COVID … and Family


Had a text conversation with my daughter last night. A segment of our conversation turned to COVID and vaccines. Since most of you know my position on this matter, I thought you might find HER take on things interesting. (We don’t agree.)

Following are some snippets of our conversation in which she shares some information about my grandkids. I’ve changed their names “to protect the innocent”:


How are you guys? You’ve averted Covid I take it? “Fran” (a granddaughter who lives in Arkansas) has it right now and she’s ridiculously miserable! “Nancy” (a granddaughter who lives in Colorado) got it but it wasn’t too bad for her. None of the rest of us (5 others) have gotten it.


We’re fine … we are being VERY careful. Both of us are vaccinated. Were Fran and Nancy being careful?


As careful as anybody else. All the kids wear masks but “Brad” (grandson who lives in CA) is the only one that’s gotten vaccinated. I don’t want my girls (four in total) to because I don’t wanna mess up their ability to have children and the vaccine is just being given to people and we are the guinea pigs. They are adults however and they can make their own decision but at this point they all decided not to get the vaccine.

I know several people that swore they had it in late 2019 and early 2020. But funny story if they had it, they got it again in late 2020 and early 2021. But I have many friends that have gotten the vaccine and still get the virus, and are still very very sick. They haven’t ended up in the hospital but they are miserable. You wouldn’t expect any of them to end up in the hospital however because they are young and in very good shape.

We could debate that all day so we’ll just let it rest.



I think the “politics” of my daughter and family is pretty obvious (except perhaps my grandson 🤞).

In any event, I’m seriously hoping the granddaughter who lives in Arkansas doesn’t get any worse as it is one of the states that is running out of (or already has) ICU beds … !

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

40 thoughts on “COVID … and Family

  1. Your daughter might want grandchildren, but she is going about it the wrong way, in my opinion. And I’ve never heard about Covid interfering with the reproductive system, unless it is by killing the prospective host.
    It surprises me that you are content to let things lie, knowing your feelings on the matter. I’m not saying be authoritative, though as her mother you could be, but just asking pointed questions, like where did she get the reproductive bullshit from. And if your granddaughter has serious complications from Covid, what then?

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    • Well, in the “right” circles (pun intended), the word is that it does interfere with the reproductive system and, as I pointed out at the end of my post, my daughter runs in those circles (as a result of considerable influence by her husband).

      I appreciate your advice, but I learned quite some time ago, whether it’s with family or friends, in order to maintain a good relationship, you don’t discuss disagreements on matters as serious as this one. Especially when the individuals are adults and have made their choices.

      Besides, we have (gently) butted horns on this issue before and it would be pointless to do so again.

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      • I didn’t mean it as advice, but really surprise that you let it go so easily. But if it saves your daughter from disowning you, I guess a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.

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        • Just a sidenote: I have two daughters. One “disowned” me several years ago and I have absolutely NO relationship with her at all. This daughter and I get along really well (except for political issues, which we tend to avoid) so yes, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. 🙂


  2. All my nieces are vaccinated & four of them had babies THIS YEAR. (I come from a large RC family). So the rumor that the vaccination makes you sterile is FALSE.

    When I was growing up, there was a rumor that smoking pot would make you sterile but we all got high & we all had plenty of children. You’d think that people would know better than to believe stupid rumors.

    I have no patience with people nowadays. But if they want to believe something that stupid, it’s their choice.

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    • Of course! You know and I know and those that have not been indoctrinated by the “Right” (and/or “Christianity”) are well aware that stuff like you mentioned is just a bunch of made-up SH__.

      However, when it’s family and you prefer to maintain a good and peaceful relationship, I think most will just “let it go.”

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  3. Unfortunately, we all have friends, acquaintances, co-workers, family who we still want to interact with despite certain appalling beliefs. As long as we still protect ourselves, that will happen. I know there are some people who cut out of their lives anyone who, for example, voted for Donald Trump. I have not been willing or able to do that*. But, I have a friend with close friends, and one of the couple is an anti-vaxxer. My friends have chosen not to see this couple for the rest of the pandemic.

    *Especially given my skepticism about the “other” party of War and Wall Street and its almost-as-bad record on things like Afghanistan and economics. Donald Trump WAS terrible. But I agree with the recent Jacobin essay…so was Barrack “6,000 square foot McMansion” Obama. And Clinton. And Holy Jimmy from Plains. So…should I give up personal relationships over political differences that may not be as significant as we pretend? Bother siderism is a sin, I know. And yes, I still vote blue. With some cynicism

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    • I think to give up relationships over political differences is pushing it. Especially where each party is bound to be so wrong on a particular issue. In defense of your many presidents, they all have too much power and I hear that with too much power, comes great responsibility and only few men and women having found themselves in such places have done so much good to their fellows.

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      • Hello makagutu & basenjibrian. I see the situation much differently. I do break contact with people who support political parties and groups that want to end my rights, end my freedoms to life, liberty, and happiness. tRump put people in government positions who wanted to do those things to people like me, LGBTQ+. I have told others before that for me it is personal. If you support the Republican party or tRump then you are not my friend, you are not worthy of being my friend, and you are in fact my enemy. Hugs

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        • Your only real choice, then, is complete isolation from politics and society. I am sorry to break it to you, but the Democratic Party is not your friend. Look at history and how many of our awful wars have been started by the “Slightly Better Party of War and Wall Street”.

          Better than the insane modern Hezbollah that has become the GOP< but…Using some kind of checklist of acceptable beliefs means you will end up with very few friends of even acquaintances in the end.

          All of us believe or do bad things, I would argue. I am certainly guilty.

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        • Hello basenjibrian. I really disagree with you. I have seen the changes in this fight because I have been in it nearly all my life. See for me and people like me in the LGBTQ+ it is our life that is being talked about. It is personal and very close to us. The Democratic party may not have been in the fight fully the entire war, but they have been the best help we had and they have gotten better every year. Our people are accepted by the party, promoted by the party, our needs addressed by the party, and our voices listened to by the party. We are a large part of the party now.

          Your saying that my not accepting the place the GOP / tRump cult / right wing wants to put me in will leave me few friends is asking the slave to accept their position so to make friends with the masters who enslave them.

          I think you misunderstand, you must because equating doing a bad thing to deliberately making it a goal to wipe a segment of society out of existence, to denying a group of people equal rights, to arguing that some people shouldn’t have the right to exist or have the benefits and protections of society, to doing a bad thing is nonsense. There are still people today that think killing people like me, an openly gay man, is acceptable while my marriage to my loved one of 31 years is an abomination they are working to strike from the laws, that is not just a mistake / bad thing someone made. It is an attempt to remove me from the community and society they want to create just for themselves. Those who support or help them are not just making a mistake / bad thing once, it is a program of working toward their goals. Remember what their goals are, the removal of people like me, of forcing people like me to live by their view of the world, their church doctrines, their hates and dislikes. Their view requires me to be changed to be in their world. Not accepted as I am, but to be either changed or deleted.

          So no I wont be friends with people like that. I wont accept that they are just misguided and I should over look their aims and desires toward me / the society I have to live in. If they are committed to their goals then so I must be also. See to you it is a side issue, to me it is my life, my rights, my ability to be in society, my right to rent, to buy, to sell, all of how I am treated in the world. That is the difference. Hugs

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        • you are absolutely correct. the republican party is hellbent on making it illegal to have a same sex relationship/marriage. they are NOT capable of loving you…cretins.

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  4. You are a stronger woman than I, my friend! I would have been texting in all caps and threatening to report her to the FBI as a domestic terrorist!!! (I’m not reasonable when I’m furious 😉) I truly hope all of your family come out of this relatively unscathed. Fingers are crossed for them all. And 👍 to your son!!!

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    • For all intents and purposes, my daughter is an intelligent individual. However, as is often the case, she has been greatly influenced by her husband and of course this, in turn, is reflected in the children.

      Thank you for your good wishes. I also have my fingers crossed. Especially for the granddaughter in Arkansas.

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        • I appreciate that. Since my daughter and I communicate only sporadically (she has a very busy schedule plus she lives 10+ hours away), she may only contact me if “Fran” gets worse (the “gods” forbid). I will try to post something if this should happen.

          BTW, I should have added in my post that I also have a son — who is totally the opposite of my daughter. He has been vaccinated and religiously wears a mask. In fact, speaking of religion, he’s the Music Director for a Methodist church in his area — and he gets extremely frustrated when many of the folk (especially choir members) show up without masks. (Added note: In contrast to many in the religious world, he is very liberal-minded.)

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  5. There’s no evidence at all that the vaccines interfere with fertility, and no plausible mechanism by which they could do so.

    On the other hand, in some cases, the long-term effects of severe covid-19 in men include chronic dongwilt and/or testicular damage which at least implies the possibility of sterility. I haven’t heard anything about comparable effects in women one way or the other, but almost every organ in the body seems to be at risk of becoming collateral damage in at least some cases.

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    • In re: to your first paragraph … I know this. You know this. And most “liberal” thinking individuals know this.

      Unfortunately, that last part doesn’t describe my daughter. In fact, I have a hunch that infertility is just ONE of the misconceptions she holds about the vaccine. Sad but true.


  6. It’s so disheartening to hear intelligent people spew these right wing lies, ie; “you’ll be fertile, they are putting a chip in you, I don’t let anyone tell me what to do “( of course that’s out window should someone need an abortion, suddenly their body becomes the right wing’s personal responsibility.
    My niece has severe asthma, uses Budesonide inhaled through a nebulizer everyday for maintenance. Today she was told she has to wait. The medication is needed in the hospital for COVID patients. Im a nurse and I’m fed up like many others in The medical field. I’m furious at these cowards afraid of a vaccination who beg and plead to be saved, believe me one day watching someone in a coma on a ventilator whose family doesn’t know if they will recover when it could be prevented is just stupid. They better wise up.

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  7. I want to line the people spewing this nonsense up against a wall and shoot them. A Second Amendment solution to a First Amendment problem.

    There is no defense for these people. They cannot use the “how could I have known” argument because if they didn’t know they should have kept their mouths shut. They can’t use the “how did I know that source wasn’t trustworthy” argument because if they didn’t know they should have kept their mouths shut.

    They did it just to make money. Assholes!

    What I am reading now is that the long term effects, especially of the Delta Variant last months and many more are getting them than was originally thought.

    I put all of the blame on this on the effing Republican Party, sowing distrust of government when in fact it was serving the people rather well.

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    • And Fox News. They definitely have blood on their hands along with all the right wing sites. But people are just stupid, use no common sense and question nothing. I mean look at these idiots taking bovine dewormer! And who pushed that? Fox News! We make no one accountable in this country and that is part of the problem

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      • Hello Mary. I love the quote from men in black: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow. Hugs


  8. Nan, my wife and I just learned my daughter’s boyfriend and housemate just got COVID. She is vaccinated, he chose not to. This has perplexed her for some time. We are worried, but hopefully they will weather this storm. I wrote a post recently that doctors swear to “do no harm.” So, I encourage all naysayers to speak with their doctors and do not take medical advice from an opinion host, politician or social media, including me. Keith

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  9. Well, I can verify this about my experience with the vaccine. Not only did I die from it over 57 times, I was injected with over 897 pounds of intricate surveillance equipment so Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks can monitor my every movement, AND, my sex organ grew to over 2ft long AND I’ve now become an international porn star with over 5678 films under my belt. So, if anyone tells you this vaccine doesn’t affect your sex life/organs, they’re LYING!!! Oh, and my vaccine also included a tattoo suddenly appearing at the injection site of Dr. Fauci in a Nazi uniform!! It’s hell, man! Hell!!!

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  10. Wife and I were just talking about this today. We think everyone is vaxed up in the family. We know our kids are.

    Arkansas? Where the movie “Deliverance” was set, for good reason. And where Toad Suck Park is. I recommend relocating. 🙂

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    • In re to your “recommendation” — unfortunately, I also learned in the conversation with my daughter that she and hubby plan to move to Arkansas when she retires. (Where did I go wrong?!!??)

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      • Oh dear. I moved to Washington State post retirement, but only lasted three years. Our son talks a lot about moving to New Mexico. Well, I suppose it could be Mississippi. “Let us pray.” LOL

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        • Couldn’t get past the bleakness of the Land of Entrapment (too many episodes of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul). Plus, the State is entering another “long drought” similar to that which killed off the Anasazi culture.

          California may be the same. 😦

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