How Much Is Enough?

“Ark,” of A Tale Unfolds fame (or is that infamy?) and photographer extraordinaire, made this comment on another blog and it intrigued me enough to write a short post about it.

Cultural background may well be the reason why some feel they need a paragraph or more to express an idea.

As many who regularly visit my blog already know, I’m not a fan of lengthy blog comments (or blog posts either, for that matter). Although it’s not my practice to moderate visitor remarks, I concede that I do occasionally share my preference-for-less-words to the “offender.”

I have, at times, wondered why the sheer number of words disturbs me so. Perhaps my discomfort harkens back to a high school English teacher who taught me that too many written words tend to become superfluous. Her admonition sank deep and ever since then, I’ve made a concerted effort to be economical in my writing – and perhaps this is why it vexes me when others are not.

Anyway, going back to Ark’s comment – why do you feel some individuals feel the need to write lengthy discourses when sharing their viewpoint? Is it a cultural thing, as he suggests? Or is it because the writer feels they must “explain” things in order to be fully understood?  Or are some individuals simply long-winded?

Please be aware this post is not directed at any particular individual(s) … however, if you feel a nudge as you’re reading it, there could be a reason. 😉