17 thoughts on “Is It Time?

  1. Maybe it is… but I think it ain’t gunna matter.

    Sorry to be the fly in the ointment, but the Dems have done such a miserable job that the midterms will swing the House Republican. And when the Republicans win the presidency, and gain 60 in the Senate, it’s time to turn out the lights because the party’s over.

    Democrats might as well start packing now because they have not, will not, and apparently cannot learn from their mistakes because they make none ever and it’s ALWAYS the fault of evil right wingers, who include any Democrat that doesn’t agree. At least, that’s what I’m reading and seeing everywhere I look.

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    • As I always have said; as corrupt and despicable as the Repugnantcans are, that is how incompetent and inept the Dumos are. Yes, Tilden, they should begin to pack their bags now. Show’s over.


  2. Left this comment on Bob’s blog. Thanks, Nan, for the opportunity to repost it on Word Press:

    Manchin us doing much more harm to the Dems than good, because he is doing no good! I cannot understand why he is still a member of the Party. If the Dems do lose seats in either House in this election, despite the furor raised by the recent Supreme Court decisions amongst other things, i would say Manchin will be directly responsible. But then, this may be his ultimate goal. He is certainly a DINO, read Democrat In Name Only — a true American Dinosaur who needs to be extincted.

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  3. In Robert Reich’s newsletter today (7/19) was this entry:

    Republicans who march under the banner of nationalism — “American first,” “control our borders,” “Make America Great Again” — eagerly conspire with foreign governments …

    There’s more, of course, but this in particular stood out to me. I think most of my readers will understand why.

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    • “A similar coalition between global capitalists and nationalist cultural warriors in the 1920s set the stage for the horrors of the 1930s and the ravages of World War II.”

      True. But do you know what else is a similar coalition? Today.

      High inflation. Recession (and then depression). The social policies of the preceding government like hate speech laws. The ‘Modernist’ revolution in culture and art. Growing anti Semitism. Capitalism presented as a form of gangsterism.

      Although there are differences (like reparation payments) there are also similarities… for those who think real world history can be a teacher rather than a lying, colonial, white supremacy framing of victor over victims.

      We live in dangerous times made even more so by divisive domestic politics. (Has anyone even heard of the successful legal injunction brought forward by 20 red states – not a single Dem state – against the Biden admin’s authoritarian inclusion of ‘gender identity’ with sex to receive federal funding?)

      Remember, Hitler’s rise was called National Socialism for a very good reason with far more in common with Communists (they really did work together prior to ’33) than the vast ‘middle’ class poorly represented by the Catholic Centre Party.

      This is why I hammer criticism of the Dems and the Left who, like Germany’s ‘centrist’ parties, feed the Republican party with so much ‘progressive’ nonsense. This is the life blood the Republicans need and the Dems fall all over themselves producing ever more of it and then doubling down on it when it kills them at the polls. Criticizing Republicans as the Left does to the nth degree does not address this central problem of the Dem’s own making. I have yet to hear people like Reich even recognize this central problem. And that’s an even bigger problem.


      • tildeb, I appreciate your input. But geez! Do you ever have anything positive to say? Again and again, you criticize our country and while some (much?) of it may be justified, WE are the ones living here and suffering through the “stuff” that’s going on. Most of us are average (older?) citizens and can do little more than share our opinions/thoughts/frustrations on social media.

        Of course we’ll make our feelings known at the polls. But right now, the “Repukes” are capturing the media and bombarding the average citizen with their brand of politics. This is why we get a bit of an uplift when we read things by notable people that say what we’re thinking.

        Please try to write things that offer us some HOPE instead of the doom and gloom you so often share.


  4. Whatever political strawdogs the Repugs used to feign support of, they don’t even make believe anymore what their goals are now: the destruction of democracy and the replacement with capitalist fascism. Nothing less.

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    • Fascism yes – and this illiberalism is being supported at both ends of the political spectrum and it is these wingnuts who control the parties with the active participation of legacy media and cultural producers. Both extremes are determined to establishing minority rule in law, imposing it on everyone, and calling it ‘virtuous’.

      It’s not. From the Left in particular, people like Reich have confused ‘change’ with ‘progress’ and presumed the conclusion that any change – no matter how illiberal as long as it can be painted anti-Right – is progressive, is on the ‘right side of history, is worth supporting. THIS is the death of liberal democracy in the name of supposedly protecting it.

      It’s extremism that uses fascist tactics, but it is both the Left and Right MAINSTREAM that attacks liberalism and liberal principles (like free expression) by going along to get along and protect one’s self from criticism by shutting up. It’s absolute moral cowardice not just by the extremists who push their agendas to control but by the average person who supports and excuses these tactics from the ‘own’ side. The capitalism part I think is not just irrelevant (because as an economic system it’s the only one that works) but diversionary. Supporting illiberalism – either by action or acquiescence – and not criticizing those who commit to this project – in whatever colour or tribe or belief system’s name it comes with – is the problem.

      And there ARE solutions! Real world solutions that I have mentioned often, such as FIRE and FAIR. Join them. Offer support. Offer your time and expertise. Get involved locally. Stop supporting organizations that have become illiberal like the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center or the NAACP and start supporting those that protect and defend liberalism. That’s not BLM. Each of us can and should support ONLY dedicated liberal projects, ONLY liberal institutions, ONLY liberal politicians, ONLY liberal organizations regardless of party! And each of us can and should stop going along with the linguistic takeover of terms used to cover these fascist tactics used to undermine and destroy destroy liberalism.

      This is not just a US thing. It is throughout the West. It is a culture war.


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