My Trip to the Grocery Store

Today my other-half and I went to the grocery store together.

And you immediately ask yourself … “Why is she writing a blog about a visit to the supermarket?”

It’s because I finally got a mask!

And then you say to yourself .. “And this is a big deal?!!?”

Well, for me it is.

Let me explain.

When the medical people first started suggesting everyone wear a mask as protection from COVID-19, my other-half dug out an N-95 mask that he’d purchased several years ago, along with some surgical masks he’d picked up at the VA some years back (before the virus). We felt fortunate that we were so well-prepared. 🙂

However, as it turned out, the elastic on the surgical masks was all stretched out so they didn’t fit well at all — and certainly didn’t offer protection. The N-95 mask was still in good shape, which we were quite thankful for since he has existing health conditions and this mask provides better insulation against the virus.

Anyway, what all this meant was that I was unable to go to the store with him since without any protection, I could effectively “catch” the virus and potentially infect him. Moreover, by this time trying to locate a suitable mask for me was next to impossible.

Then homemade masks came on the scene. Problem was … I don’t sew. 🙁

However, it wasn’t long before the market for homemade masks literally exploded and there were tons of videos showing how to make masks without sewing. All you needed were a few pieces of material, along with shoestrings, hair ties, rubber bands, etc.

Next thing you know (innovation being what it is) people began selling masks they had made.

Since Google is my Friend, I decided to do a mask search to find one that might work for me. I didn’t want one that had elastic around the ears as I wear hearing aids, so I had to look a bit deeper.


And I found one!



I especially like this one since it has straps that tie around the back of your head. It’s made of a high quality material and it fits very well.

So yes, it was an exciting moment today because I was finally able to get out of the house — even if it was nothing more than a trip to the grocery store!

Sidenote: We were FAR outnumbered by the people WITHOUT masks. Although it was unsettling since wearing a mask is intended to protect the other person (in this case, me), it wasn’t surprising. For one thing, people are tried of “sheltering in place,” but even more so, many (most?) have convinced themselves the virus isn’t going to touch them.

Until it does.

Image by DoomSlayer from Pixabay

33 thoughts on “My Trip to the Grocery Store

  1. Masks are mostly to protect others from you, so those not wearing them are effectively saying “Fuck you” to everyone around them.

    They’re compulsory here, so it’s no big deal. Some are really quite nice.

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  2. However, it wasn’t long before the market for homemade masks literally exploded and there were tons of videos showing how to make masks without sewing. All you needed were a few pieces of material, along with shoestrings, hair ties, rubber bands, etc.

    Nan, I thought that paragraph was most profound and very revealing. Back in late February into March we heard quite a bit about how difficult it was going to be to mass produce all the necessary PPE’s for our frontline healthcare workers. Though many in all of our key leadership roles on federal and state levels proclaimed this China-virus was not going to be a big deal, then in mid-March it was, the fear and problems became manufacturing on an emergency basis, mostly the PPE’s for again, frontline healthcare workers, and especially the general public.

    And yet, we were still unprepared, caught with our pants down because there existed incompetent federal leadership and many at the state levels were also incompetent.

    Surprised or not surprised? Lol

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  3. It’s a shame so few people respect the fact that you wear a mask to protect them and won’t wear one in order to protect you.It shows no recognition for the needs of others. I wonder if it is a political divide cheered on by the current incumbent or whether it’s across the whole of society.

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    • I would like to say that perhaps if the real reason for wearing a mask was given more emphasis, it would change things. But I know it won’t. It’s a sad commentary to say that people in general just don’t care about anyone but themselves.

      Of course it doesn’t help matters when the leader of this country not only refuses to wear a mask and won’t acknowledge their value.

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  4. A few months back I saw a guy in the grocery story wearing mask and gloves. I considered it overkill. A week or so later, I felt conspicuous wearing my mask and gloves. Another week or so later, I decided that I would feel like an fool if I was not wearing my mask (not so much the gloves).
    Last Wednesday I had a doctor appointment early and went to the market afterwards. Everyone at the clinic wore a mask (one employee was not masked, dunno why, it is policy). At the store it seemed to me like everyone was masked up. Everyone. I am sure that was not the case, but it looked that way to me.

    For a short time I almost forgot that I was an American living in the USA where I am now more worried about “us” than I am about “them.” Sad.
    —–do svidaniya, 🙂

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    • my husband is now doing the shopping with far more enthusiasm than I thought possible, and he wears a standard Covid Mask, and gloves, he even has a routine for the gas station that he’s quite proud of. I stay home, don’t mind a bit.
      Maybe here in NH we are more the sensible shoes type of people; he said all the stores are marked with tape and plexiglas, nearly everyone wears a mask and gloves, someone is wiping down every cart as it’s brought back to the bay. And it does seem to be working.

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      • There are mixed opinions about glove-wearing. I recently watched a video made by a nurse who discouraged the use of gloves. It showed her putting some type of substance on her gloves and then picking up various groceries and touching different items in the store. She then reached up to rub her forehead and the substance left a mark on her skin. Moral of the video seemed to be that gloves aren’t the best idea.

        In any case, I envy you that people in your state/city are doing things to keep down the infection.

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  5. I went out shopping today and I was amazed at the difference between now and just a week or so ago. I would guess that no more than half the people were wearing masks, including the people working. People are acting like this pandemic is over already and it’s time to get back to business as usual. This is what is going to cause a spike in cases and that doesn’t seem to worry people for some reason. Wear a mask. It’s not a big deal. Not wearing one could be a very big deal for a lot of people.

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    • You summed it up perfectly when you wrote … People are acting like this pandemic is over already. To me, they are acting like caged animals who run wild the instant the door has been lifted. Literally.

      None of us like the “lockdown” and all that goes with it, but personally, I far prefer the inconvenience of wearing a mask than finding myself unable to breathe.

      To each his/her own, I guess.

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  6. As John Zande wrote, we wear a mask when out, to protect others (in the case were asymptomatic).
    Unfortunately, Ben is right: people generally forget too soon the lessons. We must not act as nothing has happened, we must keep the right distance one from another, wearing masks (the tissue home-made one is fine as well) with the idea to have regard towards others… our future isn’t any more like before. And we must be well clear about that, nothing will be like before Covid-19… and we shall change our habits as well. I ask forgiveness for my preaching, but starting by changing our diet diminishing the consumption of animal products, is a real good start.
    Wish you to stay safe and in good health! Serenity :-)c

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  7. I rushed out yesterday to walk my dog and realized after about ten minutes I forgot my mask! I was ashamed and mortified! What a different world we live today, eh. Oh, and Trump is STILL president with tens of millions of people, many of them elderly and poor who are being screwed sideways up the back side by him and his GOP idiots, worshiping and praising his greatness and bravery. Yes. We live in a crazy, crazy world.

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  8. Nan, we need to reopen judiciously and wisely, but what troubles me most is those who feel they are invincible and are putting others at risk. This thing will get worse before it gets better, if we are not smarter.

    I was listening to an expert on pandemics who studied the disastrous reaction to the 1918 Flu epidemic. As for today, he said Singapore remained open, but they did things we did not do. First and foremost, they told people the truth from the outset. They set policies about social distancing, washing hands, masks, testing and tracing. And, here is the kicker – because they told people the truth, people followed the policies.

    Here in the US, we have president who whiffed at the ball on a tee, when he could have shown true leadership when he was forewarned of the pandemic risk in January. He resorted to his modus operandi of misinformation. Even to this day, he is still misinforming Americans, plus his not wearing a mask sends a signal that it is OK. I guess he feels like it makes him look tough. Actually, “tough” is a word that does not come to mind to define this president. Keith

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  9. I’ve been making a whole bunch of masks. For me, for my kids, for my elderly Mom, for my spouse’s whole office (They are “essential” and can’t close, but they aren’t getting any hazard pay, or adequate safety equipment either!) My stash of cloth scraps has been coming in handy, and I even got a shipment of elastic in from China. I’ve considered making another stack just to give out to random people who need them.

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    • Bravo!! I think Carmen in Canada is doing the same thing. For those that sew, I think it’s a worthy effort.

      Of course the main thing people have to remember about cloth masks is they need to be washed immediately after each wearing.

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  10. On today’s trip to the grocery store, the cashier was wearing a mask. But the mask did not cover her nose. And that seems to negate the whole purpose of wearing a mask.


    • No doubt it was uncomfortable … or inconvenient … or unwanted but required.

      There’s no argument that masks become uncomfortable in pretty short order. But I would think workers could take “bathroom breaks” and remove them for a short period of time. In any case, I agree with your conclusion.

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  11. Came across this a few days back and wanted to share it but forgot where I saw it. 😕 Fortunately, just came across it again. 🙂

    A quote from Dr. Deborah Birx … with my added emphasis:

    “What we have said to people is there is clear scientific evidence now, by all the droplet experiments that happened, and that others have done, to show that a mask does prevent droplets from reaching others. Out of respect for each other, as Americans that care for each other, we need to be wearing masks in public when we cannot social distance.”

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