Donald Trump and Russia

O.K., blog readers and followers … what do you think?

WHY is tRumpsky so intent upon discounting anything and everything that might indicate  clandestine involvement with his most favorite country on the planet … RUSSIA? Is there more than meets the eye? (Of course there is!)

In your opinion, what are the core reasons behind his concerted efforts to discount the various people and documents dealing with the situation? Is it just an ego thing … it tarnishes his super big-ly image? Or are his misgivings related to a fear that it might bring to light some less-than-seemly backroom dealings? Or perhaps he’s fearful of some kind of legal retribution? (This last one seems doubtful since he’s managed to worm his way out of several other legal predicaments.)

Or does he actually fear … impeachment! (What a horrendous blow that would be to his tender ego!)

Whatever the reason, it’s glaringly obvious that it’s very important to him that all this controversy be swept under the rug.

My personal opinion? It has to do with his financial dealings with Russia. Since I don’t have millions and millions of dollars, I’m not familiar with all the ins and outs of what these guys do to keep — and more importantly, increase — their wealth, but I have a hunch it’s not always on the up and up. (Duh!) I mean, why else would he be so adamant in his refusal to release his tax forms?

Anyway, tell us what you think. And when the light finally floods the room … may the best answer win! 😀

P.S. Maybe it’s just all negative press covfefe.

36 thoughts on “Donald Trump and Russia

  1. My personal opinion? It has to do with his financial dealings with Russia.

    That seems right. There are plenty of hints that much of Trump’s money comes from money laundering.

    Russian hackers rip of Americans. Then they use money laundering to help them hide. Trump appears to be an enabler of the money laundering, and is paid well for this.

    It is likely that Mueller has real evidence of this. And it is likely that Mueller has shared some of that evidence with Eric Schneiderman (NY Attorney General), so that even firing Mueller won’t guarantee Trump the protection that he wants.

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  2. I’m not to sure but I bet there is something else he’s hiding that would be discovered with too much investigation. What could it be? Niel might be right. I’ll give Mueller a call and see what’s up?

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  3. It’s a combination of everything you mentioned, Nan. It’s the money, Putin, his maniacal ego, aversion to public shame, and fear of criminal prosecution. Those who act most defensively tend to be the most guilty. Or, as Shakespeare wrote: “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”

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  4. he is, and has been, laundering money with and for the Russians..he is so caught up in the illegalities that the entire house of cards crumbling around him must be a massive fear. Nothing is more important to him than these two things: 1. his image and 2. his money. he is about to lose both of them BIGLY.

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    • *Rubbing hands together with gleam in my eye* …. I can hardly wait!!!

      Although I detest Pence taking over (for all the reasons I know you can imagine), I despise tRumpsky and what he’s doing to this country even more.

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          • well, ryan seems to be following the trump agenda a bit close…he said six or seven months ago that the republicans would be releasing that infamous “memo” when he supposedly knew nothing about it…and Pence? well, he’s a slimy SOB and I just think he knows a heck of a lot about the things is boss and the familia have been doing. Nothing solid to prove the thought, just a real strong feeling they will go down the drains with the orange baboon

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  5. I’m honestly more concerned with the *significant* chunk of our population that will vote for just as big a douchebag next time, and for the same reasons.

    Yes, Trump is an eyesore, an embarrassment, and in violation of all kinds of things: Twitter TOS, decency norms, professional ethics standards, and (probably) all sorts of laws. But he’s mostly a cartoonish buffoon whose presence allows the GOP to advance their insidious agenda.

    Next time, who know who’ll be the cartoon villain at the overstaffed GOP debates that no one thinks will win — and the same GOP voters will go for it.

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  6. It has been well know for decades how mob connected tRump was. When he kept almost losing it all, the organized crime syndicates kept bailing him out, for a service. The building in Panama that was a turn around for him. Proven money laundry money, but tRump has stayed one step ahead of the Panamanian government. Think of all the buildings in other countries that he is involved in that sit empty or almost empty but totally sold out. There are news reports on this. It is some of what everyone has mentioned, but mostly it is involvement with the Russian mob. They say that Putin is in charge of the Russian mob, so that explains tRump’s love of Putin and wanting to please him. Hugs

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  7. I too believe Trump’s downfall will be directly linked to a “money” issue. New York banks quit lending him money years ago. He has to have gotten money somewhere. I also believe his money is extremely dirty, i.e., drugs, sex, slavery. With a guy like T-rump, evil has no limit.

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  8. I haven’t been following the Russia question very closely. The tone of a lot of the coverage feels (yes, feels) kinda “red scare”-y to me.

    I’m just reserving judgement on this one. I don’t have much of an opinion one way or the other yet. Good thing I’m not an investigator on the case!


  9. I haven’t been following the Russia question very closely. The tone of a lot of the coverage feels (yes, feels) kinda “red scare”-y to me.

    It doesn’t seem that way to me. I’m actually more concerned about the damage that Trump can do to the USA, than I am about the damage that Putin can do.

    I’m quite willing to contemplate the possibility that we could come to a different relationship with Russia — one that is more friendly and less adversarial. However, Russian meddling in our elections does make that possibility look rather doubtful.

    Here’s what I see as the real problem: People have asked Trump about his relation with Russia. He has had plenty of opportunities to explain them. But every time he just denies. And then evidence comes out that shows his denial to be a lie. It is this repeated pattern of telling lies and attempting to conceal his relation with Russia, that is very troubling.

    If there was no collusion, Trump could have welcomed an open investigation that could prove there was no collusion. Instead, he has been obstructing investigation.

    I don’t know whether Trump is guilty of anything. But he sure is behaving like a guilty person.

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  10. The root of all evil is not money – as the Andrew Sisters sang so cheerfully in the 40’s. Lack of it CAN be very harmful, say Bernard Shaw and Mark Twain. But it is the abundance of money – and more that that, the wealth inequality caused by greed, too widespread today- that is downright dangerous.

    I would like to be optimistic and agree with Neil Rickert in foreseeing “a different relationship with Russia — one that is more friendly”.


  11. The Russians have something on tRump. Who knows what, but tRump sure knows it, that’s why his nose is so far up Putins nether region.

    There is also the money. All the years of being a crook may catch up with the Great Orange One, and it can’t happen fast enough to suit me.

    The thing is, even if they find a red hot smoking gun that implicates tRump in obstruction/money laundering, we have a R led Senate with absolutely ZERO backbone. They are complicit in evrything tRump is getting away with, and may well obstruct the justice that comes calling.

    If the revolution needs me, call! This country needs a Paul Revere, and I’m ready to ride.

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  12. We know there is dirty money in his accounts. We know he is inappropriate with women. We can say he committed adultery. We know he welcomed Russia’s assistance in the election. What we don’t know and would be very bad is why he would look in on teenage girls in dressing rooms. What was his interest? What would be worse than that? Just a thought.

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    • Very good questions, Angela! It still boggles my mind that there are people in this nation who support this liar and womanizer. I guess there’s no accounting for taste, as they say.

      Anyway, thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. I hope you’ll visit again.

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      • I am in no way saying that Trump had to knowingly crossed any lines. I’m not sure how for or to what ends Putin would go to get the hold he wants. Unfortunately, many men rely on the age they are told and not what they see. I don’t know what’s in the dossier, but I understand that there are other more likely acts that one wouldn’t want to go public. To be honest whatever it may be, Putin is good at his dirty game.

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  13. My opinion is who cares?
    Heard enough Trump bashing for a lifetime, we get it, YOU DONT LIKE HIM.
    Can we talk about something else or is President Trump the only political topic anymore…

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