He’ll Be Mad As Hell!

Found this on Quora …

What will President Trump do if he loses the US election in November by an unprecedented historic landslide?

He will rant and yell. He won’t concede no matter what. I expect he will vandalize and trash the White House before he leaves. He won’t attend the inauguration. Melania won’t host Dr. Jill Biden at the White House either. Trump will resign in late December or early January if he loses. He will shut the government down. He will expect President Pence to pardon him for any federal charges he is facing. He will be in for a shock when New York State levels state level charges against him and it will be explained why Pence can’t pardon him for state level charges. He will take off for Russia or North Korea. Melania will also disappear. I also wouldn’t rule out trump committing suicide.

Anything you want to add?

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

(Question answered by Elisabeth Ruth)

42 thoughts on “He’ll Be Mad As Hell!

      • Yeah I know. I do get that complaint a lot. 😎

        I may be a rambler….. but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. As a matter of fact, I’m rather certain of that which I speak.


          • Hi Scottie. Hope u have a great summer.

            To be clear. I am saying I am correct in the things in which I have proved to be certain.

            Heck, I was wrong last year picking the wrong ball team to win. But that’s guesswork.

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            • Hello CS. The statement ” I am saying I am correct in the things in which I have proved to be certain.” is worthless to provide any clarity or meaning. But due to my respect for Nan and her comment section in which I am a guest, I refrain from any further remarks. Hugs

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        • As a matter of fact, I’m rather certain of that which I speak.

          Taken directly from *Trump’s autobiography : Grabbed them by the pussy – Why I am always right and the most humble person on the planet.

          * Available at all Hope Depots in the toilet paper isle.

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          • Hi ark/
            But please don’t mistake certainty for arrogance.

            I would not pretend to lecture you on f/stops or how to make the Burj Kalifa-

            But I can tell you of the certainty of a Creator- which btw- this revelation is hardwired into every man/ this is why people create/ whether in the darkroom/ the lab/ the potter studio/ etc/ we manifest and testify to One greater who has so richly given these tools.


  1. Trjump will never commit suicide. He is too much like a phoenix rising from the ashes of bankruptcy after bankruptcy. He knows he can con his way back to the top–of the white-collar crime world.
    But underneath all that is a coward who is scared to die. He doesn’t have the guts to suicide. Trump is so afraid of failing he is afraid of failing to complete his own self-destruction, he wouldn’t risk ending up as a quadraplegic, or even a paraplegic. The orange stripe down his back tells the tail, oops, tale.

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    • I tend to agree re: suicide. Nevertheless, I thought this person offered some interesting thoughts about his potential actions should he lose.

      I tend to think some of her predictions are very possible, even probable.

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      • Jill and I discussed the possibilities in 2018, before the mid-term. He won’t walk away quietly, that is for sure. He’ll sign an executive order making himself king before he admits he lost, if he loses. If he wins, he will definitely make himself king.

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  2. He’s so far gone mentally, and fears everything, there’s no saying what he’ll do in those 11 weeks. That s why you Americans better-well deliver a thumping landslide, and win the senate, and pick up a dozen more house seats.

    … Then there has to be an independent commission established to identify every crime and every dollar stolen.

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  3. Donna is too much of a sissy girl to kill herself. She’ll pout, cry, blame the “libs” for rigging her election and then say America was never really ready for its first female president anyway. That’s what little girls like Donna do.

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    • And that glaring fact that she has never (been allowed) to A-ppear, talk much or at all, start initiatives with lots of PR, etc, etc, makes Melania one of the quietest, most insignificant First Ladies in all of U.S. Presidential history! That is almost as unprecedented as this COVID-19 pandemic and the continued dead bodies of Americans piling up from a lack of federal leadership.

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      • she is the saddest looking first lady I have ever seen. I think she is well aware of the mess they’re in, and has nothing she can do about it.
        I expect Trump will deny everything, refuse to leave, and have to be forcitbly hauled out of the Oval office. I don’t see him going graciously. You do realize he is still campaigning against Obama and Hillary…?

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      • HAH! I’m neutral about that Nan. Though I tend to feel much pity for her—what a horrible life she must have as merely a China-doll arm-piece 😦 …it DOES speak volumes about why and why not doesn’t it??? 🤔 And it isn’t rocket science to figure it all out as to her non-existence.

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            • Oh yeah, that’s right! I had forgotten about her jacket because of its sheer tastelessness and childishness. It clearly shows her and her husband’s immaturity, but more so it TRULY was prophetic about her abilities to be a First Lady next to her husband’s ability to be our Commander-in-Chief!

              I know this… if Melania truly believes she is in a happy, thriving, fulfilling marriage—in all aspects a marriage can be and many are!—as the First Lady, then she is either in unbelievable psychiatric denial or she must have an incredibly LOW I.Q. and has no clue what both roles CAN be. And then, that naivety and ignorance are probably exactly what tRumpfy was looking for in a wife, huh? The silent, obedient, look-pretty-on-my-arm or by my side but behind me… stupid type? Maybe? Is any of this a stretch? :/

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  4. Hello Nan. I agree with most of what is written here but most people forget tRump’s past. He is proven to be and well known to be deep into the NY / NJ mobs and after them the Russian mob. Putin heads the Russian mob. If tRump loses the election and serious investigations start to find anything … tRump will die. A simple at home or such normal older humans death, maybe his heart will give out, or a severe stroke, something such that any further investigation or charges will simply have to be dismissed. Putin is well known for taking care of lose ends. Hugs

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    • Oh, come on, Scottie! Donna is Putin’s little gal! Putin will surely give her refuge in Mother Russia if she gets into hot water here. Haven’t you noticed the way the two of them get all weak in the knees and glassy-eyed when they look at each other? A stronger, more serious boyfriend/girlfriend coupling I’ve yet to see.

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  5. Makes me wonder, Prof, since Li’l Donna is a gal married to another gal, Melania, aren’t they living in the christian’s idea of “sin”? Two sweetie pies like that sleeping in the same bed and such! For shame! The sinful b*tches are gonna burn!

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    • I hadn’t heard any of that, a same-sex marriage, but that wouldn’t surprise me one bit either if true. We’ve all seen and read plenty about this orange orangutan and his entire family going back to tRumpfy’s grandfather. I’m unsure if they intentionally don’t hide all their dirt and sin. They’ll just audaciously deny everything following Donny’s well-known public M.O. Lie about lying. Lol

      And the Conservative Right/Zealots eat it up and applaud them. 🙄


      • Well, I mean, Li’l Donna Trump is a girl, and she’s married to a woman, Melania. Same sex marriage, see? Unless your on of these folks who think Li’l Donna Trump is a “man”, but no man I’ve ever seen has so magnificently acted like an 8 year old, spoiled-rotten little girl as our Li’l Donna has; so, until I see empirical evidence showing me otherwise, I’ll go on seeing Li’l Donna Trump as our first female/ little spoiled-rotten girl, president who’s married to a woman–Melania. What Melania sees in being married to a spoiled-rotten 8 year old girl is beyond me, but to each their own, I suppose. To each their own. 🙂

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  6. Even as we speak tRump is pretty far gone, but if he doesn’t explode (or implode) in the next five months, I’d say it’s possible he might try to stage a coup. How?

    He’s made plenty of noise that his first two years in the WH were “stolen” from him. He’ll claim that his first term as president isn’t over, and since the Democrats have rigged the 2020 election with mail-in voting, it should be ruled null and void and he be “awarded” four more years as an “extended first term.” In short, he won’t leave. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, who, hopefully, have been put out as well, will attempt to pass bizarre legislation that declares them Senators Aevitas, i.e., Senators Forever and tRump, Emperor. And they can all be sworn in via the Republican judiciary.

    That’s when Biden calls in a SWAT team, wearing face masks of course.

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    • In your scenario, I would bet more strongly on Grandpa Biden meekly surrendering without firing a shot (like 2000), as long as Trump whispers in his ears that the Credit Card companies and other loan sharks can bring back indentured servitude for debtors who fall behind on their payments.


  7. Just as the right was certain Obama would do the same, remember this prediction; 44 of 44 Presidents handed over the power when there time was done. This time will be no different.

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    • Well, since I strongly believe Trump’s gonna easily win this next election, we may not get the chance to see what happens, BUT, should she lose, Li’l Donna will NOT go quietly. There will be much crying, lying, finger-pointing, blaming, gnashing of teeth surrounded by a fat-orange face, shouts of “Orange Derangement Syndrome” from the Donna Trump minions, and much more antics than I even think of at the moment. You see, the other 44 presidents you speak of were adults. Li’l Donna isn’t. She’s an 8 year gal stuck in the fat-orange body of a 73 year old cranky-ass woman. She’s gotten everything she’s ever wanted in life simply by crying foul whenever she didn’t. She won’t go quietly. She’s gonna soundly win in November, though, so such talk is kinda pointless, I think.

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    • I hope you’re right, Jim … but I don’t recall any president in my lifetime being as vindictive and vengeful as Trump. Or one that is so totally absorbed with himself. For him to “go gentle into that good night” does NOT fit his personality.

      Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to see for ourselves within a few months. 🤞

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  8. We are talking about the United States here, right? The American elections? In a country full of “Cowboys for Trump”, sociopathic billionaires, warmongering tools, and religious fanatics making up a scary part of the population….speculating on Trump losing seems rather premature. Especially given the utterly insipid candidate the Dembots will be running this fall.

    I predict “Four More Years.” All I need is a magic six numbers (LOTTO) and the E-word (Emigrate) beckons!


    • You could be right … although I do see a few flaws in your reasoning.

      Nevertheless, remember that Trump’s supporters are in the 30-40% range, which is less than half (I checked my old math book to be sure), so there is still a chance to kick him to kingdom-come if we can get out the vote.

      I do agree that the competition is sorely lacking in his ability to rouse and excite supporters, but I refuse to count him down and out just yet.


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