Put Your Anger To Work

I don’t know how many of you are CNN fans, but I just came across an article that I urge you to read. It’s entitled:

Here’s what we’ve learned from Trump’s impeachment trial

While many of us are angry, upset, disgusted and dejected over what just took place in the Senate (and the article may reinforce some of these feelings), we need to be prepared for the unpleasant events and actions that are bound to follow.

But more than that — we simply must begin channeling our energies into the November elections. We cannot allow ourselves to wallow in defeat. This travesty taking place in our government must not be allowed to continue.

While the presidential election is obviously foremost in our minds, there are seats in Congress that are also going to be up for grabs. As we’ve seen from recent events, the party with the most influence (control) is the one that’s going to determine much of our future. We need to keep that in mind and throw our support behind the candidates who respect the Constitution.

I have NEVER contributed to political causes (I won’t go into all the reasons why), but I’m seriously considering providing (at least some) monetary support to individuals and/or causes that I feel will get this country back on track. It’s that important.

16 thoughts on “Put Your Anger To Work

  1. Im one of those Republicans who usually votes Democratic, why I never bothered to re-register is beyond me, but there it is. So now I can take great pride in being of ‘those’ republicans. The good ones. Last night I got a call from a prissy beyotch who wanted to be sure I was who I said I was, and then in a breathless tone asked if I’d be interested in joining Trump’s campaign roster–“no” I said, and she seemed startled. “well…” and I hung up. I think what annoyed me even more than the assumption of partisanship, was that she kept calling me “Judith”. I hate being called Judith.

    My major contribution this year will be to not brain my husband if he so much as whispers that man’s name, and vote Democratic, early and often.

    You’d think all those intelligent people out there would have a clue as to what’s going on, and start reconsidering who they want as government officials next time around. Anyone who behaved the way those privileged folks did would no longer be on any list I might care to make.

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    • It’s tough living with someone who votes Republican. Even though my other-half dislikes Trump, he does support the “Republican Way.” Sometimes I wonder if his mother dropped him on his head when he was a baby.

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      • I live in Republican land: straight ticket, all the way, yessah. “My dad voted that way, and Gramps did, and that’s what I do too. Good folks, the Re-publicans, none bettah. Look at Lincoln. “
        My husband never used to be a straight ticket voter, now he just checks off all the right sides down the line, no thinking, just check marks. Good man.

        You know, I realize this is grasping at straws time, but it occurs to me that Trump is not a well man, inside OR out. He looms. He is developing a waddle. He wanders in his speech. He could very well not make it to voting day and I have a feeling that Pence might not stand a chance as a candidate. He’s got as much personality as concrete, Im also hoping that a lot of people who have loved four years with Trump might be getting weary of the rhetoric.

        Oh, wait. These are the Christians. They are ALL rhetoric. Sorry, I got excited, there.

        The atmosphere this time around is toxic. When Bush (either of them) was/were running things, you checked your politics at the door, and v-e-r-y carefully determined which side the other person was espousing. Then you didn’t talk about it. At Christmas, with one sentence, i found out which side my husband’s family is on. I made a comment about my mother, how she could blame anyone for anything, even though she was holding the broken cup she had just snapped the handle off of: and his cousin said, carefully, ‘Sorta like Trump;’ and I said, “pretty close, yeah.” My husband was sitting right there, and never said a word. Aha, I thought. Aha.

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  2. While many of us are angry, upset, disgusted and dejected over what just took place in the Senate

    I don’t understand how it’s possible for anyone to feel that way. It implies that they thought some outcome other than acquittal after a phony trial was possible. There was never any possibility that impeachment would remove Trump. There was never any way anyone even remotely in touch with reality could have believed there was any possibility that impeachment would remove Trump. It would have required 20 Republican senators to vote for removal. There was never the remotest chance that that was going to happen.

    Everything the CNN article says about the Republican party has been obvious since long before the impeachment process even started. They are cowards and Trump totally dominates the party. Hell, that was all obvious even before the 2016 election. The Republicans’ behavior during the time of Trump has been predictable based on the corruption and depravity the whole conservative movement has displayed since early in the Obama administration.

    Impeachment has had zero effect. And that is the best outcome we could have hoped for. The most likely result was that it would actually strengthen Trump for November, since he could trumpet his acquittal and alleged exoneration every day, and many voters who don’t follow politics would have taken that as plausible evidence that the accusations against him were without substance. But this “trial” was such a flagrant sham that even that effect will be minimal.

    All that happened here was that the hotheads who don’t understand how anything works made such a fuss of demanding impeachment — and so vilified Pelosi (who is a lot smarter than anyone else involved, including the author of the CNN article) for not going through with it — that she had to throw them a bone despite knowing that the whole thing was a waste of time and energy.

    But more than that — we simply must begin channeling our energies into the November elections.

    Exactly. The hotheads have had their impeachment. It accomplished nothing, as anybody could have predicted. Now it’s time to focus on the only thing that does or ever did offer any chance of getting this belligerent psychopath out of the White House and as many as possible of his Republican enablers out of Congress — the election.

    As for anger, I maxed out my anger with the caging of migrant children and the betrayal of the Kurds. This impeachment fiasco is nothing. Yes, I’ll vote for Democrats, even Democrats I don’t like, and yes, I’ll donate money. All that matters is what will actually work to defeat these bastards.

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  3. There was never the remotest chance that that was going to happen.

    I think most of us will agree with you, but it still makes me (and maybe others) angry that “he” has so much power over the wimps in the Senate. That so many were ready, willing, and able to kiss his ass just to keep their “jobs,” is a sad, sad commentary about the politics in this country.

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  4. It is a sad commentary for democracy itself, Nan. I won’t say I predicted Trump, but back in the 60s and 70s I took a long hard look at democracy, and chose to stop taking part. Especially in the US where there are only two parties, not everyone will ever be served. Democracy is designed to give precedence to the moneyholders while paying just enough lipservice to everyone else to make them think they have a say in being governed. They have no say, and Trump is now rubbing it in your faces with a dirty rag.

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  5. Infidel753 already said what I believe. I never thought impeachment was realistic. But, I also don’t see how, after winning the House, the majority party had any other choice after the Ukraine debacle. It was a win, loose, loose disgusting situation and still is.
    I was reading about Jack Palance yesterday, a US-born, Republican of Ukrainian and Polish descent who declined acting awards from Russia based upon history and his ancestry. I wonder what he would think.
    Republicans control POTUS (and thus the entire executive administration of the nation), SCOTUS, the Senate, a vast number of Federal Judgeships, and in many states control of virtually everything.
    Meanwhile, Dems rip at each other over the same ideological BS we have for years, and one of us refuses even to say he is one of us. WTF is that? (That’s rhetorical. I’ve heard all the whiny explains.)
    It’s like the drum is, and has been, beating loudly, but either we can’t hear it, or we deny it.
    On the bright side, at least I’m married to someone who sees all this as I do. In fact, she is more into it than I and will not allow me to keep my head in the sand for long.

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    • Bill,. it may not have been realistic, but I think the attempt was necessary on more than one front: if no one had tried, Trump would not have shown himself to be the pure bred jackass that he is. If no one had tried, we would never have had the spectacle of adults behaving like children, in contempt of everything. If no one had tried, we would be blaming the Dems for not trying, and in the end manage to convince ourselves that ‘we coulda done it, if we’d tried.
      Now we know. That’s the reality. It sucks bigtime, don’t it.

      But it also shows just how powerful this office is, with the right–or wrong–person in it. The sitting President has always been spoken of as the servant of the people. I believe it’s even written down somewhere. This one seems to not know that.

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