As indicated in several of my previous blog posts, I’m a firm believer in mask-wearing during the COVID crisis – and have outlined my reasons for supporting this position.

Nevertheless … I’m well aware that not everyone cares enough about themselves, their family members, their friends and/or the people they come in contact with to heed the recommendations and urgings of health care professionals related to mask-wearing.

Moreover, I fully recognize that for some, personal freedom ranks far above caring and concern for others.

What I don’t understand is why it’s so important for these non-mask-wearers to stop other people from wearing a mask. In fact, I recently read where a non-mask-wearer actually walked up to a person with a mask and ripped it from their face!

In another incidence, it was reported that non-mask-wearers gathered together in front of a store that required masks and attempted to block people from entering.

Even more astounding are the political leaders of certain states who have actually passed legislation that orders their constituents to be non-mask-wearers.

What’s up with all this? Do some people have a “Homo Stupidus” gene that has suddenly become dominant?

I sometimes wonder what the non-mask-wearers would do if they were to become infected with the virus and  healthcare facilities chose to deny help to anyone who was a non-mask-wearer.

After all … what’s the difference? It’s all about FREE-DUMB. Right?

37 thoughts on “Non-Mask-Wearers

  1. They make a choice and have to live with the consequences but having done so I think they should be kept to the confines of their own homes while the vaccinated and the masked enjoy their freedom. To rip someones mask off is an assault and again shows an indifference to another persons welfare leaving thm wide open the the virus. And now it turns out that DeSantis is happy to have people catch the virus in Florida so it will make a lot of money when the new vaccine he has an interest in goes live. I hope it bankrupts him.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. Hmmmm … seems to me that their overbearing methods, such as jerking another person’s mask off, or blocking a store so that people can’t enter is infringement of other people’s rights. So, are these swine not aware that if they have rights, so do the rest of us? And … as I was working on something about women’s rights earlier, the thought came to me … these anti-maskers are so convinced, so certain that they have a RIGHT to refuse to wear a mask, but they are the same ones fighting tooth and nail to take away a woman’s right to her own body. Kinda ironic when you see the anti-masker’s signs reading “My Body, My Choice” … and yet … I guess it only applies when they say it applies, eh? “Homo Stupidus” hits the nail on the head, as would “Selfish, greedy, arrogant morons”.

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    • “My body, my choice.”
      “Your body, my choice.”
      How far is the Christian philosophy from the Taliban’s or ISIS? So far they seem to be getting away with interfering with the rights of others with no fear of law enforcement. All the noise about masks and vaccinations keeps us distracted from all the other things going on, like voting laws, labor rights, slave wages, women’s rights. There is a method in their madness.

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      • Not far at all, it seems. And I think you’re right that the whole mask/vaccine business is a bone thrown out to distract us from everything else. The Republican Party truly seems set to simply take over this country by hook or by crook.

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    • “So, are these swine not aware that if they have rights, so do the rest of us?”

      All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others…

      In a very real sense, many of these folks do not actually consider the rest of us fully human.

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  3. I am in total agreement regarding the mask wearing. I recently saw something that made me chuckle:
    You don’t want to get a vaccine because you don’t know what is in it yet you have been eating hot dogs and chicken nuggets for years. or
    A guy in a hat: I will die to protect my country.
    Dr: Shut up and sit down. You won’t even take a needle to protect your neighbor.

    I admit that I got a great chuckle out of the second one.

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  4. You’re so on spot, it’s unthinkable that these people would resist any mitigation to this deadly virus. As a Floridian I’m particularly disgusted with DeSantis. He has blood on his hands but his main concern is appeasing Trump sycophants and getting on the ticket in 2024.

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    • Here too in Fla. And yes DeathSantis is eyeing the 2024 run and let me tell you Florida is eaten up with “Homo Stupidus”. It is unbelievable

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      • Don’t feel too bad. We have a leading candidate in our stupid Recall Newsome Because We Are Mad Trump Lost and Are Tired of Covid Restrictions Election who is CRAZY. Elder. Because he (mistakenly) attended a private party at a restaurant with his friends and lobbyists. Versus THEIR attendance and enthusiastic participation in Trump rallies and fundamentalist megachurch superspreader services!

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  5. Nan, you are entering dangerous territory in how you are starting to think. It was only a day or two ago on Pedantry”s blog, in comment to a post on changing our species name from homo sapiens sapiens, I suggested he try Homo Stupid Stupid Is US! If you start thinking like me, Nan, the human race is in danger–of improving.

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  6. Nan, I think people are flailing about because they feel powerless. Their employers control their work. The rich have captured the politicians and the courts, so they don’t listen to ordinary people any more, and the likes of Fox (sic) News is fanning the flames of their anger.

    Walking around displaying a gun. Or ripping a mask off of someone (obviously not someone who could kick the guy’s ass), is a display that says “See, I am not powerless!”

    And since I haven’t seen any pendula swinging back “the other way,” I am afraid it is going to get worse before it gets better. The number of suicides via opioids is scary enough, but fairly soon people will decide they are going to take someone else with them.

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    • But why would they feel powerless after four years of their “Hero” telling them they are strong! They are mighty! They have NO NEED of protection from the virus, Democrats, blacks, women, immigrants …

      And to prove it all, he encouraged them to storm the Capital Building (in so many words) and show the world their mighty power!

      Powerless, indeed!

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  7. A woman on a dating site on her profile stated if you wear a mask or have had a vaccine shot do not bother contacting me. I did contact her but it was without the intention of bonding, love or marriage, quite the opposite in fact.

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  8. Hello Nan. I agree with Steve but it is even more simple than he put it. Those demanding others do as they do want conformity to show they are correct. It is like any authoritative group be it the Taliban or the cult of tRump, disagreement with them means you think they are wrong. They simply can not be wrong, not in any way. Just as the wife beater thinks he can not be wrong so it is the wife’s fault he had to beat her, to the leader of any gang, who simply can not be wrong no matter what reality is, so those what appose them must be taken out. Trust me I learned early as a kid not to correct the larger people in my household as they must be correct and to deny that was to invite a beating. This is the same thing. By requiring a mask or even wearing one you are basically saying they are wrong, and that they must never allow or tolerate. Hugs

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    • I believe that is correct Scotty, this is an indoctrination, the brain chemically changes according to neurosurgeons and so much so it reinforces their beliefs and removes their ability to see reason and logic even if the contrary evidence is obvious. The only way to change their brain chemistry is through emotional shock such as if the virus comes too close to home and their kids or worse, where one of their loved family members or friends were to contract the virus with serious problems or they end up on a ventilator, die or recover with inherent medical problems. It may even take a prosecution, a big fine or the one I favour is a punch in the nose.

      Some of the virus conspiracists and anti vaxers have already been shaken out of their immoral mind set due to emotional shock. Do we have to wait until people are dropping dead in the streets before these lunatics wise up? Probably.

      Great post Nan.

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  9. My Fellow Americans,

    During my military career I flew B-52s (over 2,000 hours). Missions were long, up to 15 hours or more. I sat on a survival kit attached to a downward ejection seat. I also had a parachute strapped over my shoulders, around my chest, and pulled snugly into my crotch. I wore a helmet with an oxygen (face) mask over my nose and mouth. I tolerated noise from 85 to over 120 decibels (painful if unprotected). My comfort was not Boeing’s major concern.

    I had to wear one-piece Nomex flight suits (hot in summer, cold in winter) allegedly granting me 20 seconds to escape death by fire. I was forced to cut my hair, be always clean shaven, to follow (legal) orders, to keep my shots up to date, and to follow military and international law. I was told how to dress, and how to speak to others (to salute superiors and to stand at attention for commanders).

    I had to keep secrets, shoot straight (literally), be an expert in my craft (nuclear and “conventional” war). I had to pass intrusive medical physical exams, an array of written tests and job skill evaluations, and physical conditioning tests, all annually. I could only weigh so much. I was forced to be healthy (physically and mentally fit) and to prove it. I could go on. You get my point. I did my thing. I loved it. No need to thank me.

    Now if some fucking “patriotic” pussy cannot bear to have a tiny needle gently jabbed into his or her arm; suffocates, suffers, or chokes when wearing a little piece of cloth over facial orifices, or gives up a tiny bit of “freedom” (it is not to do as you please) to make the country and the world a better, and safer place, they should not expect my gratitude. Tolerance may be the best I can do.

    However, please, for both our sakes, do not stand in my way as I enter an open establishment and I follow the just rules of the owner (person or company). Do not dare attempt to remove my mask or that of my wife, or that of anyone near me. Please! I am a shy, quiet, peaceful, and generally compliant man. But I have my limits. Neither of us want to experience what happens when those limits are exceeded. Thank you for understanding.

    “I have squandered my resistance
    For a pocketful of mumbles
    Such are promises
    All lies and jest
    Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest…” (From The Boxer by S&G)


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  10. “Moreover, I fully recognize that for some, personal freedom ranks far above caring and concern for others.”

    I find it almost impossible to differentiate a sociiopath from a person who cares too much about their personal freedom and not enough about personal responsibility.

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