Fucked Up World

The mother of a child who, fortunately, was not among those that were killed in the Texas school massacre, made this comment as she dropped her daughter off at daycare. IMO, it sums up even more than the school shooting.

“We live in this fucked up world.”

I’m going to add something here about this recent shooting, even though I know some readers are going to disagree with me. While the knee-jerk reaction is to ban ALL guns, this will NOT stop the crazies because “underground” guns will always be available. Moreover, there are simply too many respectable gun owners that will fight tooth and nail against such action.

What, in my opinion, is needed are gun control measures similar to what Japan has in place. Owning a gun there is a lengthy process of background checks, drug and mental tests, as well as formal instruction. Four other countries (Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and China) also have demanding measures in place, but Japan’s seem to be the strictest.

Such measures would allow legitimate gun owners to purchase guns, but (hopefully) would weed out the crazies.

Unfortunately, the bottom line in any kind of gun control discussion in this country will always be determined by “politics.” Case in point:

Via The Guardian.com: Republicans have been, in the same breath, mourning yesterday’s losses while encouraging more guns.

Ted Cruz, (the US senator from Texas ) said just a few hours after the school attack that the best way to keep kids safe was to have armed law enforcement present on campus.

Addendum: The Associated Press is reporting that the rifles and ammunition that were used in yesterday’s shooting were purchased by the shooter legally. The shooter bought an AR-style rifle from a federally licensed gun dealer in the Uvalde area on May 17. The next day, he purchased 375 rounds of ammunition.

Soliciting Opinions

Recently, the local newspaper printed two, what I consider, outstanding articles on their Editorial Page. One is by Kathleen Parker (“It’s time for the old guard to step aside”) and the other by Ruth Marcus (“The Supreme Court just made corruption a little easier”). Both writers are with the Washington Post.

Since I believe both of these articles are extremely powerful, I wanted to share them with my blog visitors; however, as many of you have discovered, the Washington Post has a paywall. 😠 Fortunately, I was able to get around this by downloading the page from the online version of the newspaper.

You will notice the download includes a couple of letters submitted to the newspaper’s “Public Forum.” One of them is related to a local issue, but the other one is more politically-oriented — and may actually be of interest.

In any event, here is the link. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your reactions/opinions on either or both write-ups.


The Little Blue Pill

Nearly everyday I get a slew of SPAM posts on my blog with links to VIAGRA, littlebluepillwhich (as if you didn’t already know) is the little blue pill used to treat erectile dysfunction (and sometimes impotence) in MEN.

Not only are these posts irritating and unwelcome, they are constant reminders of the potential role they play in the current abortion debate.

(As a refresher … based on the recent (pending) ruling by the Conservative Arm of the U.S. Supreme Court, it is the WOMAN who must pay the price when a man’s virility results in a pregnancy.)

You see, when one considers the never-ending promotion of the Little Blue Pill, it appears that it is far more important for the male to be able to Perform than it is for him to Take Responsibility should his self-induced maleness result in the union of certain cells within a woman’s body.

And to take it a step further, if/when such a union does occur, the aforementioned judges are totally immune to the burden this virile male has put upon the female who may be unprepared, too young, or simply unable to capably or financially raise a child.

Instead, their End Goal is to force ALL women to accept their pregnancy — no matter how it was caused or how it could affect and/or alter their entire life’s plan — while they totally absolve the male and his role.

And they choose to do this based entirely on a religiously-derived construct.