Past, Present, Future

Since my “Time” post generated considerable discussion, I decided to write another one along similar lines  – and give readers another topic to ponder.

Accepting that “Time” exists …

If you were able to choose, what period of your ADULT life would you prefer to live in … the past, present, or future?

Pretend you can step into a time machine and go forward or backward. Let your imagination take over.

Do fond memories of “good times” make you want to return to the “Past”? Do you like the idea of once again being young and agile? Are their special events you want to relive? Perhaps there are certain individuals you would like to see and talk to again.

Or do you like the idea of going forward into the “Future“? You’re now living in a totally electronic, voice-controlled home environment. Advanced medical procedures have made you well and healthy. You’ve just returned from your sightseeing trip to Mars

Or perhaps you’re satisfied with the “Present.” Putting aside the “the Virus,” you’re enjoying life right now. The things/events/people that currently surround you make you happy and content. Your circumstances (home, health, family, work) may not be ideal, but you’ve made your peace and have accepted what “is.”

So … if you had your “druthers,” where would you choose to travel in that time machine? Or would you even step inside?