In The Blogging World

Ever since I first began blogging (2008), I’ve found inspiration from newspaper and magazine articles, books of many stripes, and even from things I’ve read in the “Letters to the Editor.” I’ve been prompted at times to agree or disagree with TV commentators, offer my opinion on a Facebook post, share my thoughts regarding my family’s religious beliefs (different from mine), and more than once I’ve been motivated by something someone has written in a blog.

Probably the one area I’m most reluctant to write about is my personal life. While many bloggers enjoy sharing their personal life stories and experiences (sometimes in depth!), I tend to shy away from this topic.

I’ve said all this because I’ve been accused (as have some others) of merely writing on topics and/or comments that I’ve seen on other blogs. While other blog posts can and do offer food for thought, they are NOT my sole source of inspiration. (Although I must frankly admit there are some topics that simply beg for a response. 😛)

The point I want to make is this:  the primary reason I have this blog is because I love to write. Some people like to garden. Others find pleasure in baking cookies. Many like to hike. And some enjoy taking pictures of “critters” (not mentioning any names).

And within each of our special pursuits, we have variation. Not every gardener grows strawberries. Not every baker bakes chocolate-chip. Not every hiker takes the same path everyday. And not every writer limits themselves to one topic.

So to those who seem to think their blogs posts are my primary source of inspiration, stop flattering yourselves.

I’d like to add that the friends I’ve gained through blogging are irreplaceable. I’m so glad to have “met” each of you (well, maybe some more than others 😉) — and to have learned who you are as a person through your words (and pictures).

I think the one big “take-away” from all this is we are all unique individuals  … whether in the “real world” or the blogging world.