WordPress Changes

Just came across some news that says WordPress is making some pretty major changes. FORTUNATELY, I also found out that those of us who are already using WP will not be affected. PHEW!!

Here is how I came across the information.

Today I received notification that a new person had joined my blog — and had also commented on one my posts. After reading the comment, I decided to visit this individual’s blog. During a quick scan of the various post titles, one in particular caught my eye … “Changes Coming to WordPress.” Naturally, I was interested.

This person’s post offered a brief overview of WordPress’s actions, then linked to another post that provided much more detail.

After reading the linked post, I also visited this page that provided even more information. PLUS some feedback from disgruntled customers!

Suffice it to say that WordPress is screwing around with a good thing once again.

As I mentioned in my opening, it doesn’t appear the changes will affect those of us who already have blogs, but it you have any plans to add a new one, BE PREPARED to open your pocketbook.