Putin Would Be So Proud

I wasn’t going to write a post on the protests and riots that are and have been going on for the past few days, but Heather Cox Richardson’s very first sentence in her latest newsletter triggered an immediate reaction in me. See if it affects you as well …

Trump began the day with a call to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She goes on to write about Trump’s 55-minute call to the governors in which he tells them they have to “dominate” … to “arrest people” … to “track people” …  and to “put them in jail for 10 years.”

Am I the only one who senses a connection with Trump’s first phone call of the day?

He went on to tell the governors …

You know when other country’s (sic) watch this, they’re watching this, the next day wow, they’re really a push over. And we can’t be a push over. 

Other countries? Or perhaps one particular one?

Also on the call was Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper, who echoed Trump, telling the governors, “We need to dominate the battle space.” (The battle space?)

Later on in her newsletter, Heather added this comment (my emphasis) …

A reminder: we do not yet know who is behind the looting and violence, although a number of videos have shown white instigators. The political affiliation of those rioters is not clear, despite the statements of Trump and Attorney General Barr that they are “radical leftists.”

One of Heather’s final remarks was related to the attacks on journalists during these protests. She points out this is a “key sign of authoritarian regimes.”

And then I saw this from CNBC (which you must read) …

Trump personally thanked himself on Twitter for what he said was the “domination” and “overwhelming force” that kept relative peace on the streets.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

25 thoughts on “Putin Would Be So Proud

    • Yeah … we’re noticing that as well. You’re fortunate you live elsewhere.

      Many of us are hoping things will change in the November elections, but even if they do, I think it’s going to take awhile to erase the damage this president has done.

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    • Nan, Holly, it was good to see conservative pundit George Will call for the defeat of the Republican Party. He said to remedy the damage Trump has done will require his defeat as well as the GOP losing the Senate. This is on the heels of yet a third group called Republican Voters Against Trump. Independents and swayable Republicans need to hear this. Keith

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      • Hi Keith, unfortunately he also said he had discussed his view with a number of his republican “ friends” and they all stuck by Trump because 90 % ( can you believe it?) of Republicans are pro Trump and our Republican congressmen/women are just plain afraid.

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        • Holly, Nan, it is embarrassing to the GOP that percentage is so high. I know a good number left the party, but still for 90% of the remainder not see the painfully obvious corrupt and deceitful behavior is amazing. I also get tickled when Trump touts law and order, which will be the subject of my next post. What will those GOP Senators have to defend tomorrow, next week, the week after….Keith

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  1. I forget which famous American once said something to the effect that if this country is ever defeated, it will not be by outside forces, but from within. We are on the cusp of witnessing a self-fulfilling prophecy in the making.

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    • I wonder when was this said? USA has been defeated several times during it’s history. By the the Somali and the Vietnamese to mention a couple of more recent incidents. Remember those? Or does it not count, if it happens when the US forces were invading? If that is the case, then we have to remember, that the USA has not been invaded many times, since the days of Alamo and Pearl Harbour, so I guess, there is not much to go on in any sort of evaluation of wether the claim holds true or not. Or indeed, if it makes any sense. At least the story about the war in the Pacific could have been very different if the Imperial Japan was not at war in China and against the might of both the British Empire and the Soviet Union.

      Empires have a history of falling not under the pressure from outside, rather from inside. That is how the Soviet Union fell. From pressure inside. That is how Great Britain became the insignificant Brexit island. First parts of the Empire like USA, India and Egypt started to demand indipendence and in the end so did all of the rest of the colonial areas. Britain became a part of the European union, that may still turn into an empire, mind you. The Chinese empire fell as a result of the official class becoming contend, to the idea, that it being the one real empire in the world for thousands of years is a natural state of affairs, that does not need to be attended to. The Ottoman Empire fell, because it’s genrals the pashas, had been reduced into CEOs competing with each other, instead of fighting for a common cause. The Roman Empire fell as a result of infighting between powerfull dukes and once powerfull Roman army being reduced to bodyguard units for the dukes and bishops, who did not want to share power, but to compete over it, even though after it had collapsed from inside out, it attracted a lot of barbarians from beyond it’s border to share the loot.

      USA is an empire built after an imperial model. It has several colonies around the globe and military bases in place to watch over them. It robs natural resources from nations, that are unable to effectively oppose it. It makes threats and demands of obidience on other sovereign countries in order to support the processes of making money for it’s magnates and invades if those demands are not accepted. The hard working US citizenry supply the military to enforce the imperial demands as manpower and as taxes and as ever in any empire thinks that the crums falling from the tables of their leaders are well earned by hard work. The US military is the most expensive per capita in the world. Why? USA has ever supported all sorts of dubious authoritarian governments, that oppress their own nations as long as that support has been paid off, by profitable contracts to the US based companies. USA has no respect over international courts about war crimes, it does not punish it’s military for acting out war crimes, exept for perhaps some poor sod, who had some very low rank. USA does not respect human rights of it’s own citizens unless they have a particular perplexion and preferably a certain economical level of security. As all empires the US has a secret police force, that interferes with the affairs of other sovereign countries, and not very often for the benefit of those nations, rather than it’s own political and economical intrests. That secret police in cohorts with the army and it’s private contractors has inprisoned people indefenetly, tortures them, and no matter who is the president shall not give these people the benefit of a trial. Heck, it is even quite allright to tell the US public, that the US military is interfering in some other country to benefit the interrests of their own country – not to benefit general good, but the benefit of the USA. That is such an openly immoral attitude, that it is hard to be surpriced that the empire has chosen as it’s leader a man who has no respect for the law nor human rights. Even the name of the people’s repesentative organ has been imitated from Rome – the Senate. The Roman senatorial system was a system to uphold the priviledged position of the rich. Is that the purpose of US senate?

      Perhaps, it appears as if Trump was eating from the hand of Putin, because they share hard values of self interrest. The difference between them being, that while Putin is clever, Trump is not. Putin is a ruthless and immoral man, who can manipulate what people think is true, but Trump seems to live in his own la-la land, where he can say or do anything he wants, because he does not have to manipulate what a certain critical mass of is voters think, as they live in the very same la-la land. The difference causes their relationship to appear as if Trump was the pet of Putin. Putin of course enjoys the discord Trump causes in the US.

      Only last week the US was critisizing China for the riots in Hong Kong and for instigating a police state over Hong Kong and while they were right to do so, how does that look like now, that the US president has moved to threaten demonstrators by the use of actual military power? It has turned into a travasty. The president demanding the police to use more violent measures to end demonstrations that demand racist violence by the police should end. It is tragicomical.

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      • There seems little doubt that Trump admires Putin for his, as you put it, “cleverness.” But I think it goes beyond that.

        Trump is weak, stupid, and scared of his own shadow. His bluster and dictatorial style are cover-ups for his own weaknesses and impotence. In Putin, he sees a strong and powerful leader … someone who controls his country. Trump likes the methods Putin uses because, to him, they are a sign of POWER.

        And this is why, IMO, after his call with Putin, he demanded the governors to DOMINATE … to arrest … to put the protesters in jail. IOW, Show ’em who’s boss!

        Of course, this attitude isn’t limited to just the protests. This is Trump’s modus-operandi in everything he does. “I’m the Boss … and you damn well better believe it.”

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        • Yes, but to my memory Putin has never had to even hint, that he would bring the army to the streets to quench any demonstrations. Even the Soviet era Militia has been replaced by western style Police. Because there are real problems about that. That is how the Soviet Union was born and the Tzars were destroyed, because they made the mistake of ordering their military to shoot at demonstrators, eventually the military turned their guns against the Tzars and the rest is history…

          I bet Putin is too clever to repeat the mistakes of the Tzars. There have been demonstrations in Russia against government, for sexual, religious and ethnic minorities, but Putin enjoys public favour. When he does not, he engages the Russian military in some more or less covert military operation abroad to further Russian geopolitical or economic “interrests”, and lo and behold, he gains all lost popularity back, when all the Russian patriots are filled with tribal spirit and decide to support their “strong” leader. Is this not the tactic used by a bunch of US presidents? Frankly I am amazed that Trump has not yet tried to lean on this method to gain popularity. Especially so, when he has talked so much about the outsider as an enemy to the American society. Perhaps, he is more clever, than he appears, as he has had enough presence of mind not to really engage the enemies he has previously named abroad. Iran and Venezuela might be too much to tackle for the US military, not to mention China, that is the one nation, that if it “is ever defeated, it will not be by outside forces, but from within.” China is the strongest nation on this planet, that can not be defeated by outside enemies, unless we all coup up against them or those of us who have the nuclear weapons decide to destroy all civilization and possibly all life. China has the strongest military might today. They have more of everything in comparrison to others, from simple, but trained riflemen to fighter planes, exept naval ships, but they have the political, economic and industrial capacity to create such a navy in no time. When the WWII started, the US had only 12 obsolete tanks and half of it’s navy was destroyed in Pearl Harbour. What it had, was political, economic and industrial capacity – and manpower, but manpower is the one thing China has more than any other nation.

          Putin is not copying so much the US presidents when he distracts the general population of his country by a war abroad, as he is modelling himself according a long line of highly succesfull Russian leaders, from Leonid Breshnev to the Tzars of old. Many of them engaged in wars against outside enemies to distract their people from any injustices in their systems, that kept the leaders and their cronies priviledges. One of the main reasons for the fall of the Soviet Union was, that Gorbacshev pulled the Soviet troops out of Afghanishtan. Even though it was the sensible thing to do after about a decade of futile fighting and no real progress in making the country accept modern values, like the equality of women, it made Gorbachev look weak and a weak leader is something the Russians will not stand for. The US has been engaged in Afghanishtan for double the time the Soviets were there with equally, or arguably even worse results, but even Obama (whom I admire for other reasons) did not feel himself secure enough to pull out, like Gorbatshov did.

          I agree with you that Trump seems scared and trying to evermore compensate for it. The whole demand for the governors to “dominate” is all about Trump himself. He is a stupid bully because he needs to compansate for his intellectual inadequacy all the time. His behaviour reveals him to try to bully, or in his words “dominate” everyone around him. He thinks it is such a good method, he even recommends it to others, because from his perspective it is a problem solving behavioral model. It is a dog behavior not human behaviour, but it appears among the least intelligent humans as a means to an end, that they can not achieve in a civil manner by their brainpower. I watched our president Sauli Niinistö, who is a calm fellow in the presence of Trump, who – not so much by words, but by gestures – tried to dominate Niinistö again and again. The physical language of dominant behaviour was evident, and made Trump simply look stupid. Perhaps, it is among businessmen who are often enough very competetive adrenaline run nincompoops trying to compensate their poor social skills by money, not so rare to attempt to dominate other people. I have run into such childish (almost animal like) behaviour often enough among businessmen, not unlike Trump. Most often other people are amazed and sometimes dazed by such behaviour, that the nincompoops interprete as submissive to their dominance. It may even get them what they want, just because civil and friendly people are taken off guard by it…

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          • Perhaps you are correct related to Putin. Certainly your study of history is far, far better than mine (not one of my favorite subjects!). Nevertheless, more than one observant has noted that Trump admires Putin … and so often his actions seem to take on a certain slant whenever it’s noted that he has talked with him.

            One thing is certain … Trump is a bully. And anyone in his administration that doesn’t kiss his wide ass might as well start planning what they’re going to do when they get fired/dismissed from their current position because they ARE on their way out.


        • my sense is, and probably yours as well, that he isn’t the boss, he’s taking his cues from someone else. And the repubs in government are afraid of losing their positions, so they scurry. Anyone who disagrees with him is out. This may be the way you run a business, but not the way you run a country.

          The turn over of Republican higher-ups in this administration reads like the help turn over in a bad fast food restaurant.

          We are, I think, too quick to blame the ‘cops’ although they have been guilty of a lot of it. Many of those forces were thugs who are used to control prisoners. You might be a 60 year old lady with a shopping bag, to them you’re just another problem in their way.

          This so reminds me of the 60s, with the marches, the protests, the police and the riots…I said to my husband about a year ago, you know, it’s been almost 50 years since Kent State. We have one of these about every fifty years, and we’re due.


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  2. I hope he’s not congratulating himself for the domination of the streets, I doubt I could stop laughing.
    just saw a tweet ‘Silent Majority’ from him. I saw no context but I hope he doesn’t think that represents the
    his team or he’s in for a major shock in November..

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  3. Nan,

    JEBUS H. CHRISTMAS does this country need ever so badly another Martin Luther King, Jr. (how ironic is that!?) or another Mahatma Gandhi!!! I mean, WORSE than bad right now Nan! This past weekend Dallas had three straight nights of protests, violence, looting, and eventually thousands of arrests. Our Republican Governor had to send in all available State Troopers in all four major cities in Texas Saturday, THEN Sunday he called in the National Guard AND implemented curfews in downtown Dallas—7pm to 6am. HOLY EFF!!! We are one step away from Marshall Law in the DIS-United States of America! 😔

    No! No! No! You asinine radical Republicans! MORE (military) brutal force is NOT what this country needs at all, not in the least! Our very own history not so long ago (King Jr.) and history of India (Gandhi) CLEARLY bears witness to what IS EFFECTIVE CHANGE!!! Duh!!! 😡

    Dear God we have absolutely NO MATURE, INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP for this country!!! Un-freakin-believable!

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  4. Nan, with Putin’s fingerprints on the US 2016 election and Brexit votes, he is a happy man. He has been able to weaken western influences from its two largest English speaking countries. If we told allied troops as they marched into Berlin in 1945 that seventy-five years later, the leading voice of the free world would be the German chancellor, they would not have believed you. But, right now, with two of the most unqualified and untruthful people leading the UK and US, their voices are diminished in global conversations. Russia has its own issues with a heavy reliance on fossil fuel dampening their economy, misinformation about COVID-19 and their own untrustworthy leader, but Putin has to feel better where he has these two countries. Keith

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  5. Just came across this on Facebook:

    People dying of Covid.
    Millions out of work.
    Black men being murdered in the streets.
    Riots nationwide.

    You know what America needs right now?

    A President.

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    • So very true Nan. If there is ANY confusion as to what a TRUE leader is and does in the face of crises, catastrophes, and inhumane violence, all they need to do is look to the examples of Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, or Nelson Mandela, and many other lesser known martyrs who died or or risked their own lives willingly to effect change for a better, more equal world.

      Is our current President happy and willing to give his own life? HAH!!!! 🤣 Not only is that a gross rhetorical question, but it is glaringly obvious too.

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      • I have one recurring nightmare. Trump loses the election. after whinging about fake news and crooked voting booths, he is asked to give up his office to the new guy. He refuses. He has to be dragged out, shouting and gesticulating (damn I love that word)…

        And back there in Russia Putin smiles that snaily smile of his…

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  6. Trump is crying to have a war. He didn’t get one on foreign soil, though not for lack of trying. Will a war on home soil satisfy him?
    (Sarcastically!) Any kind of war will do. In space. In Iran. In Turkey. In the Ukraine. In the United States of America!
    And as long as America’s armed forces continue to obey the insanity. he’ll keep on trying.
    Fifty years and one month ago: REMEMBER KENT STATE! FOUR DEAD IN OHIO!

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    • I do remember Kent State, and that was precisely my thought when I saw those police knocking people down and firing stuff at them.
      But more people showed up the next night to show trump he’s not making them submissive. He will not succeed — though I fear how many more innocent lives may be lost.

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      • That is the unfortunate part. He thinks like a conservative, power, power, power. Doesn’t care why the people are protesting, sees only stores being looted without profit. Must respond in kind, without kindness. Must throw a tantrum, hurt someone. HURT ANYONE! Lives don’t matter. Money matters.
        He is the worst person to be chief leader right now. I cannot go on…

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  7. Trump’s tete-a-tete with Putin was chilling but not surprising, and the repulsive photo op that followed, preceded by the cavalry gassing peaceful demonstrators, may well have been Putin-inspired. It seems to have backfired, however, since even Pat Robertson condemned it.
    It would be wonderful if we had a Martin Luther King or Mandela—or even Bobby Kennedy, who bravely walked into the riot scenes following Dr King’s assassination and lowered the temperature considerably. But we don’t.
    We do have an empathetic Democratic nominee who has been invited by Floyd’s family to a private funeral service and marched with the demonstrators and met with mayors—and denounced trump’s photo op. I’m sure he’s aware that he is endangering his life from Covid with his appearances now, but he’s rising to the occasion—and he’s listening.
    And the chances of retaking the Senate are growing. We must seize on the opportunities we have—even if they fall short of our ideals.

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  8. one thought: enough bad behavior on his part, enough damage done, and republicans are starting to distance themselves. When he goes after their appointed, voted for members in Congress, when he fires people because they disagree, when he behaves like a twelve year old with his pants around his ankles, people start moving away from that.

    I hope.


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