Typing @ 300 Words Per Minute 😮

An interesting and fun video about stenography. Even if you’re not a “word person,” I think you’ll find it rather fascinating to learn how the transcribing of words has progressed from “Then” (ancient Greek) until “Now”.  (Case in point: courtroom stenographers.)

Disclaimer: There’s a promotion at the end of the video for Amazon’s “Audible”. 🙂

Michelle Obama

ABC's "Black-ish" - Season Eight
 (Richard Cartwright/ABC via Getty Images) MICHELLE OBAMA

Michelle Obama has made it very clear that she is NOT interested in becoming a 2024 presidential candidate. Her husband and former president, Barack Obama, has further emphasized her position with this comment:

“Michelle will not run for president. I can guarantee it.”

Yet the talk of this potentiality continues to ripple through the political world.

And Republicans are particularly concerned about the possibility. In fact, at the CPAC convention earlier this year, Monica Crowley, a sometime Fox News contributor who is well-connected in Trumpworld, mused that if Michelle were to run, “that would be a very difficult situation for us.”

Crowley added that even though Michelle Obama is not “political,“ Republicans should still keep a very close eye on her because “her trajectory is exactly what Barack Obama did before he ran for president and what Bill and Hillary Clinton both did.”

While there are several reasons why I personally would like to see Michelle as a candidate, at the same time I would hate for her to be dragged through the political mud that accompanies political elections. No matter how strong a woman she is, the *CRAP* that Republicans would dig up and dish out has been demonstrated on innumerable occasions to be formidable.

In any event … what do YOU think? Is there ANY chance that Michelle Obama will show up on 2024 voting ballots?

Overall, I tend to think it’s wishful thinking.

Source article: Republicans fear Michelle Obama presidential run

Who, Exactly, Is God?


Believers talk a lot about God.

In their many and several conversations, they report that he* is all good … all knowing … all powerful. And because of these attributes, they pray to him, they sing to him, they praise him, they call on him in times of distress, pain, and despair. And most of all, they DEFEND him!

* Sidenote: It is said that calling “God” an “It” would make him impersonal (!).

Further, they claim to hear his voice, yet others close-by hear nothing. They claim to feel his presence, yet are unable to provide a clear description of what that means. When asked if they have ever seen “God,” they make references to nature, to “unexplained” events and/or happenings, to the existence of the universe. (Or they will claim the Hebrew individual described in the newer part of the “Holy Bible” is a full-on representation.)

Some will say that God is LOVE, yet they are unable to explain the many atrocities (described in that holy book he supposedly wrote) that were commanded by him. Or why he allows his (alleged) human creations to commit inhumanities against one another.

God is frequently described using metaphors, symbols, parables, and maxims. He is also represented by a multitude of idols and images.

Yet no one has seen this entity in a pure and observable form.

So the question remains.

Who, exactly, is this being referred to as “God”?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay