Trump’s Law

President Trump has publicly and vociferously claimed that the Constitution gives him “the right to do whatever I want.” After thinking about this for awhile, I came up with some possible scenarios of past and future events …

Had Trump’s Law been in effect at Clinton’s impeachment, he could have had sex with every staffer in his office, admitted it, and never gone through impeachment because he had “the right to do whatever (he) wanted.”

Had Trump’s Law been in effect during Nixon’s reign, he could have not only admitted his role in the Watergate break-in, but itemized all the other illegal activities he was involved in to get reelected and never gone through impeachment because he had “the right to do whatever (he) wanted.”

Had Trump’s Law been in effect during Johnson’s reign, he could have replaced the Secretary of War with whomever he wanted, whether the Congress agreed or not, and never gone through impeachment because he had “the right to do whatever (he) wanted.”

With Trump’s Law in effect, Trump (or any president) could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York and never be prosecuted OR go through impeachment because he had “the right to do whatever (he) wanted.”

Further, because Trump’s Law is so constitutionally valid, any future president would be able to …

  • Declare war and send troops to destroy a foreign country simply because he wants to.
  • Censor or eliminate all news media reporting simply because he wants to.
  • Do away with all the branches of government and set himself up as supreme ruler simply because he wants to.
  • Designate all people of color as slaves and servants simply because he wants to.
  • Close all U.S. borders and refuse admittance to anyone he doesn’t like simply because he wants to.

This list just skims the surface of what a president could do under Trump’s Law. I feel certain readers could add to it with minimal thought and effort.

It can never be repeated enough … we MUST vote this man out of office. If he is allowed to continue as the Leader of this country, there will be no limit to what he will do under Trump’s Law.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

16 thoughts on “Trump’s Law

  1. He’s a despicable, spoiled-rotten, hyper-sensitive little brat of a man-baby who is crapping all over the poor and working class people in this country. Like you point out, if Clinton or any other president, had made such statements, would Mitchy (Da Turtle) McDickle be bending over backwards to block witnesses and let them proclaim that “The President can do whatever he/she wants?” Would he? Somehow, I think not.

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  2. I don’t normally like to get into political discussions. It can often be much more divisive than the the religious discussions I regularly take part in. And I am not here to say which side (if any) I am on. But with Trump, I will say this:

    To use a religious reference, I would say Trump is much like the Bible. There are some good things mixed in with the bad. However, there is enough error, contradiction and deliberate misleading in there to make one question the totality of it all. The problem is that most people who vote, as with those that trust the Bible, tend to just pick a side and it is usually the side they already believed in to begin with. Then they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to all that is contrary to their own preferences and dismiss it as fake news. To the left (and some in the middle), Trump is the Antichrist. To the right, he is the messiah.

    To be fair, Trump has done some decent things in his time in office. The question becomes, has he done enough good to overcome the mountains of WTF that comes out of his mouth? He is definitely the epitome of arrogance and “above-the-law-ness”. But there is a loyal following willing to dismiss all of the bad as “no big deal” and focus solely on the good. Essentially making Trump to be the religious leader they can follow as he claims to levitate above us all, when in reality he’s flying above us in his helicopter, counting the votes that haven’t happened yet.

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    • Because I respect you, I won’t get into a “political discussion” with you. But one thing you said I simply can’t let ride … Trump is much like the Bible. There are some good things mixed in with the bad.

      IMO, the bible contains far more good things than will ever be found in Trump! And that’s saying a lot.

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    • I have yet to read any of the decent things Trump has done in office since he’s spent much of his time undoing the good left behind by the previous holder.Actually I can one good thing. He’s taken more time away to play golf than anyone else.

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  3. Trump has disgraced the office and found a willing team who lack the honesty they owe their voters to back him.When he goes, they should all go and never be allowed a political position again. I know it can’t happen but I can hope.

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  4. I can find not one single shred of anything ‘good’ in either Trump or his actions, so I won’t expound, as I would not wish to start a mini-war here on your blog. I share your concerns about the precedent that is being set by allowing him to use the U.S. and its resources as a gameboard and game pieces to enhance his own pleasure and wealth. Oops … did I say I wouldn’t expound? Sigh.

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  5. He is still campaigning against Obama, he is still fighting Hillary, he’s worked over McCain until there’s nothing left but feathers, Im amazed he hasn’t gone after the Kennedys. After all, most of them are dead, they’re safe targets, right?
    I simply cannot fathom any intelligent educated human being who would be willing to vote for pond scum, and yet they wave and cheer…

    Im scared. Truly, utterly scared at what this loon will do next, or next week, or the month after next. i feel so sorry for those congresspeople who tried so hard, with such class and openness, to take him down, and it didin’t work. He has too many yes-men running defense for him.

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  6. Just read the last email thingy from Heather: I think WMD should be changed to mean Weapons of Mass Despair…

    I need to unload. Just skip this, if you want. My feelings won’t be hurt.

    Trump has taken over the government. That much is obvious. He owns the Republicans, and the ones he doesn’t own he has literally threatened with censure, public humiliation and damage.
    He has actually used the words “heads on a pike” if anyone dares to cross him. Mitt Romney (whom I really didnt much care for before this) has split with Trump and been soundly villified and threatened because he has “left the party behind”. Good for him. I hope against hope a few more do the same.

    He is assuming his dictator’s robes, and I suspect we just noticed them. (“emperor. No clothes. yadda yadda”) His beloved followers are waving and cheering him on, and he smirks and looks smug while Melania hovers in the background, silent and probably appalled, but I can’t be sure. She reminds me more of statuary than anything animate.

    I see a huge and dangerous schism between Dems and Republicans. It has apparently reached the pollitical equivalent of armed warfare and frankly I’m more than a bit saddened and scared by how quickly this has deteriorated. If he is this open and brazen about his behavior, what chance has anyone on election day, since he will be fixing the votes (by proxy) at the god forsaken Electoral college, again, so that no matter who wins, it will be called Trump.

    The only solution would be to shut down the damn Electoral college. We don’t need it. It was instituted long before we had decent roads, and each state elected (openly) people to travel FOR them to wherever the polling place was, and vote there as a representative. No one back in Washington’s era voted directly for the President, they elected a rep to do it for them. It wasn’t until somewhere in the early 19th century that we began having a popular vote, and people began to believe they were actually voting for a presidential candidate, even though the EC was still functioning. At that time votes were paper ballots, and easily counted. If there was a dispute, the EC settled it. That’s how I understand its function.

    By now it’s become a nail biter, will they or wont’ they vote for who we all elected? There are too many people in this country now, to have the entire fate of it hang on the temperament of 538 people. I mean.

    This is the cleanest, clearest URL i’ve found, it seems to explain it fairly plainly. Apparently the Government of the time didn’t trust ‘regular people’ with the vote, so they appointed x number of people per state as representatives. In those days, it made sense. many people were illiterate, travel was nearly impossible at times, and there weren’t that many of us. Some people weren’t even aware there WAS a president.

    Okay. Put your hats back on. I think I’m done. =)

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    • Rant all you want, Judy. You haven’t said anything that most of us haven’t already thought. It’s good to commiserate.

      Speaking of Mitt … you need to read my latest post: “Man of God.” I think you’ll appreciate it.

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