28 thoughts on “COVID-19 and Prayer

  1. [This isn’t my insight and I’m grateful to those who have pointed it out:] If a personal, intervening, omniscient, perfectly loving God exists — what possible reason could there be that he didn’t build the germ theory of disease into his commandments, and teach his followers the health benefits of soap and good hygiene? Even we imperfect parents do as much for the children we love.

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      • Of course, we are mostly bacteria in some respects.

        “The human body contains trillions of microorganisms — outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1. Because of their small size, however, microorganisms make up only about 1 to 3 percent of the body’s mass (in a 200-pound adult, that’s 2 to 6 pounds of bacteria), but play a vital role in human health.Jun 13, 2012”

        🙂 of course, that damn APPLE means some bacteria became infected by SIN and here we are today!


  2. Oh, and impromptu is better than reading prayers. Posture counts as does salutation, and if yer Southern Baptist or Evangelical, none of this 20 second nonsense, long beats short: three minutes, minimum. Eyes must be closed and heads bowed to demonstrate sincerity, otherwise efficacy dwindles and someone may die and go all to hell. Holding hands and sitting or standing (kneeling is optional, unless yer Catholic) is basic, but we understand long lines at the bathroom or Purcell station afterwards. Then we can eat all this fine finger food, as pot luck takes on different meaning. With no vaccine and no treatment, those over 65 need not participate.

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  3. I don’t think we can file this disease under “G-d allows”, What I know of the Word of G-d is “He didn’t say there wasn’t going to be trials and tribulations, He did say He would never leave us nor forsake us”.


    • When the Bubonic Plague (Black Death) was sweeping Euro-Asia then Europe in the 14th-century killing around 200-million people, I am QUIET SURE there was a ton more repeated, frequent praying, chanting, lighting candles, etc, etc, going on in churches, mosques, synagogues, and homes beseeching the Almighty’s intervention than will ever be done in 2020! Why didn’t it work back then? 😉 😈

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      • I guess they weren’t persecuting the Jews energetically enough to win God’s favor? That was a popular opinion at the time, anyway.

        The plague was actually less deadly in the Middle East due to much higher standards of public sanitation and personal hygiene (not that Islam deserved credit for that), compared with Europe which had entirely lost the Romans’ achievements in those areas.

        Ironically, the stupid Christian Europeans spent the plague years frantically killing cats because they thought they had something to do with spreading the disease, whereas the real problem was rats, which the cats might have helped keep under control.

        I’ve seen several conservative Christian sites claim that covid-19 is God’s punishment for our acceptance of gay marriage (so why has it mostly killed people in the rather homophobic country of China?), which suggests that they, at least, haven’t progressed very far since the Dark Ages. And yes, they are still declaring that the pandemic can best be fought by prayers and processions.

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        • The sheer ignorance and denial by Dark Ages mentality and thinking Infidel is just beyond comprehension, especially when our advances in medicine, vaccines, public health, basic education, plumbing, dietary cleanliness & sanitation ala having bathrooms/toilets removed from eating areas, etc, etc, all of it very soundly backed up by repeatable test results and therefore confirmed and made as Natural-Scientific laws!

          Oh well, if they are still people who believe inactive, stagnate, praying is just as good and effective as blood-letting was… then we probably DO NOT deserve to be the supposed most intelligent species on the planet, do we? 🙄🤦‍♂️

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          • As a species we do. Intelligence is a capability, one which each individual of the species can choose to use or not. Some individuals choose not to.

            Even ignorance is not always shameful. Knowledge takes time and effort to acquire. I would not really fault some isolated primitive tribe for being ignorant of things like basic sanitation. But I can fault medieval Europe for being ignorant of so much that was common knowledge among their Greco-Roman predecessors and their Muslim contemporaries. All the more so, people who live in the age of the internet and mass literacy who still believe that an epidemic is best warded off by mumbling to their imaginary friend in the sky.

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  4. Why do they pray? Don’t they believe god is all knowing and has a plan? So why do they want to beg him to change it in the first place? Don’t they trust his plan or his mysterious ways! Gheeze…..

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  5. I think this whole thing is one big Darwin award raffle: the stubborn, the trust-in-jesus folks, the independent “no one tells ME what to do” types, will soon be awarded a place at the right hand of Darwin.

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  6. When I listened to the reports here is what I saw: 1) a doctor in China tried to warn the public of this problem and was reprimanded by his Government. Why did the government try to stop him.
    2) that same doctor died.
    Question: Could this have biological warfare gone a-rye? Ergo the kept secret? In which case this may in fact be mans sin? Not G-Ds fault. Just a thought..,


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