Weapons of Mass Destruction

If you haven’t seen this …

Iceland Declares All Religions Are Weapons of Mass Destruction


Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism are now in the same category as nuclear weapons, mustard gas, and weaponized biological agents.

(Satire? Or Truth? You be the judge.)

Image by Koen One Stop Map from Pixabay

17 thoughts on “Weapons of Mass Destruction

    • ….Rapture, The End Times of Old Testament prediction while purporting to bring the return of Jesus who wouldn’t agree with any of this because it’s not ‘Love One Another’ They’re certainly proving to want to be a WoMD.

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  1. In my opinion, every religion — at least, the authoritarian religions like Catholicism and Islamism — are cults. As such, they are guilty of indoctrination amounting to mass destruction of freedom to think outside the orthodox box….in short, brainwashing sanctioned by the power of perverted piety.

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  2. I would agree. Louis Althusser, a French Marxist philosopher called religion an ISA, Ideological State Apparatus. The modern state uses religion to justify its atrocities and its wars. It’s a symbiotic relationship that serves both sides with gusto. A case in point would be Trump’s hate machine that emphatically declares America to be a “Christian” nation. If you are “one nation under God” then you have God’s blessings to kill whomever the state mandates to be the enemy. Onward Christian Soldiers!

    The politicians and religious right happily go along because it puts money in their pockets–a lot of money. The movie industry, another ISA, grabs its piece of the pie with movie after movie about Jesus or little boys who went to heaven and came back, or born-again themes. The music industry knocks out tons of good ol religious tunes to keep the folks emotionally tied to that old-time religion. And hell, let’s not forget the Christian publishing world–big money there.

    We don’t just “look” like ants to the boys at the top–we “are” ants to them. Major Evangelist/Trump supporters such as Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Paula White are filthy rich. When they hunker around Trump to pray, I’d bet my pension check they ain’t praying for the poor and downtrodden. They’re praying to keep his fat ass in the white house because that will enlarge his base and their bank accounts.

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  3. Not at all the same. Nucs (at least ours) have safety mechanisms and the other weapons are destroyed when the get old and become unstable. Maybe not so much for religion disposition. Those five religions mentioned been around too long.


  4. Guys, cautiously dipping my toe in the water. 🙂 I feel as if we need to talk to each other across this religious and political divide or we will be more polarized than ever. This is extremely bad for us as a country, and really just as fellow humans on this planet. Our country is toast if we don’t heal these divisions between us.

    In general, here is my thinking. Some of these comments, seem, well, wild to me. Any more extreme and authoritarian kind of philosophy can be weaponized including Marxism. But, is it fair to paint all religious expression as being the same.?There is great diversity among the thinking of Christians, for example.

    Frankly, anyone who thinks that somehow we can control God to bring about the return of Christ by fomenting war in Iran is playing two cards short of a deck in my book. I say this as a committed Christian believer.

    Also, guys, and this is my opinion. I don’t think Trump is a war hawk. I actually think part of the problem he had with Bolton as security advisor related to concerns about a tendency to rush to war. I think Trump would like to avoid foreign conflict and get as many of our troops on the ground out of these foreign countries as possible. There are other conservative republicans who are much more “hawkish” IMO. I think Trump also would like to see Western Europe step up and do more in support of NATO.

    My husband and I were in Western Europe this past Sept. An Italian gentleman made the comment about how grateful he is for the US military, and for the United States “peace keeping” role.

    It came to my mind, that with reliance on the US military, more money in Europe is then enabled to go toward universal health care, for instance. The gentleman shared that Italy has no effective army to speak of.

    In a sense the US taxpayers are helping to subsidize the protection of the free world at the expense of the poor and disadvantaged in this country. Where is the balance? Have you ever thought of this? We still have 50, 000 troops in German even though the end of World War 11 was decades ago, and Germany is a wealthy country.

    I think Trump is speaking out, and expressing concern when many of the more traditional, conservative Republicans did not.

    Anyway, guys, I fully understand that good people can disagree about tons of this, and have other perspectives. Sometimes it is hard for all of us to come to the truth. That’s for sure.

    Take care.


    • I’m not going to address any of your military-related comments (I’ll let my far-more-talented readers do that), but I am going to dispute your defense of Trump.

      There is NOTHING this man has done that has benefited the people of this country. Yes, all the hullabaloo about the “great” economy and the low employment may exist, but these are long-term results that started way before Trump. He just gets to brag about it.

      Truly, I WANT to see this man in a positive light because, after all, he is the POTUS. But again and again and again, he comes up short. And contrary to what many Republicans may think, this has nothing to do with party affiliation. I just feel he is FAR under-equipped to be leading this country.

      Oh, and one more thing. You wrote: … we need to talk to each other across this religious and political divide or we will be more polarized than ever. Trump has been the prime motivator for this divide. Once he’s gone and we get a level-headed, intelligent leader who cares more about this country than he does himself, I think healing will begin.

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      • Nan, my feelings about Trump are mixed.

        I think he has done some things which has helped the economy, although I agree with you that he can’t completely get all the credit for the economic turn-around. I feel as if he got a positive trade agreement with Mexico-Canada, and is making headway with China.

        I’m impressed that he’s made an effort for peace talks with both N. Korea, and the Palestinians. I agree with some of his concerns relating to NATO.

        I do feel that in his mind, he has the interests of the country at heart, particularly the working and middle class.

        However, I agree with you that he is also a very flawed individual. I’m sure that some narcissism and personal interest is also mixed with this. I don’t appreciate some of these juvenile tweets and personal attacks.

        However, it seems to me a mistake to suppose all the Trump supporters are relatively uneducated, racists, xenophobic people as is often portrayed by some of those in the media. The reality is more complex and nuanced to my mind.

        For myself, I feel caught in a quandry. Politically, I’m more a progressive libertarian. I can’t get behind the current democratic line-up with the possible exception of Tulsi Gabbard. I am very interested in her, and would like to hear Gabbard in a debate with Trump. But, she’s not anything close to being a front runner at this time. I definitely would not support Joe Biden.

        For me, as was the case in the last election, I might find myself voting for what seems to be the lesser of the evils. It’s very unfortunate.

        Know you can’t agree, but at least we are talking together which is a good thing.

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        • You wrote … I do feel that in his mind, he has the interests of the country at heart, particularly the working and middle class.

          If you truly believe this, Becky, then there is absolutely no point in continuing our conversation because he has NEITHER of these “in his mind.” The ONLY thing Trump has in his mind is Trump. He will do or say whatever it takes to promote himself and garner praise from others. He absolutely THRIVES on personal attention … even if it’s negative (as illustrated through his tweets).

          Further, nothing he has done has been to “Make America Great Again.” Everything he has done is to Make Trump Great.

          You need to read my latest post.

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  5. I do agree that he loves attention. But, time will tell if I’m right about his motives being mixed. I remain open, and willing to listen to the debate out there.

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