Thoughts To Ponder

Some (many?) of you follow Scottie’s Toy Box and may have already seen this remark by Scottie on one of his recent posts. He was writing in response to a comment made by one of his followers.

In case you missed it (or don’t visit this particular blog), I have copied it here as I think he makes some excellent points about several areas of concern. I have underlined some of the points that I think are especially relevant.

I understand the need for changes in the funding of Social Security but frankly any changes in the COLA formula to decrease SS and you might as well not have it. Funny thing, every cost of living raise is eaten up by a raise in the Medicare premium. People on Social security are fight(ing) a war of attrition as it is. That forces vulnerable people to live on the margins in unsafe conditions wondering if they should pay for heating or eat.

Raising the minimum retirement age is not an answer that helps most people. Most people work hard long hours these days in labor designed for younger bodies, not people over 60 with health problems that come with growing older. The majority of the people who work willingly far past the retirement age are ones with great easy jobs, like CEO’s and bosses, the ones who sit at desks with plenty of breaks in air conditioned offices. They are not the ones standing for 8 to 12 hours, 65 year old pulling patients that weight 200 plus pounds out of beds, construction work and others in the searing heat or freezing cold. Those older people who have to work to make ends meet after retirement age are not doing so willingly and it is a shame, no a crime that they have to do that.

There is a problem coming and Yang* is correct automation will kill most avenues of work. That is fine, people shouldn’t have to work long hard hours, machines should make our lives easier. Life is more than a struggle for survival, a daily grind, or we have not advanced much belong our earliest stages of caveman

I understand the countries that went deep into debt that had to enact austerity measures. However studies have found that normally is not the solution to getting a country productive again. Yes cuts had to be made because any attempt at raising revenue couldn’t cover the debt in the short term and no one was willing to work out a long term solution. The US debt is different. Their debt was much less by giving the money back to wealthy and corporations, their debt was not unrestrained capitalism. Ours is. From the industrial defense industry you mention (very little of the money ever helps the troops, we all know where it goes ) to the billion, now trillion dollar companies that pay no taxes but instead get money from the government. Why does the oil and gas industry get 20 billion tax payer dollars a year in subsidies?

Wealthy people living on huge interest from invested money paying a lower tax rate than the working person in back breaking jobs. Unlike those other countries mentioned we have the sources of revenue, it is just there, but people in the US have been indoctrinated not to touch it. It is the starving person looking at the buffet and being told they can not eat because that kills freedom and is not patriotic.

As you can tell I am tired of this game. It is a game, the lower incomes are the pawns, and only the wealthy know the rules so they always win. People are angry at the situation that has gotten worse, been rigged against them for 40 years. They are not going to take it much longer. tRump is a result of that anger, an attempt to change the game. Sanders is also. It is an attempt to get across to the people in control that if they wont take the steps to help the lower incomes, the poor, the working poor, if they won’t stop pandering to the wealthy, then the people are ready to vote them out, or burn down the country to change things. I am afraid Biden is simply more of the same as he has always been. He talks like he is a “common man” but he legislates like an upper class elite.

The establishment Democrats want slow incremental changes that look like they are doing something but never change the system. Yes they gave a 40 cent a hour raise to the workers, but gave a 1000 dollar a day raise to the corporate executives. All they are doing is trying to pretend to be doing enough to help the worker to keep them from revolting and destroying the rigged system for the wealthy. Well the workers have caught on, the lower incomes have had enough. There is real anger in the country. Hillary did not understand that, tRump did. I am not sure Biden does.

*a former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate