role into something more permanent. However, it’s also a given that he wouldn’t be the only one.

So who else do you think would jump into the fray? And among those individuals, who do you think might have the best chance of becoming the Republican nominee?

Now remember, at this writing, there are only five months until the November elections, which means opportunities to campaign would be limited. And based on the logistics involved, it would seem doubtful any debate(s) would be held. There could possibly be some campaign rallies, but again, time is a factor.

So, considering the chances for the potential Republican candidate to promote him/herself are limited, what is your best guess of who might end up competing against Pence?

And to take it a step further, in the final election, how well do you think this individual would fare against the Democratic contender?

P.S. Please! Don’t get too serious about all this! Just play along because, after all, it’s just a guessing game. 😋

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Is the Republican Party Doomed?

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One of my blog followers recently left the following comment on this post. I felt it needed a wider audience and have duplicated it here.

Do you agree?

I’ve never seen anything like this in the 35 years I’ve followed politics. Never. However, the writing on the wall’s been here for some time. My theory is that the ultra conservative Republican Party is in its death throes, and is desperately trying to hang on to a belief that America is here only for conservative white males who feel entitled to have “their” country serve just them, the true, real Americans. Obama becoming President is, and was, a clear sign that the country is not made up of just conservative whites. Their anger and rage at Obama for pointing this fact out to them, by being elected, twice, is the fuel that now feeds the beast known as tRump.

The Republican Party consists, as it has for 20 years or more now, of bullies who refuse to follow the constitution unless, of course, it serves their conservative agenda. Republicans who wonder were tRump came from need look no further than the Republican Senate that refuses to even speak to Obama’s SCOTUS nominee. Bully behavior breeds bullies. There’s no surprise tRump is here. The Republicans created him, and now, they can’t control him. Good job fellas. Good job.

And a Child Shall Lead Us?

Watched the Republican Debate last night and could not believe how childish these men, who claim they are POTUS material (!), behaved. tRump (surprise-surprise) was the worst! Out of the entire time, only two or three of his comments made any sense (tRump sense, that is). The majority of the time he was attacking (and interrupting) his fellow candidates.

(Picture this scenario: tRump meets with an important foreign leader. The leader says something tRump disagrees with. He rudely interrupts to tell him how wrong he is (“Excuse me … excuse me”). The dignitary tries to explain his position but tRump will have none of it because HIS perspective is the only right one. Can you say World War III?)

And the bickering between Cruz and Rubio wasn’t much better!

Glenn Beck (whom I cannot stand, but must agree with in this instance) said this about the debate:

Tonight’s debate is the most uncomfortable, angry, hate-filled 2 hours I have ever experienced.”

He went on to say this was “not a presidential debate,” but “a combination of WWE, a cheap game show and the worst of Jerry Springer.”


Yet, for all his theatrics, tRump’s hard-core supporters will never leave him. And that is downright scary!

One of the primary reasons I watch these Repug debates (besides the entertainment factor) is to see which of the candidates I might be able to “live with” should a Repug happen to win the election (Thor forbid!). Of course, the worst scenario would be tRump, but I cringe (and even get a little sick to my stomach) when I consider Cruz (God’s Special Choice). And Rubio or Bush are no better.

Kasich has a more tempered approach in that he urges cooperation, but while his platform has merit, he’s still a Repug. Further, it’s obvious from the polls that he’s not “showy” enough to garner much support. And the doctor? He’s a no-brainer.

All I can say at this point is “Feel the Bern!”