Things I Never Learned in Sunday School

If you’ve been considering purchasing my book (Things I Never Learned in Sunday School) but didn’t want to pay the OUTRAGEOUS price of $3.99 (!) for the e-Book version (Amazon), I have good news for you.

From March 7 through 13, it will be available for the HUGE pocketbook savings price of ONLY 99¢ through the website.

Yes, you read that correctly. Ninety-nine cents for a highly-rated book (4+⭐) that delves into many well-known Christian beliefs and (hopefully) provides you with new insights.

Don’t miss this FANTASTIC opportunity!

ADDENDUM: Obviously, the sale has now taken its place in history. BUT! The book is still available on, as well as Amazon and Google Books and Apple Books and Barnes & Noble and Kobo and … a few other places. 😊

13 thoughts on “BIG SALE!

  1. Yes, PT I know. Sheesh! But since it seems many of my visitors read in the AM before I’m even awake (!), I thought I should post early. (You are such a smart ass!)

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    • Mak, it’s been awhile since I published this book, but if I remember correctly, I did publish it in epub format as well. However, in reviewing my smashwords account, it says the epub publication “failed.” I was quite sure this was not the case way back when …

      In any event, let me do some research and get back to you. If worse comes to worse, I’ll send you an epub copy from my own files. After all, missing out on a 99¢ sale isn’t going to break me! 😁


      • Mak, I just dicovered that if you use the link to Smashwords provided in my post, it will take you to my personal page where you can download an epub version. I just tried it and it came up in Calibre without any problems. (I’m not sure why it says the epub version failed on my account page … ?? )

        Let me know if you run into problems.


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