COVID … and Family


Had a text conversation with my daughter last night. A segment of our conversation turned to COVID and vaccines. Since most of you know my position on this matter, I thought you might find HER take on things interesting. (We don’t agree.)

Following are some snippets of our conversation in which she shares some information about my grandkids. I’ve changed their names “to protect the innocent”:


How are you guys? You’ve averted Covid I take it? “Fran” (a granddaughter who lives in Arkansas) has it right now and she’s ridiculously miserable! “Nancy” (a granddaughter who lives in Colorado) got it but it wasn’t too bad for her. None of the rest of us (5 others) have gotten it.


We’re fine … we are being VERY careful. Both of us are vaccinated. Were Fran and Nancy being careful?


As careful as anybody else. All the kids wear masks but “Brad” (grandson who lives in CA) is the only one that’s gotten vaccinated. I don’t want my girls (four in total) to because I don’t wanna mess up their ability to have children and the vaccine is just being given to people and we are the guinea pigs. They are adults however and they can make their own decision but at this point they all decided not to get the vaccine.

I know several people that swore they had it in late 2019 and early 2020. But funny story if they had it, they got it again in late 2020 and early 2021. But I have many friends that have gotten the vaccine and still get the virus, and are still very very sick. They haven’t ended up in the hospital but they are miserable. You wouldn’t expect any of them to end up in the hospital however because they are young and in very good shape.

We could debate that all day so we’ll just let it rest.



I think the “politics” of my daughter and family is pretty obvious (except perhaps my grandson 🤞).

In any event, I’m seriously hoping the granddaughter who lives in Arkansas doesn’t get any worse as it is one of the states that is running out of (or already has) ICU beds … !

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay