Alive? Or Dead?

I very recently came across this rather fascinating article and thought I’d share it with my readers.

Inside the Heated Scientific Debate to Redefine Who Is Dead

According to the article, in March of 2022, a virtual forum (Zoom) was held to re-write the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA), a draft law that has for four decades been the basis for defining who is alive and who is dead in the United States. It was a “crowded meeting of five dozen guests from both the legal and medical realms.”

At the beginning of the article was the following statement: Pandemonium can arise for laws that left up to states, each different state choosing to abide by its own wildly different set of rules. I had to smile as I read this because isn’t this exactly what we’re currently seeing as related to the Abortion issue? And, in fact, one of the participants said essentially the same thing:

“We’re literally legislating what states of life are worth protecting, which is very, very similar to the abortion debate.”
— Thaddeus Pope, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Although the article includes some “chit-chat” related to the idiosyncrasies of a Zoom meeting, the essence of the discussion engendered several thoughts about … DEATH … and what it means.

I can understand that for legal reasons, it’s important to have a “standard” definition, but based on the various attendees to the meeting, that “standard” seemed a bit difficult to come by. And as I referenced above as related to different rules within the states, one of the participants argued that …

without a universal standard, death in the United States could become a legal and ethical hodgepodge, with different criteria in different states. That means someone could be alive in New York and dead in New Mexico.

Although it’s a long article, I found it rather fascinating and was curious to know what others thought about it. BTW, no formal decision was reached … and the new law’s wording isn’t expected to be agreed on before 2023.

P.S. I tried to select the article as a stand-alone, but was unsuccessful so you will see coverage about other news events at the link. Hopefully, the article won’t disappear to make way for other newsworthy stories, but if it does … I made a copy 🙂 so let me know.