The Christian and The Homeless


According to various sources, Christians are commanded to:

(1) Feed the hungry.
(2) Give drink to the thirsty.
(3) Clothe the naked.
(4) Shelter the homeless.
(5) Visit those in prison.
(6) Comfort the sick.

Yet how many do? It would seem very few when one reads about …

A man dropped off in a wheelchair at the local homeless center by ambulance this past winter, still wearing his hospital “paper pajamas.” With nowhere to put him, he slept on a couch outside for several nights until he could be moved to a motel.


The elderly woman who made a ragged tent her home for months. She had been homeless for years but had deteriorated to the point where she could no longer care for herself and would sit in her own excrement.


The man who was released from jail, taken to the local medical center, then eventually dropped off at a local park,. Unable to speak, walk, or hold down food, he was cared for by other homeless individuals.

Now also consider this …

Four people –ages 21, 24, 29, and 54– were killed at a homeless camp when a (very) drunken driver plowed into the camp. Another person — an 18-year old — was seriously injured.

FOUR people under 30 years of age living in a homeless camp!

Some might say these individuals were just lazy … that jobs are plentiful. Others might say they were simply drunks … or strung out on drugs. Few would consider that one or more might have had mental deficiencies … or any number of other valid reasons that forced them to live in squalor.

No. It’s much easier to stand on Christianity’s self-righteous pedestal, wrap one’s self in piety, mumble a silent prayer, and … look the other way.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay