What If?


This is a question I recently came across on Quora: What would happen if Trump actually has the beginning signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia and is elected?

The person who answered the question stated he has family members who suffer from both. He said the following are things he has observed that might lead to that conclusion:

  • Two handed water drinking on stage (mild Parkinson’s or ET tremors?)
  • Inability to follow a subject–not so much from lack of interest but loss of comprehension of the subject.
  • Inability to formulate words and sentence structure.
  • Lack of attention when he’s with foreign leaders (more like he just isn’t there).

On that last observation, the writer refers to his family members and says, “It’s like their soul just vacates for a time.”

He also mentioned the reports that Trump often gets up and goes to another room and watches television during policy discussions.

I agree there are times when Trump doesn’t look well. His eyes are nearly closed, his speech is extremely slow and deliberate, and he constantly repeats himself. Yet when he’s before his supporters, his energy level is high–almost manically so. (Perhaps these too are “signs?”)

There are other instances when Trump appears totally normal. He’s coherent, upbeat, and speaks with enthusiasm and clarity.

So what are we to think? Since most of us aren’t qualified in the mental health field (except perhaps “Professor Taboo”), we can only go by our “gut” as to what’s really happening.

In any case, it is definitely worrisome — and even more so if we find ourselves under his leadership for another four years.