Brainwashing of Dad

If you haven’t seen this movie, I strongly urge you to put it on your schedule. It’s available for rent or buy on a variety of platforms (e.g., Apple iTunes, Amazon, Roku, Google Play, Yahoo View, VUDU) at various prices. Plus, if you do a Google search, you may turn up a couple of other sources offering “special pricing.”

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it for free (with ads) on IMBd TV (or you can access it direct here).

This is one of the descriptions:

As Jen Senko tries to understand the transformation of her father from a nonpolitical Democrat to an angry Republican fanatic, she uncovers the forces behind the media that changed him completely.

The movie will no doubt reinforce what many of you have experienced when discussing politics with friends and family. However, it may also give you a deeper understanding on why they react as they do. Psychological tactics are definitely in play.

If you’ve already seen it (it’s been around since 2015), I encourage you to share your reactions and comments.