What If?


This is a question I recently came across on Quora: What would happen if Trump actually has the beginning signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia and is elected?

The person who answered the question stated he has family members who suffer from both. He said the following are things he has observed that might lead to that conclusion:

  • Two handed water drinking on stage (mild Parkinson’s or ET tremors?)
  • Inability to follow a subject–not so much from lack of interest but loss of comprehension of the subject.
  • Inability to formulate words and sentence structure.
  • Lack of attention when he’s with foreign leaders (more like he just isn’t there).

On that last observation, the writer refers to his family members and says, “It’s like their soul just vacates for a time.”

He also mentioned the reports that Trump often gets up and goes to another room and watches television during policy discussions.

I agree there are times when Trump doesn’t look well. His eyes are nearly closed, his speech is extremely slow and deliberate, and he constantly repeats himself. Yet when he’s before his supporters, his energy level is high–almost manically so. (Perhaps these too are “signs?”)

There are other instances when Trump appears totally normal. He’s coherent, upbeat, and speaks with enthusiasm and clarity.

So what are we to think? Since most of us aren’t qualified in the mental health field (except perhaps “Professor Taboo”), we can only go by our “gut” as to what’s really happening.

In any case, it is definitely worrisome — and even more so if we find ourselves under his leadership for another four years.

27 thoughts on “What If?

  1. My neighbor’s hubby is driving her crazy. She has her own issues with bipolar, but he makes her cringe. I keep saying that it looks like the onset of dementia (seen before). Sometimes diagnosis and prognosis are not enough.

    I don’t agree that “most of us aren’t qualified in the mental health field.” We may not be experts and may simplify things more than the average shrink. But that man (called POTUS) is nuts as are his insane supporters. (Not to mention rude, crude, and socially unacceptable).

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  2. Although it is actually hard to diagnose this, he wanders. I have seen a few times lately where he just stops talking and wanders off stage, leaving those behind or beside him befuddled. Like he forgot he was holding a press conference and walked away.
    My queston is similar to yours, but just a little bit different: What happens if no one does anything about him having dementia? His cronies are so scared of him will they have the balls to tell him it is time to step down?
    I doubt it…

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    • You summed it up well with this … his cronies are so scared of him. It’s my studied opinion that no one will do anything unless he turns into a raving maniac … and even then there will be those who will make excuses for his actions.

      Power is a quality that many are simply unable to pass up, no matter how they achieve it.

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  3. He must do some kind of drugs…some that make him monotone and slurred speech and others that give him real “upper” like the old days, I guess, of amphetamines.

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    • On the other hand his “symptoms” mimic mine: monotone, slurred speech, inability to follow discussions, restlessness, moments of hyperactivity, moments of hypoactivity. In my case it’s just few of the symptoms I present through the course of a migraine attack. Not saying that’s what it is in his case, but it’s a possibility that shouldn’t be ignored. Cognitive skills and executive skills can be severely compromised during an attack.


  4. Some of it long predates his time in office. Read what his ghostwriter for “The Art of the Deal” has written about what the process was like. He started out scheduling meetings with Trump to ask him questions and he couldn’t get Trump to sit still for them. Mental health analysis aside, it’s clear his attention span has always been very short. (And it’s also clear, and has always been clear, that this man is not qualified for the office he holds, for that reason and many others.)

    The question to me is whether 4 years in the office is wearing him down in other ways, and making him even less qualified (and thus more dangerous). And my belief is that yes, it has. The U.S. presidency is an incredibly draining office to hold (look at the before-and-after pictures of any president). Even given that Trump doesn’t work at it as hard as previous presidents have (lots of TV and golf), he looks much more tired and lifeless now than at the beginning. (Except at campaign rallies, which he’s not going to get for a while now.)

    Either way, we need to vote him out. I can’t even imagine the consequences of another 4 years of him in office.

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  5. Despite the “yeah, but look what he’s gotten away with in the past” comments that we’ve all uttered incredulously at various times, I can’t imagine the devastating mismanagement of this pandemic—which continues even though he and his Greek choruses have now acknowledged its existence—won’t lead to a huge rejection of his non-leadership in November.


    • Maybe. If that happened I would call it a silver lining; we would never have *wanted* the pandemic to happen, but if it got Trump out of office, it may well have saved our country from collapsing down the line. I honestly believe Trump is that dangerous to us.

      Trouble is, the scenario where those who voted for him in 2016 come to see him as the hero of the pandemic is also plausible. If he and Congress pump a trillion dollars into the economy (including the government sending people checks), if before November the pandemic curve is trailing off and the stock market is recovering and people are back to work, you know Trump is going to loudly claim credit for that. His supporters won’t remember how badly he mismanaged the beginning of the crisis, and that we survived it not because of him but despite him. Too many of them believe what he and Hannity/Limbaugh/Fox News/etc. tell them.

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