The Virus of Masks


There is a singular point about wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID that consistently gets ignored by the mask protesters — and that is that masks protect OTHERS.

Every breath that human beings expel goes into the air of those around them. 

Even though the people with a bare face may be convinced they are not carrying the virus (“I feel fine!”), there is a very real possibility they could be carrying a dormant form of the virus. Thus, although they may not be experiencing any symptoms, the culprit could very well be in their body … and being expelled with every breath.

This means that every person this individual talks to in the grocery store, at the bank, across the dinner table, on a nearby bar stool, etc., could very well end up on a ventilator –or worse– if that person happened to be someone with a compromised immune system.

Thus, when you wear a mask, you are protecting the “other guy.” Certainly there is benefit to the mask-wearer as well, but because of warped thinking and a demand for “personal rights,” Anti-Mask-Wearers ignore this very relevant fact and focus entirely on themselves.

The sad thing about this is that the anti-maskers will never know whom they might have infected — so they will continue demonstrating their “rights” to the world around them.

Further, to those who believe some supernatural entity will protect you from the Coronavirus … think again. Dedicated church-goers have suffered and died in very similar numbers as the “heathens.”

One more thing. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask because they have been convinced by whatever source that the virus is not as deadly as “they” say … or that the vaccinations are “unproven” … you are a fool.  Yes, that is a very uncomplimentary description. But when a person puts the word of those who have dubious credentials over the suffering and deaths that have taken place by REAL people …


The title fits.

Please. Honor your fellow humans and wear a mask. 

Better yet, get vaccinated! You will not only be providing better protection for yourself, but for your fellow humans as well. 

Please people. Let’s do what we can and GET RID OF this virus!! None of us are enjoying the restrictions.