Things I Never Learned in Sunday School

If you’ve been considering purchasing my book (Things I Never Learned in Sunday School) but didn’t want to pay the OUTRAGEOUS price of $3.99 (!) for the e-Book version (Amazon), I have good news for you.

From March 7 through 13, it will be available for the HUGE pocketbook savings price of ONLY 99¢ through the website.

Yes, you read that correctly. Ninety-nine cents for a highly-rated book (4+⭐) that delves into many well-known Christian beliefs and (hopefully) provides you with new insights.

Don’t miss this FANTASTIC opportunity!

ADDENDUM: Obviously, the sale has now taken its place in history. BUT! The book is still available on, as well as Amazon and Google Books and Apple Books and Barnes & Noble and Kobo and … a few other places. 😊