Message From God?

Here we go again …

Poll: US believers see message of change from God in virus

The coronavirus has prompted almost two-thirds of American believers of all faiths to feel that God is telling humanity to change how it lives.


Kathryn Lofton, a professor of religious studies at Yale University, interpreted the high number of Americans perceiving the virus as a message from God about change as an expression of “fear that if we don’t change, this misery will continue.”

Oh dear, oh dear. We’ve become such baaad people! Poor God has had to step in –once again– to tell us to straighten up and fly right.

Gosh, people. When are we going to get the message?

Of course one can’t help but wonder why this almighty powerful entity messes around with a silly virus. Why doesn’t “he” just wipe out the human race as “he” did in Noah’s day and start over?

What? You say that didn’t work? You mean to tell me “his” all-perfect vision of things that were, are, and will be was out of whack that day? In other words, God goofed?

Well surely “he” would want to try again, right? I mean, practice does makes perfect, doesn’t it? (Or so they say.)

In any case, so long as we’re still here, maybe we should all consider doing our part to keep this virus from reaching out and touching someone we know and love by taking the recommended precautions. 

Hopefully, if we do what’s right God will reward our efforts and we’ll get to stick around a bit longer.

Image by kropekk_pl from Pixabay

56 thoughts on “Message From God?

    • I think this tells more about the moral and ethical ability of the believers, than what they actually think their particular gods represent. The notion, that other people – the victims of a pandemic, in this case – and even their very lives exist merely as means for some (obviously communicationally impaired) god to transmit some obscure message to the believer, is telling of such self centrist worldview, that it makes one wonder, have they never even grown beyond the moral level of a three year old, or have they, as a result of some emotional stress, such as fear, somehow regressed from having once been responsible adults? What sort of a person even dares to submit the thought, that the people suffering and having died from this terrible disease are merely tools for his/her own self becoming more virtuous in the eyes of a god? How deep can a person be in their own arse, to think that? Is it the religion, that has damaged and handicapped them so, or is the religion merely a cultural method of expressing this emotional incapacity for empathy?

      If the religious people think they have to change their wiked ways, what in particular is it, that they do think they are expected to change about their habits? Will the Christians, for example, draw from the Bible some demands and directions, that they are not used to? How about the only direct commands Jesus ever gave to his followers, that they should sell all their earthly possessions and give the money to the needy and poor and not to have any children, because the end (was) is nigh? Or might it be something more from the Old Testament (666 or so commandments), such as not to eat shellfish, have tattoos, wear the infamous mixed fabrics, or perhaps that they should have tassels in the corners of their cloacks? Those seem important.

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  1. The coronavirus has prompted almost two-thirds of American believers of all faiths to feel that [Earth] is telling humanity to change how it lives.

    Oh brother. 🙄 REALLY!? Isn’t that what we Climate Changers been saying and screaming for decades!!!??? JESUS H. CHRISTMAS people!!!


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  2. Nan, well, let’s think of a prayer that might suit. I pray people will use their minds wisely to protect themselves and others through appropriate social distancing, masks, and hand-washing. I pray that those who feel they are invincible come to realize what Dr. Deborah Birx said, you may be infecting someone you love. The protections are not just for you, they are for others.

    And, I pray people look to people who are truthtellers and are acting in good faith. The smarter people are, they realize how much is uncertain and they don’t know. Fear those who tell you how smart they are. Steely Dan has a song line applicable to someone who speaks more than he should. “You have been telling me you’re a genius since you were seventeen. In all this time I’ve known you, I still don’t know what you mean.” The song works if you had “stable genius” as well.

    Can I get an amen?

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    • I pray that those who feel they are invincible come to realize what Dr. Deborah Birx said, you may be infecting someone you love. The protections are not just for you, they are for others.

      And, I pray people look to people who are truthtellers and are acting in good faith.

      A few points of contention and correction please, Keith.

      #1 — “Invincible”(?) — Many of us Secularists, non-Believers™ do NOT believe/think we are invincible in the least. When we fully understand the daunting & beautiful complexities, forces, and INDISCRIMINATE calamities that befall all of humankind, there are plenty of reasons to be sad, heartbroken, as well as to be grateful, wise, and compassionate. I like to go further with compassion and incorporate empathy too. Perhaps you could widen the scope/lens of your word choices and phrases? Yes? Maybe? But perhaps what you are implying is not clear. Who knows. 😉

      #2 — Dr. Birx, along with many, MANY other highly-qualified doctors (MD’d or Ph.D’s), say the exact same thing.

      #3 — “Truth-tellers” are all over the world, thank goodness and all the forces of Earth, our Solar System, the Milky Way, and all the stars and galaxies! This fact is a very beneficial fact.

      #4 — “Faith” is a very relative term that can and does apply and translate in various diverse ways—thanks again to all the forces of Earth, our Solar System, the Milky Way, and all the stars and galaxies! And I will throw in thanks to all Peace-keepers and caring Humanists who understand we NEED each other… united versus divided and pious.

      Best wishes, health, and good will to ALL human beings and too you Keith. 🙂

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      • PT, I’m pretty sure the “invincibles” Keith was referring to are those who refuse to wear masks and who ignore social distancing efforts.

        I get the feeling you have categorized Keith into something he isn’t. If I’m misreading your remarks, I apologize.

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        • Well Nan, you might be correct, as you usually are for me. 🙂 I certainly haven’t had the time to go over to his blog, read his About page, browse some posts, etc, to help decipher what his world-view(s) are or might be. Hence, I could be mistaken, even grossly mistaken, yes. If so, and if he is not the average Christian that sometimes visits your blog, or if he is a Secularist, Atheist, or other, then I do apologize for my inferences based on key words he used. From my past 11+ years in Conservative, Fundy-Evangy “Faith,” those words/phrases were very identifiable to me.

          Perhaps he was commenting with some satire? Maybe? Idk. 🤷‍♂️

          P.S. Thank you for correcting my HTML-code error. ❤️

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        • I took 5-7 minutes on Keith’s blog. From his About page:

          I would say I am more of a moderate left thinker.

          And as I read the entire page, I found that to be generally true regarding his politics. However, there was nothing shared about his personal beliefs in relation to several words he chose to use here. For example, “prayer or pray” 4-times, “faith” one time, and “truth-telling” once in relation to both “pray” and “faith.” I didn’t think it much of a stretch to infer that Keith is a Christian, perhaps a moderate Christian, but nonetheless a Christian. Hence, I wanted to offer another angle, another viewpoint while pointing out the frequent use of common Christian terms and phrasing. That’s all. I was not intending to offend. If I did, my apologies for inferring wrong based on words used and how.

          That said Nan, you might know him offline, or for much longer than me, and from many discussions with him. I’m not sure. 🙂


          • My opinion of Keith has been formed due to his several comments on Scottie’s blog, as well as elsewhere. I don’t presume to know his religious leanings, but I do feel he makes some great points related to the current administration and its idiotic leader.

            It’s not uncommon to form “opinions” about others through the written word. Sometimes we’re correct … sometimes we’re not.

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            • A very valid point Nan about “opinions” thru our written words. Hell, I am still trying to greatly improve my own. But regarding the correct comprehension, partially correct, or not at all, sometimes depends on the Writer. That certainly includes me. Furthermore, I totally realize that I am not shy. I will press on quite boldly even if that means some mistakes along the way. I am comfortable with that trait because I have no problems at all being corrected or proven wrong. I do try to be forthright with candor—surprise, surprise huh? LOL—and correct errors and false presumptions later. There’s other different ways, but as you know Nan, and you know me well enough, I usually BARGE thru from the get go. My approach does sometimes step on toes, I admit.

              Oh, now I see that I have an email from you too. I’ll go read it Ma’am. Thank you as always for your continued patience with me! ❤️

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            • Nan, there sure a lot of words used at my expense. I guess my tongue-in-cheek humor missed the mark. I will try and do better next time.

              While I am a Christian, I am not a fan of any religion using its text to divide. When religion includes it is at its finest; when it excludes it is at its worst. I am a believer in outreach in helping climb a ladder, a model we used to help homeless families.

              I am not a huge fan of these end of days predictions going on or that God is punishing a group, which a certain evangelist is famous for with hurricanes. So, that is why I used the tongue-in-cheek humor. My apologies if I offended.

              Nan, many thanks for coming to my defense. And, I am truly sorry if offended. Best regards and be safe. Keith

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            • Ahh, Keith… thank you kindly for this clarification Sir. 👍🏼

              I want to take some of the responsibility for coming across at bit strong. I use that approach in hopes of not just testing a person’s patience and stoic prowess as well as to encourage more precise intent, context, etc. This is why I have come to like the Emoticons. They help me—who is by no means a Pulitzer Prize winning writer—when I am tongue-n-cheek I’ve learned the lesson several times that it is QUITE different in written words than it is in-person. I hope you’d agree. 🙂 Therefore, it takes more effort, perhaps a lot more, to make sure it is perfectly understood as satire, sarcasm, etc. I’ve offended a few online because I hadn’t learned this lesson in the past. Plus, I’ve also learned that internet etiquette is trickier than in-person or over the phone. Ugh. Big lesson there for me too.

              With this clarification for me (and Nan) you sound/read as if you are a polite Moderate Christian Keith. I have two very dear uncles that are also quite Moderate Christians (Methodists to be exact) and I love them and respect them greatly even though we couldn’t be farther apart on the subject of religion/Faiths. They too are very active with charities and helping. That’s how they feel their “faiths” should be shown to the world. I appreciate that PERSONAL method of Witnessing to people.

              Apologies too Keith that you felt you were needing defense. I am bit more bold here on Nan’s blog because I know FULL WELL she’ll put me in my place if I step out of line!!! 😄 That is a Nan-trait I greatly appreciate and welcome.

              Thanks again Keith for your response here. Peace and good will for you and yours Sir.

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  3. He doesn’t like babies either or health care workers.
    Yeah makes sense to me….seems like the logical thing to do.

    And I wonder what his message was in 1918 with the Spanish Flu when 50 million people died.
    Oh but I guess we do know the message in 30 million dying from Aids…yeah that was quite loving and he does love you, remember.
    Oh and let’s see polio, small pox, measles, Ebola…..couldn’t possibly be human over population, penetration of our forests and other wild ecosystems and destruction, working closely with host animals and eating wild animals, global travel…nah.

    Seems like the original plan wasn’t too well thought out and why all those viruses and other pathogens anyway? I guess they hitched a ride on Noah’s Ark…after all he had to use them to teach his lessons.

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    • Hello maryplumbago. You took the words right out of my keyboard! I was thinking of all the hurricanes, landslides, fires, and other natural disasters blamed on actions religious people don’t like. I remember when Tony Perkens blamed floods on gay people and then his expensive house got flooded out. Oops. I have to tell you as a gay person I wish we had all the powers that the fear mongering TV preachers gave us, boy then I could get some real change around the world dealing with respecting people. Oh yes, sorry , power is to be used to get money, not respecting people, sorry I got carried away. Hugs

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  4. Wait until this coming Fall (or sooner) when COVID 19 hits this ill-led country like a tsunami and starts killing tens of thousands a day. The irony of it all is that here in the south where diabetes is already an epidemic, many of those overweight, gun-toting, hyper-tensioned, diabetic FOX viewers and MAGA supporters, who look forward to experiencing God’s “cutting edge” plan, may well find themselves on the wrong edge.

    Oh, I just got a CNN news alert across the top of my computer screen. Trump has admitted that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine. Maybe he’s washing it down with a glass of Clorox. Ha!

    You can’t make this shit up.

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    • Oh. My. Gawd. I would LOVE to double-like your comment!!

      I followed up on the news flash re: tRumpsky and you’re absolutely correct. What. An. Idiot.

      And now, sadly, there will be others who will follow his idiotic example and end up dying. 😢

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      • The horrible truth is “probably so.” But as I told a friend the other day, I don’t want tRump to die. I really don’t. I want the SOB to live and go to prison. 🙂

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  5. Praying does nothing towards changing the world. People need to make up their minds to act responsibly so they don’ t hurt others intentionally. Instead of begging anyone to change things for you, work to create the change you want yourself. This is what it means to be responsible. As long as you are begging others to do your work for you, you are not being responsible. You are not being human.

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    • Just to make sure we don’t get off the track … praying is not the issue here. It’s that people actually believe “God” has something to do with the virus … and that its appearance is a “message” from “Him.”

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      • Praying is how some people contact their “God,” so to me it is relevant. Other commentors have touched on prayer, so to me that opened the conversation up. If I thought I was only commenting to you, I might try to stick to the post as you wrote it, but I know I am commenting to any reader who cares to read what I have to say. That’s who I am. I go where the inspiration takes me. I cannot apologize for that

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    • Regarding doing things for one’s self makes one responsible/human, I think of it as being responsible for things over which one has the power to change. If you don’t have the power to change it, it’s not your responsibility. The same goes for problems… recognizing whether one owns a problem or not.

      I mention this because this notion of individual responsibility is part of common tactic used by those benefiting from some systemic privilege (say, oil and gas or Republicans… are they synonyms?); they urge individuals to make smarter and better choices – as if this is where a solution lies when it does not – urge people to personally incorporate smarter and better behaviours, as if by doing so, people are actually addressing some systemic problem (say, toxic energy or gaming the election to win with 45% ‘majority’) when they’re not. The tactic is a diversion because that many Americans find this notion empowering and highly appealing when, in fact, some problems, some responsibilities, are systemic and so require system solutions (renewable energy or grid elections).

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      • Tildeb, self-meditation is certainly a healthy method of relaxation, lowering Cortisol levels, etc. I also agree with both your paragraphs. Self-mediation, silent self-mediation that is… for all intents and purposes (empirically speaking of course when one FULLY understands the concept of the Placebo-effect in conjunction with crowds/groups) is perfectly fine in the U.S. and other fully democratic nations. It’s when those public prayers (online or otherwise) become intrusive for those within ear-shot and mine-fields are created, they might even become very offensive when spoken aloud as if everybody aligns with the verbalized prayer by the Speaker. He/She may be way out of line! After all, there are some 6-7 primary Xian beliefs, and then some 40,000 sub-denominations from those! I’d say the odds are pretty decent that public prayers said aloud (speaker system?) step on some toes. 😉


      • Okay, try this. Ignore the physical, address the spiritual. When I talk about responsibility, I am discussing living being to living being. We are all connected, though many have lost or abandoned it. To be responsible is to not intentionally harm anyone, or any living thing. We all share life, and what we do to one we do to all.
        This is how I understand life. How you choose to understand it is up to you.

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  6. Killing hundreds of thousands by pandemic is a message from God? That’s a pretty odious god, isn’t it?

    It makes no sense to attribute something like this virus to something divine like that… unless it is a god that is violent, petty, brutal, immoral, and totally self absorbed. But I don;t hear many religious folk speaking of such a god they believe in, so that’s why I say it makes no sense. It is yet another in a long line of nonsensical belief held up as if, by believing using faith no matter how contrary to reality the belief may be, makes it a virtue. And that’s irrational.

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  7. Funny … if religious people take this as a sign from god that they must straighten up and fly right … why don’t I see them destroying their guns, opening their hearts and arms to people of colour and the LGBTQ community? Why don’t I see them giving half of what they have to the poor? I think maybe they speak out of both sides of their mouths.

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    • Exactly..when religious people speak that this is a warning from god or some such BS, to act better, they are falling back on the same old crap of no same sex marriages, no abortions, becoming more Christian, but not Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and any other non qualifying religion and still not believing in climate change because their god will fix it. All this is still pushing their god in everyone’s else’s face..SOS

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  8. The virus is all to do with God’s plan. You know the one, God knows exactly what he is doing because he is God and it will be just heavenly perfect for all the Christians regardless of what sin they may have committed but of course they know this already, and technically I understand from the Biblical stories and from the dedicated Christian love of all peoples that it can only be a wholesale murder for the rest of us.

    Hey I can live with that, and I say to Christians go for it fellows, give it heaps, hallelujah, you are saved, you get an eternal life and happiness, no stress no problems so what more can a person want? Just send me a post card from heaven before I die and give my love to Jesus if you bump into him.

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  9. The struggles of the ironic mind in a literal world.
    I remain convinced that what is needed most at such times is a font for sarcasm. 🙂
    Maybe there’s a prayer for that (sarcasm intended).

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  10. God’s an asshole. That’s easily surmised when you read the Bible. People who talk about God’s “love”, “justice”, “magnificence”, etc., have obviously never read the Bible, not one word of it. Certainly not with any kind of critical understanding or thought. And people who take the Bible as “literal truth” might as well take Grimm’s fairy tales as literal truth. Honestly, given the morality of fairy tales, you’re better off taking them as literal truth as opposed to anything in the Bible. Still, people insist that the Bible is HISTORY. & God is a real entity controlling everything that happens here on earth. Ya gotta wonder.

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  11. It’s perfectly absurd to think that an immensely intelligent being would communicate by sending a disease. Not only would the message be totally unclear, it would not be interpreted by most humans as a message at all, since there are obvious non-supernatural explanations for the phenomenon.

    If God were trying to tell us “take better care of immigrants” or “you need to hate gays more” or “stop working on the Sabbath” or whatever, a message in flaming letters across the sky would at least get the message across unambiguously. Making a few million people sick all over the world leaves it totally unclear what the message is. Even a dumb human knows that the clearest way to convey a message is with words.

    This is just one more desperate effort by the delusional to interpret a biological phenomenon in such a way as to legitimize their pitiful fantasies.

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  12. I was just reminded:

    ““There is no great invention, from fire to flying, which has not been hailed as an insult to some god.”

    ― J.B.S. Haldane, Daedalus

    Yet pandemics, plagues, pestilence, famine, and war inflicted as punishments for our supposedly wayward behaviours are ‘communication’ from these same gods to smarten up? Good grief, what is wrong with so many people?

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    • I assume you are a believer, Salem. I am not, so I’m not at all concerned about a “revival” or being “ready.” But thanks for stopping by.


      • Ohh! I’m really sorry for stirring up what’s not, I’ll try not to as time goes on.
        But the sweetness in this life is what I wouldn’t want to hide at all.


        • “Sweetness of life” For average thinking humans it is freedom, not soured by imaginary pending events of doom by imaginary gods and theists who cannot understand what is really happening in the world.

          Do you not feel foolish when thousands of religious people have been wrong in their predictions and yours will just be another failure, and when do you predict this will happen, so I can be ready of course?


          • 😄😄😄
            I’m used to this Ma’am.
            Why I don’t really like proceeding in this kind of things is because it’s baseless.
            Imagine someone saying that you don’t have a father when you know your father, speak to him, have him give you things and you know him. You won’t say anything right, you’ll conclude that the person is just saying what’s not true.
            It’s not in our will to know that time, the thing is to know God more, and when the time comes, it won’t take you unaware.
            Have a blessed day ma’am.


            • Ohh! Alright ma’am!
              I appreciate your view.
              I’ll say I believe in that.
              Religion is far different from what my life is about.
              I don’t do religion, I’m only into sonship.
              Thanks a bunch ma’am.


            • Sorry mate, but reality says you are doing religion, you are obviously indoctrinated and do not understand that you are no different to any other theist because you believe the ancient myths of a man made creator, so you make yourself even more foolish. You are just another dreamer Salem.

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            • 😄😄😄😄
              I don’t believe in any man made creator.
              None exist.
              Those man made ones are those who have sense organs carved in them and yet can’t use them, eyes, nose and mouth and ears and yet can’t hear.
              But the God I serve is living.
              I don’t know of any other God.
              He speaks to me, I listen and obey.
              I’m bold and proud to say it.
              I said at the beginning that I don’t need to argue His existence with you.
              As you’ll never argue the existence of your father with anyone.
              Good day.


            • Salem, I am afraid you may have lost me. I suspect your god lives inside your own head just as every other god lives in the heads belonging to every other theist.

              They also claim their gods speak to them and they also claim their gods live. Please tell me why there is a difference?

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