Brainwashing of Dad

If you haven’t seen this movie, I strongly urge you to put it on your schedule. It’s available for rent or buy on a variety of platforms (e.g., Apple iTunes, Amazon, Roku, Google Play, Yahoo View, VUDU) at various prices. Plus, if you do a Google search, you may turn up a couple of other sources offering “special pricing.”

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it for free (with ads) on IMBd TV (or you can access it direct here).

This is one of the descriptions:

As Jen Senko tries to understand the transformation of her father from a nonpolitical Democrat to an angry Republican fanatic, she uncovers the forces behind the media that changed him completely.

The movie will no doubt reinforce what many of you have experienced when discussing politics with friends and family. However, it may also give you a deeper understanding on why they react as they do. Psychological tactics are definitely in play.

If you’ve already seen it (it’s been around since 2015), I encourage you to share your reactions and comments.

16 thoughts on “Brainwashing of Dad

  1. Interesting, Nan. I will need to see it. I personally think ALL politics, left or right, requires brainwashing, reinforced by confirmation bias. It’s “us vs. them” tribalism that actually stops any meaningful communication (or progress). I personally went from growing up a moderate Democrat (I was raised in a Democratic family in a largely Democratic community), to an angry conservative Republican in 80’s and 90’s, to finally becoming non-political. I see them now as two sides of the same coin. And I enjoy my life a LOT more now, too. 🙂

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  2. I’ve seen it, Nan on Amazon. It is very well done and I’m sure many people struggle with parents who are literally addicted to Fox News and the fear, tension and prejudice they expound.

    I found it particularly interesting that on neurological tests, watching Fox, because of the agitation it caused, increased endorphins and literally created an addiction.

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    • Yes, I’ve seen that one. The Brainwashing of Dad has a different slant in that it highlights the psychological aspect of the Republican mindset. To me, it’s more relevant since many of us must regularly deal with people who are actually addicted to this way of thinking.

      Nevertheless, I do agree The Family is scary stuff … especially since so much of its influence is “behind the curtain.”

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  3. Ooooooo… this looks like a To Watch for sure Nan. Thank you! ❤️

    Btw Ma’am, very well done for not Moderating, deleting, or intentionally modifying your very first comment (and Commentor) above. Full freedom of speech/expression here—as opposed to that/his blog—is one paramount reason why I thoroughly enjoy following your blog. Engaging here with you and others is certainly ONE method of making this world and life better! 🙂

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    • I DO moderate when necessary … and have in the past. My blog rules are posted.

      However, IMO, there was nothing offensive in the comment you referenced. I’m aware that you and a few others have not been allowed the freedom to say what you want on some blogs, but it’s up to each blog owner to make their own judgment calls … whether the person making the comment likes it or not. 😛

      After you’ve watched the movie, be sure to come back and share your impressions!

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      • Wow Nan! THAT was an outstanding, further enlightening documentary film. Just finished it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! Now, please bear with me Ma’am and with your impeccable patient, polite, tactful, and understanding demeanor you’ve ALWAYS shown me, allow me some leeway here on the length of my review/comment. Pretty please!? 😍

        Hehehe… thank you in advance! 😘

        This fine, well-investigated documentary film reminds me a lot of Dr. Nancy MacLean’s 2017 book Democracy In Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America. But Jen Senko and her long list of interviewees goes intimately into the average (dumb?) American home and families. It then disturbingly verifies and backs-up the profound opening quote by Edward Berneys:

        “In almost every act of our lives…
        We are dominated by the relatively small number
        of persons who understand the mental processes
        and social patterns of the masses.

        It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.”
        Edward Berneys, PR Industry Pioneer and Author, “Propaganda” 1928.

        This quote from Berneys only 11-years before Hitler’s Nazi invasion of Poland is EERILY bone-chilling! Why? Because as the Nazis and SS military menace expanded by force across all of Europe and into North Africa, that unchallenged dominance gave Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, Carte Blanche to “Brainwash” not just struggling German citizens between 1933 – 1939 and convince them (via fear) to join/support the National Socialist German Workers’ Party and ideology, but force it all onto ALL of Europe, North Africa, and eventually the world. People… this is not a fabrication or a failed alternative reality. It was the plan for German-Nazi domination for 1,000 years! It would’ve succeeded had the free world nations of the Allied Forces not stopped Hitler, Goebbels, and the Third Reich!

        Now, tell me the shocking similarities and the faint differences between Joseph Goebbel’s media influence then and today’s Rupert Murdoch’s media influence, or any other moguls like him!? Enough said.

        It goes without saying that in America there is a glaring, large enough portion of the populace that have not been taught the skills and tools of sound critical-analysis and thinking from our primary and secondary education campuses and institutions. Those youth, who eventually become America’s people behind, protection of, and for, and by our U.S. Constitution and all its Amendments drawn from the Declaration of Independence and history’s models of democracies—including northeastern Native American Indian tribes!—that youth eventually decide whether one of the most democratic nations on the planet lives and thrives… or decays and dies. That PROTECTION of our sacred, democratic documents and three-branched system of support and rule, lives or dies NOT BY random populous movements, mega-media, oligarchs, or corporations, BUT BY the rule of laws spelled out in our Constitution and DoI. IOW, documents, not by one or two people or one ideology!!!! Laws setup, defined, and enforced—for each of us as a whole—by those federal documents!


        This begs Americans the question: How much of our DoI, Constitution, Articles, Amendments, etc, do you fully comprehend and can utilize its protections for yourself, for your family, and other Americans as if YOU were AT LEAST a paralegal!? Honestly? How much?

        Lastly, for every single American… do you really have all possible modern skills and tools for exemplary Critical-analysis and thinking? Can you be at least a pseudo-impartial Freethinker, temporarily detached from your own emotional biases picked up your entire life!? Please be honest with yourself, your loved ones, and total strangers when you answer.

        Again Nan, OUTSTANDING recommendation on this revealing film. I will watch it 3-4 more times. Bravo Ma’am, bravo! 🤩

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        • PT, you refer OFTEN that so many “have not been taught the skills and tools of sound critical-analysis and thinking,” and while your point is well-made, unfortunately, it is what it is. Those that have these skills will use them. Those that don’t? Well we see the results everyday in pretty much every walk of life.

          I understand your frustration, but repeatedly referencing it isn’t going to change anything. And this makes me ask … since it is such a vitally important concern for you, what are you doing to change things? Are you on school boards? Do you offer suggestions to people in the school systems on changes they might consider which would benefit the learning program? You may be doing all these things … and that’s commendable. But rehashing your vexation on blogs accomplishes little. 😟

          It’s more than obvious you are a very intelligent individual … and extremely persuasive … and this is why I ask what steps you’ve taken to share your frustrations and offer potential solutions.

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          • HAH! Goodness am I fond of your candor! Love it! 😄 Fair enough. Fair questions. 😉

            So what your saying to me Nan is that you are REALLY tired of hearing me go on and on and on about America’s LACK OF critical-thinking skill levels in its rural and/or impoverished areas? Is that it? You can be honest with me!


            On some of those questions, yes… I do some of those things. I guess it’s just that there are so many blog-posts that directly or indirectly tackle social and political issues/events where clearly there has never been much “critical-thinking” going on… for way too many decades!!!! That said, perhaps there are new visitors to blogs that have never thought or considered How many Americans have really been taught with quality critical-analysis or thinking AND apply it in their daily lives? Then they would say… You know, that PT guy has a good point! I’m going to do something about it and spread the word!

            That’s a good thing, right? 😉 🤭

            (as he prepares to duck from Nan’s barrage of flying lethal objects his way!) 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨❤️


  4. Nan, I have not seen it, but it sounds like an all too familiar tale. As an independent voter, who has been a member of both parties, mostly Republican, I call myself fiscally conservative and socially progressive. I do not mind helping people climb ladders, but we need to make sure we pay for it and measure outcomes, e.g.

    So, I don’t mind people being more conservative or more progressive than I am on topics. Most people do not tow the party lines and finds themselves a mixture. What I do mind, is pseudo-news and people not using facts and sound information to make decisions. People who swear by Fox, need to read Lt. Col. Ralph Peters’ email resignation from being a Fox expert. While more supportive of the news side, he was hypercritical of the opinion hosts who make most of the noise. On the flip side, I do not watch MSNBC as it tries to be the anti-Fox.

    I encourage folks to read and watch multiple sources and verify what they heard. Sadly, the last person to get news from is the current president, whose veracity is highly dubious and well-documented as such by biographers, staff, and reporters. His untruthfulness is not new, as he is doing what he has always done, just on a bigger stage. To this end, I begin with not believing a word he says – the odds are well in my favor.

    At, least that is what this old fart thinks. Keith

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    • Well said, Keith!

      I think most of us would agree with this comment of yours — What I do mind, is pseudo-news and people not using facts and sound information to make decisions. Amen to that!

      Unfortunately, I tend to think we probably are all a bit guilty of this. Even though we may consider ourselves “fair and unbiased” in our news gathering and opinion-making, there’s little doubt we too are influenced by the news media.

      I found your references to MSNBC and its efforts to be anti-Fox a bit unsettling as I regularly watch Rachel and Lawrence … yet at the same time, I think you have a point.

      Bottom line — it would probably benefit all of us to take a good hard look at our personal biases and see how much they’re formed by the news media. Jen’s dad may not be the only one that’s (at least a little) brainwashed. 😬


      • Thanks Nan. You are right, we are all biased. Being more self-aware of such bias, can let us open our minds more. I think a good example is in your own words, while you like what Rachel and Lawrence say, you recognize they have a bias as well. To their credit, they at least do more homework to try and get it right. But, at the end of the day, we must recognize a bias to the progressive. As for Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, etc., they do very little vetting of issues and it shows. As an easy example, when Carlson had someone allegedly representing Stanford Medical School, he did not vet the person. It turned out he was not part of Stanford.

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      • I was just talking with some people about Rachel, who I watch and have enormous respect for, and trump I don’t think has ever trashed her like so many others and I think it’s because she is so smart and judiciously sources any comment, story she has. So I think trump knows better than to challenge her.

        And that’s the huge difference between she and Fox. There is no comparison with Fox and other mainstream news outlets. Fox is mere propaganda for trump and the republicans. To me ABC,NBC,CBS merely report, Fox is propaganda and most of the opinion shows on MSNBC are factual and sourced. They are not perfect, except Rachel 😜, but rarely are wrong.

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        • … and trump I don’t think has ever trashed her — Don’t give him any ideas!

          IMO, she’s one very smart lady. And she does her research, which gives her a considerable edge over many other TV news people.

          Speaking of Faux News … awhile back I tuned it for a VERY brief time. Laura Ingraham was interviewing some doctor (???) about the virus. One look at the guy and my immediate reaction was … THIS is a doctor? He looked like a homeless guy that had been cleaned up and was offering his “medical” opinion on TV.

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