Donald Trump and Russia

O.K., blog readers and followers … what do you think?

WHY is tRumpsky so intent upon discounting anything and everything that might indicate  clandestine involvement with his most favorite country on the planet … RUSSIA? Is there more than meets the eye? (Of course there is!)

In your opinion, what are the core reasons behind his concerted efforts to discount the various people and documents dealing with the situation? Is it just an ego thing … it tarnishes his super big-ly image? Or are his misgivings related to a fear that it might bring to light some less-than-seemly backroom dealings? Or perhaps he’s fearful of some kind of legal retribution? (This last one seems doubtful since he’s managed to worm his way out of several other legal predicaments.)

Or does he actually fear … impeachment! (What a horrendous blow that would be to his tender ego!)

Whatever the reason, it’s glaringly obvious that it’s very important to him that all this controversy be swept under the rug.

My personal opinion? It has to do with his financial dealings with Russia. Since I don’t have millions and millions of dollars, I’m not familiar with all the ins and outs of what these guys do to keep — and more importantly, increase — their wealth, but I have a hunch it’s not always on the up and up. (Duh!) I mean, why else would he be so adamant in his refusal to release his tax forms?

Anyway, tell us what you think. And when the light finally floods the room … may the best answer win! 😀

P.S. Maybe it’s just all negative press covfefe.