A “Warm” Story


On June 30th, the company that services our air conditioner came by to perform a “maintenance check.” All appeared to be working satisfactorily and we thought we were prepared for the predicted hot summer months. 

The next week, as the weather did indeed begin to warm up, we felt comfortable knowing our A/C was in good working order.

WRONG! As the outside temperatures began to climb, so did the temperature readings in our home.

It didn’t take long for us to see/feel that the system was not performing as it should and we quickly placed a call for service. The technician arrived on July 8th and after examining the unit, advised us we had a Freon leak* — and the coils would need to be replaced. This was not a “minor” repair (translated: $$$$), but what else could we do but agree?  

Then we got the really bad news.

It was going to take anywhere from 10 days to two weeks before the repairs could be done as the company had to order the necessary part. With frustration and a bit of annoyance, we agreed to move forward. 

So from July 8th until July 27th, we sweltered in temperatures that ranged from 95°F to 100°F (35°-38°C). Fortunately, the other-half has an A/C unit in his workshop (and a computer), so he spent most of his days there. We also own a motorhome (with air conditioning), so I took my laptop and notebooks and spent my days in it. And we both slept there at night.  

This doesn’t mean it was all a “piece of cake.” Our usual and normal routine tasks were all out-of-whack, including the care and feeding of our two dogs. Fortunately, they were able to spend their days in the workshop and their nights with us in the motorhome. And since they trust us completely, they adjusted well.

FINALLY, on Wednesday (the 27th), the repairs were completed and we rejoiced knowing our lives would now return to normal.


The unit performed perfectly the remaining part of that day and overnight. But the next day as the outside temperatures started to climb, I noticed the readings on the thermostat were also climbing.

To make this long story not quite so long … we were extremely fortunate that the repair guy was able to come back on Saturday, the 30th.

Curiously, after thoroughly checking everything (and then some), he was unable to locate the exact reason for the A/C failure. In any event, he was able to return the unit back to working condition.

So FINALLY … we are once again enjoying a cool home. 

— End of my “Warm” Story —

I hope. 🤞


*A bit of history — ever since we moved here, we’ve had problems with the A/C –and each time we were told it needed Freon. Ordinarily, this would mean a leak, but none of the techs ever mentioned this. It was not until this latest episode that someone finally made the determination.
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay